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Update #5

Packaging and Spreading the Moustache Love


Just 4 days left and over 85% funded, we've picked up quite a bit of momentum in the past few days and appreciate your continued support. We can't wait to hit our goal and bring moustache tie clips to you and to the world.

We've finished up our packaging which is the angled wool/cashmere blend push-sleeve pouch. Each pouch was handcut and assembled by Jennifer's mom so every pouch is made with care and love. Because it is handmade, no pouch will be identical but will keep your moustache tie clip safe. Catch a glimpse of the assembly process:

Measuring and cutting the fabric.

Preparation to be assembled via old-school Singer sewing machine by Jenn's mom.

Finished batch of moustache tie clips, all made with lots of love.

We would like to thank Jenn's mom for her lovely craftsmenship in assembling these wonderful pouches.

We would also like to thank Ken and Christie at brandboom for taking professional product photos of our moustache tie clip.

The moustache love is spreading and our tie clips have been featured on several websites and blogs:

Stachist, a blog about moustache and people who wear them tells their readers "Support Moustache Tie Clips...or Else."

My Wardrobe LLC enables users to mix and match clothes by building a virtual wardrobe from their collection.  We are the accessory of the month!

9tailors, a "DIY (Design-It-Yourself)" custom clothing company says "tie clips just got hairy."  We will be doing a fall photo shoot with their stylish, luxurious and custom-made pieces. 

The Art of Manliness is a men's interest and lifestyle site dedicated to reviving the lost art of manliness.  If in need of a manly accessory, the moustache tie clip will do the job.  Special thanks to Ryan for bringing our project to their attention.

We are so close to the finish line and are teeming with excitement.  We can't wait to deliver these moustache tie clips to each of you.  Please do share with your friends, twit about us, and "Like" us on Facebook.  Thank you all for your love and support!

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    Limited first adopter pricing for either a stainless steel or gunmetal tie clip with a special thank you letter and hand-made in New York wool/felt pouch to store your moustache tie clip. For international orders we request an additional $5 for shipping costs.

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    One stainless steel or gunmetal moustache tie clip at a special Kickstarter price. This will retail for $35 post Kickstarter. For international orders we request an additional $5 for shipping costs. For every incremental $25 contribution, you will receive an additional moustache tie clip in the color you fancy.

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    Special collector's edition package with both stainless steel and gunmetal tie clip included. Also included is a limited edition poster with your name featured in big letters as an original kickstarter backer. (thanks Eli for the recommendation, we'll throw one in for you!)

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    The Wedding Package! Inspired by one of our backers, this pack consists of 5 stainless steel and 5 gunmetal moustache tie clips for all the groomsmen. At your discretion, we'll feature you on our blog and wish you a custom congratulations our site!

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    For those who want to throw a moustache gala, a Movember charity event, or stock our product - we introduce to you the premium party favor pack. 15 stainless steel and 15 gunmetal clips with your event/store/whatever to-be published on our blog. Please notify us prior if you want to customize this order, we aim to please :)

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