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Update #4

We're on Handlebar Magazine!


"To many of these same gentlemen wishing to keep their faces warm in the dead of winter or to simply have something to twirl as they contemplate abstract art, the moustache is an absolutely necessary addition to their top lips. But combining these two most masculine accoutrements? Inconceivable! Until now, that is, The Moustache Tie Clip Project aims to do exactly that, and the results are more than just a chuckle-worthy novelty."

The photo and excerpt taken above is from an article featured on the frontpage of Handlebar Magazine.  Check out their site for the latest on things men care about - style, sports, art, knowledge.  

Ten days left on the project, with 10 more dollars till we cross the $2,000 mark.  As of today we are officially sold out of our first tier backer pricing - a big thanks to all the early adopters who we owe all of our success to.  We're also 4 more "likes" from hitting the 100 mark, again another milestone we're very excited to be crossing!

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    Join our circle! Make any pledge and we'll instantly add you to our Google+ friends circle. If you don't have an account we'll send one your way! (e-mail for invite) All backers will be listed on our website till the end of time.

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    30 backers All gone!

    Limited first adopter pricing for either a stainless steel or gunmetal tie clip with a special thank you letter and hand-made in New York wool/felt pouch to store your moustache tie clip. For international orders we request an additional $5 for shipping costs.

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    One stainless steel or gunmetal moustache tie clip at a special Kickstarter price. This will retail for $35 post Kickstarter. For international orders we request an additional $5 for shipping costs. For every incremental $25 contribution, you will receive an additional moustache tie clip in the color you fancy.

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    Special collector's edition package with both stainless steel and gunmetal tie clip included. Also included is a limited edition poster with your name featured in big letters as an original kickstarter backer. (thanks Eli for the recommendation, we'll throw one in for you!)

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    The Wedding Package! Inspired by one of our backers, this pack consists of 5 stainless steel and 5 gunmetal moustache tie clips for all the groomsmen. At your discretion, we'll feature you on our blog and wish you a custom congratulations our site!

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    For those who want to throw a moustache gala, a Movember charity event, or stock our product - we introduce to you the premium party favor pack. 15 stainless steel and 15 gunmetal clips with your event/store/whatever to-be published on our blog. Please notify us prior if you want to customize this order, we aim to please :)

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