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The Moustache Tie Clip Project's video poster

Our goal is to stylishly save everyone from tie related disasters by transforming traditionally formal tie clips into epic moustaches. Read more

New York, NY Fashion
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This project was successfully funded on August 1, 2011.

Our goal is to stylishly save everyone from tie related disasters by transforming traditionally formal tie clips into epic moustaches.

New York, NY Fashion
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About this project

I really want one!  It's simple and here's how:

  • Sign-up or log-in to Kickstarter(link on upper right)
  • Select a reward level on the right(more karma, more goodies)
  • Spread the word to all your friends(achieve funding = moustaches for all! Like tsaiclip on Facebook and Follow tsaiclip on Twitter)
  • We produce and mail our 'stache to your door(you get charged at this point)
  • You get it, wear it, take photos, and share them with us! 
    (we're super curious and will post them on our blog with your permission!)

The Moustache Tie Clip Project (?):

The corporate cubicle law book states that ties are always a plus (or a must) and that those that witness neckwear disasters should point and laughs accordingly. Many of those in business today have never experienced the perks of a tie clip: no more stains, no more flopping ties, and no more subway door snafus!  

Two young urban professionals had the genius idea of creating a moustache tie clip after one attended a moustache themed party and the other watched a four-season Mad Men marathon.  

What was originally just a fun idea slowly became reality as they noticed the trend of men’s style becoming more fitted and tailored - in particular the movement toward slimmer ties. Traditional boring tie clips are great functionally when paired with a traditional tie; however, pairing them with a modern slim tie is like wearing white socks with black shoes to an interview.

Thus this functional and fun accessory, the moustache tie clip was conceived to stylishly save people from everyday neckwear disasters while paying tribute to old-school sophistication.

Chapter 2 of the Playbook:

The latest design is quite the conversation piece and has developed quite a cult following in Soho. New Yorkers from all backgrounds alike want to know where they can get their hands on the moustache tie clip. This duo thought it would be a great idea to be able to produce a moustache tie clip for everyone that needed one, and on one faithful day they stumbled onto a Kickstarter booth in front of the New Museum on Bowery.

Now that the young couple had a vehicle to share the joys of the moustache tie clip with the world, they have been brainstorming endlessly on the best way to produce these clips on a grander scale. Negotiations have begun with a brass belt buckle maker in creating a mold to produce these brass tie clips on a grander scale.

How to Win Friends and Influence People:

With the generous support, contribution, and funding from the Kickstarter community, the moustache tie clip will be available to everyone around the world. When this project is funded, the tie clips will be in the hands of all Kickstarters in the beginning of August with plenty of time ahead to prepare for Movember festivities.  

Spread the word, the future of moustache tie clips is in the hands of Kickstarters.  Please share this whimsical and functional accessories with friends, family, classmates, colleagues, frenemies, stalkers, and strangers.

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  • In the world of dapper gentlemen, a tie clip is traditionally a horizontal clip used to keep your tie neatly in place and out of harm's way.

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  • Hopefully this goes without saying, but you'll probably want to wear it with a tie. You'll want to make sure you clip your neckwear to your shirt and not just to the back of the tie itself. When it comes to placement, tradition dictates you should clip halfway down your tie. Most importantly have fun and experiment! It can be part of a formal ensemble to earn props or put on casually as an accessory to step it up.

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  • Like colour and favourite - it's a British thing. And no, we're not British so we're just wrong.

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  • The name tsaiclip is actually paying homage to the times when people fumbled Eddie's last name (pronounced 'cài', sorta like 'tie', but not like 'sigh').

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  • Definitely not! We've seen both sexes wear these on their blazer lapels and we're all for the fashion forward. Jennifer likes to wear it on the left lapel of her blazer.

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  • Our inaugural collection consists of two variants - shiny silver and gunmetal. Don’t let all that shining silver overwhelm the tie itself. A sedate tie calls for a shinier tie clip, whilst a contrasted tie would pair best with gunmetal. Take a look at our blog for some ideas. Still can't decide? Get both!

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    Limited first adopter pricing for either a stainless steel or gunmetal tie clip with a special thank you letter and hand-made in New York wool/felt pouch to store your moustache tie clip. For international orders we request an additional $5 for shipping costs.

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    One stainless steel or gunmetal moustache tie clip at a special Kickstarter price. This will retail for $35 post Kickstarter. For international orders we request an additional $5 for shipping costs. For every incremental $25 contribution, you will receive an additional moustache tie clip in the color you fancy.

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    Special collector's edition package with both stainless steel and gunmetal tie clip included. Also included is a limited edition poster with your name featured in big letters as an original kickstarter backer. (thanks Eli for the recommendation, we'll throw one in for you!)

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    The Wedding Package! Inspired by one of our backers, this pack consists of 5 stainless steel and 5 gunmetal moustache tie clips for all the groomsmen. At your discretion, we'll feature you on our blog and wish you a custom congratulations our site!

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    For those who want to throw a moustache gala, a Movember charity event, or stock our product - we introduce to you the premium party favor pack. 15 stainless steel and 15 gunmetal clips with your event/store/whatever to-be published on our blog. Please notify us prior if you want to customize this order, we aim to please :)

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