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If you're from the good ol' US of A and you're travelling abroad and people ask you where you're from.. you answer CA, NY, or other.

I really want one!  It's simple and here's how:

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  • You get it, wear it, take photos, and share them with us! 
    (we're super curious and will post them on our blog with your permission!)

Where are you from?

There's going to be a lot of flack for this, but the artist grew up mostly in California and New York.  Sure he's spent a few years in other states, but ultimately when people ask him where he's from, especially when outside of the country, he'd answer CA, or NY - depending on what suited him.

The Plan

That awesome graphic above on a silver or white t-shirt eco-friendly American made.  The market is limited here - no one in the other 48 states would buy this shirt, but that doesn't really matter.  We will send shirts to other states, and even other countries, it's okay to pretend you're from a cooler place.  


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