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Trygger developed an iPhone camera case that makes better pictures by managing light with a polarizing filter.
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Green Photography Tips

No, we are not talking about environmental sustainability, although a good topic. This tip points to how to get real and vibrant color in your vegetation photographs on a sunny day.

The sun on vegetation reflects light, particularly off of smooth, shiny surfaces. The result is a photograph that shows blown out hot spots that mask and distort the real life color of green. Using the Trygger Camera Case, you can see right through the hot spots and the richness of the greens come alive.

Here are two examples that show the benefit when using the filter. The examples show the vegetation photographed without using the Trygger Camera Case on the left. The photos on the right were taken with the Trygger Camera Case, where you can see the leaves instead of the sun's reflection.

Use the Trygger Camera Case with Polarizing Filter to become a green photographer!

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