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Trygger developed an iPhone camera case that makes better pictures by managing light with a polarizing filter.
Trygger developed an iPhone camera case that makes better pictures by managing light with a polarizing filter.
1,129 backers pledged $50,624 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      jerry on

      nothing,Did not receive anything
      What time can get back my money?

    2. Missing avatar

      jerry on

      I still have not received my goods
      What time can get back my money?

    3. Missing avatar

      jerry on

      I still have not received my goods
      What time can get back my money?

    4. Missing avatar

      jerry on

      I want a refund!
      I have not received my goods,

    5. Missing avatar

      jerry on


    6. Stephane on

      I lost my money with this case, the lens felt and after I've contacted the team they offered to send me a replacement lens but they didn't send anything and all my messages I sent to them were ignored!

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Culligan on

      While this was a good idea, in reality the case just isn't designed well. My first one broke from one 3 foot fall onto the floor. To their credit they sent me a new one right away. My second one didn't fair too much better though. After a couple of weeks of use I noticed that the case was cracked in 2 different places and wasn't really staying on my phone the way it should. I played around with it but to no avail. Its currently sitting in a drawer while I went back to my Incipio case for my iPhone 4s. Unfortunately this was a waste of money.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kaveh Vaghefi on

      Seriously, my 4/4s case has been sitting in its packaging collecting dust because it didn't even ship until well after I had switched to an iPhone 5. $40 down the drain and no restitution on getting the iPhone 5 version leaves a severely bitter taste in my mouth. Why do non-backers even get a chance at the $1 special?

    9. Missing avatar

      Wackolas on

      My lense unfortunately fell after about 2 weeks...

    10. Missing avatar

      jerry on

      Please update with the shipping to taiwan, I have pledged $40 and I haven't received the case until now
      Can be updated to iphobe 5 case.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jim Carman on

      I have one of these, still in the case. Never been tested, my hands have never touched anything but the packaging material. If anyone is interested I'll sell it "as-is" for $20 shipped in the US only. Contact me at jimcarman-at-hotmail-dot-com if interested.

    12. Leslie Ann Rivera on

      I had the opposite effect from the previous post. I owned an iPhone 4, I don't know if that makes the difference. I had a bad tendency of dropping my phone a lot. This causes the corners of my cases to break and fall off not to mention the damage my phone. Your case thus far had been the best one yet. I'd dropped it a zillion times and it did not chipped or get any scratches. I've since upgraded to an iPhone 5 and gave my phone with the case to my daughter. She is worse than me when it comes to dropping her phone. If it survives her and protects the phone then the case was worth the purchase. :)

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Clayton on

      This case is nothing but disappointment. My case cracked in 2 places because of having to constantly take it off and then it didn't protect my phone when it fell and the screen shattered. Total design failure on many parts with this case.

    14. Graham Bishop

      I am not sure if i should be happy or sad. I have not had mine yet, but now have switched to an iPhone 5 anyway.
      so not sure if i can switch, should wait to see what the quality is like or just walk.
      I love the idea and it fills areal gap.

    15. Missing avatar

      jerry on

      Hi Scott and Joel
      Please update with the shipping to Taiwan, I have pledged $40 and I haven't received the case until now. Your reply will be much appreciated.

    16. Gaz Evans on

      Scott & Joel - thanks for responding so quickly to my comment below and getting a new case out to me - most appreciated - this one seems to be fine, the lens is still in!

    17. Iaan Kim on

      Wow~ I've finally got mine today.
      It fits well and sliding the backside is really smooth.
      Unlike other backers having some problems, mine is really in a good condition.
      Thanks~ :)

    18. Missing avatar

      yos on

      I have been using it for 5 days, today when I picked my iPhone from the table, I saw a small cylinder glass on the table, yes, the lens fell off. It's disappointing. Before I found how to mount the lens properly, I won't be using this case.

    19. Leslie Ann Rivera on

      A bit disappointed. After a few weeks, the lens fell off. I didn't notice it till I tried to use it.

    20. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    21. Nils Benson on

      Hi guys, reading about your new design updates is nice. Please also redesign the strength of the case around the charger. Mine has broken and the only reason it is still in place is because of the soft stretchy rubber that surrounds the inner part of the case. The bottom part of the hole is also broken but only in one spot.

    22. Missing avatar

      yos on

      Hi Scott and Joel

      I have already received the case, so you can ignore my previous comment. So far the lens works pretty well, but I am afraid it will fall off like others. No issue with the dock connector and headphone jack.

      I wish you good luck for your next project


    23. Missing avatar

      yos on

      Hi Scott and Joel

      Please update with the shipping to Singapore, I have pledged $40 and I haven't received the case until now. Your reply will be much appreciated.


    24. Éric Boutonnet on

      Hi all,
      Is it possible to know in what shipping wave I was supposed to be with my $40 pledge level ?
      To date I didn't receive shipping notification.

      Many thanks for your help.

    25. Scott Phillips and Joel Kamerman 2-time creator on

      With several thousand Camera Cases now in use, we have collected constructive feedback. This information is important for our continued improvement. Thank you!

      Here are some of the observations matched with actions that are underway.


      Case edge does not rise above iPhone face
      We will increase the thickness of the case 0.4mm so that when you lay the case face down, the iPhone face will not touch when on a flat surface. This change will be included in future builds.

      Microphone opening is too small
      Apple standard earphones and some popular brands fit the opening, however many third party connectors don’t fit our opening. We are going to produce future builds with a larger opening that will accommodate several popular third party microphones up to 6.7 mm diameter.

      Charger opening is too small
      The charger opening fits Apple 4/4S chargers and the iPhone Cable that comes standard with all iPhone 4/4S, but is too small for earlier model Apple cables and some third party chargers. Enlarging the charger opening either weakens the integrity of the case or requires building a bigger case. As a result, we are leaving this feature unchanged.

      Plastic has a hard touch
      Future builds will be finished with a soft touch surface giving the Camera Case a more comfortable feel when holding.


      Lens is dirty, loose or missing
      We have modified our production process and adhesives to address these problems.
      New silicone adhesives that have better characteristics when bonding glass to TPE has been selected to meet our doubling of our strength test specification. For individuals that experience a loose, or lost filter, we will ship new replacement filter wheels along with emailed installation instructions. If you encounter this problem please contact us at to initiate a replacement.

      We thank you for your input, support and patience as we continue to make improvements.

      Joel & Scott

    26. Missing avatar

      Bharat Srinivasa on

      I am very very disappointed at the quality of the trygger case. Just like the person below, my polarizing lens fell off the case sometime in the last 24 hours and I have no idea where it could be.

      After Paying 45$ for this case, and waiting for over 6 months, I was able to take exactly pictures for exactly one week before the case started to fall apart.

      I reiterate- this case has been an utter disappointment. While my complaint may go unnoticed, rest assured, I will never buy anything from you people again.

    27. MP on

      At my friends wedding today in Florida, at the beach, I was thinking blue skies/clouds, took the phone out of my pocket, and the lens was gone! Thought it might be in my pocket but no! Now I have a plastic case that doesn't fit any adapters and what made the whole case, is now gone, and photos I could have taken, didn't get to happen.
      What now?

    28. Kevin Hustler on

      I came to leave a comment after using the case for a few days. Overall I'm disappointed with this product. Here's why:

      The headphone jack is recessed and is too small. None of my third party headphone jacks will fit properly.

      The dock connector is likewise recessed and again is too small. The official Apple connector fits great, but my other connectors (like my LOD cable) do not fit. Bummer.

      Although the product is supposed to be designed to fit both an iPhone 4 and 4S, I'm not sure if enough attention was given to the volume buttons. My case's volume up button is thicker than its volume down button. Additionally, it appears that the volume down button does not line up with the phone's built-in button, thus causing a protrusion and - worse - accidental pressing of the volume down button just from holding the case normally.

      I hope my polarizing filter doesn't fall out but I can't really use the case anyways. Disappointing!

    29. Gaz Evans on

      Like others that have posted comment I am pretty disappointed with this case. I have no problems with the design, that is fine but I took it out of the packaging and the lens fell out. The one thing that makes this product different from a standard iPhone case and it just fell right out.

      It was delayed in delivery because of build problems and when it was finally shipped 4 months late the first thing it does out of the packet is fall to pieces?

      I am not particularly bothered as it wasn't a huge amount of money and to be honest any excitement about the product had be long forgotten because of the shipping delay but it still seems pretty bad you would let something ship that falls to pieces on opening.

    30. Dave Hayden on

      Ha! I just noticed a little glass cylinder on my nightstand, realized it's the polarizer from the case. Guess I'm not the only one. The product is crap, obviously, but I might have got my money's worth in schadenfreude.

    31. John Fawcett on

      I too have a lens with smears and as a result have not used the lens long enough to experience it actually falling out. It is fair to say I am very disappointed. I am also not very fond of the smell of the plastic used in the case. The case does fit well but overall I'd have to say this is a fail.

    32. Gashlycrumb on

      I have to join the ranks of backers whose lens fell out as well. I've sent 3 nice emails and I have yet to get a response of any kind. I can understand that there might be some faulty cases out there, but I at least hoped that I would get a response back from my emails. Considering how many people are having this issue, I might have to ask for a refund. I don't know if I'd want a second case, should one ever be offered to me.

    33. Jost Jahn on

      Just received the case here in Germany.
      The first inspection show some smears at the lense, but doesn`t matter, because my Iphone also has scratches above the lense. Because the nearest focal point is much mor further away, it`s no problem.
      The lense didn`t fall out.
      A quick test outside show the nice effects of polarizing at roofs, wet streets, windows etc. So it works.
      BUT: Inside you have a vignetting, especially if you use the flash.
      But the most way to use the case will be outside and with moving the slider it`s not a problem. At new IPhone you can also shielding you original glass above the lense.
      If my polarizing filter will fall out, I have a lens shield, if i put another piece in the hole.
      he price is high, especially outside the USA, but it`s innovative and so it`s OK.

    34. Marlon Garcia on

      Sadly, I also have to join the multiple backers whose lens fell out... I was able to enjoy my case for some days until I realized the lens was not there anymore. The first and second times I was able to find it. The third time not so much. This is the only complain I have with his product. It has now rendered my case useless. I will contact them to request a replacement or a refund, whichever comes first...

    35. Djin Park on

      @creators I am sorry that I have to say the case is just not good to use. However, I have a question.... How is going the Trygger iPhone app you promised? How is going the development of the app?

    36. Mauricio Reyes

      Sorry to hear other kickstarters woes. Sorry to say mine came through and fits iPhone like a glove. Buttons line up fine. Case looks and feels great. Can charge with phone in case. Filter works well. Very happy.

    37. Michael Owens on

      This is horrible, just like multiple people my lens fell out, but mine fell out whilst I was in the city apparently. I just came home to find out there's no lens in my case anymore.

    38. Virgil Chow on

      I just got my case today....but the lens keeps falling out. Overall the case is nice and fits the phone snug, but the lens keeps popping out. I'm afraid of losing it if I'm not paying attention to it....what can I do?

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    40. Edward Kwan on

      Ok, even though the case certainly didn't live up to my expectations (esp the problem of the lens falling out), I was pleasantly surprised to find an email this morning, saying that another case has been shipped to me. That just made my day. Thanks Scott and Joel! A+ for quick and prompt service but not so much for the case still. Better luck on your next endeavor!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jessica Franco on

      This case doesn't protect the screen, won't allow me to charge, won't allow headphone use, looks/feels cheap, AND the lens made my photos blurry before it fell off.
      So the good thing is... it can only get better :)
      Best of luck with the next one!

    42. Missing avatar

      ez on

      I still have not received my case yet. Is there any place that I can check the shipping status? I have a shipping address outside of US.

    43. Edward Kwan on

      I just got my case and less than 5 minutes after using it, i came here to check on the feedback. True enough, i went to try my earphones and it couldn't fit. On top of that, the lens fell out. this is a terrible product for $40. Furthermore, it doesn't line up properly with the camera lens, giving all my pictures a vignetting effect! I want a refund, mainly on grounds that the LENS FALLS OUT. How can I travel around with something like this?

    44. Dave Ruddell on

      #fail x 2. My case arrived last week and I haven't been able to use my standard charger at home or work (3rd party stuff, but it works with my old cases and my wife's cases). I ended up shaving off a bit of the connector on those to make them fit the case. Headphones were another matter. The "thin" adapter I have in my car does not fit and my nice noise-canceling headphones don't fit in the jack. Today the lens fell out for the 3rd time and now is gone. I don't know when it fell out, but I walk many places at work and sat in many conference rooms. This was really disappointing... now the whole purpose for this case is null. Can something please be done about this? I wouldn't mind having a replacement lens sent to me.

    45. Missing avatar

      Billy Parrott on

      My case arrived today, 11/6/12. #fail. This is the last thing I need a week after Hurricane Sandy. With the problems last week in NYC (not being able to charge phone, 30 minute commute taking 3 hours....) this case is like the storm all over again. With this case I cannot charge my phone. With this case I cannot listen to music during my long commute. I would not have backed this project (or "donated money to this project") if I had know the case would limit these basic features. As designers and engineers, I would think your reputations are on the line here....

    46. Xavier on

      I haven't even had my case for a week yet. The lens fell out twice and was nearly lost the second time. The fit sucks.

    47. Tina Chumbley Bookout on

      FYI the case has zero protection. I just dropped my phone about 3 feet and it flipped screen down onto the tile floor. My screen has been shattered. Obviously my initial excitement about the case is completely gone and now I have to buy a new iPhone. :(

    48. Mrs. Moe on

      After fixing the charger jack problem and posting my comment below, I to realized the headphone jack doesn't fit. Since this part of the plastic is much thicker than the thin strip near the bottom, this I'm not sure I can fix it with an x-acto like I did with the charger port. I understand this is probably a learning process, but I hope this will be addressed in future manufacturing. Thanks.

    49. Josh Seiden on

      Hey Guys,

      I was very excited to receive my case yesterday. Congratulations on shipping. (I know what a challenge this kind of manufacturing is, so my congratulations are sincere.) That said, I'm having issues too.

      I'm quite disappointed at the quality of the fit. The headphone and charger openings are simply too small to function. I've got a 3 different charger cables here: they all barely make contact through the charger slot--and eventually get forced out. I woke up this morning to an uncharged phone.

      The headphone jack is also tiny. I can't use most of my third-party headphones.

      Reading through the comments, it appears that I'm not alone. Do you have plans to address these problems?

      Thanks in advance...

    50. Mrs. Moe on


      I was having problems connecting the cable as well, but using a box cutter and x-acto knife, I was able to fix it by carefully trimming out the thin layer of plastic around the connector port on the case. It was pretty easy and quick. And while my old, larger 3G version of the iPhone cord still doesn't fit, the newer slimmer one that came with my 4G phone and iPad fits just fine.

      Aside from this small snag, I'm really pleased with the project. The packaging looks great, the product looks and feel well-made and I'm looking forward to taking lots of photos with this now. I'm proud to have backed this product!

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