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The iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip uses a polarizing filter to block noisy light so you can make your best photos. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 25, 2013.

The iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip uses a polarizing filter to block noisy light so you can make your best photos.

About this project


Hi, we're Trygger and we're back on Kickstarter to introduce a new product: the Camera Clip. This new iPhone 5 accessory has a polarizing filter to cut out noisy light. You'll get less glare and more vibrant colors--so you can make your best photos.

For many of us, our iPhone has become our camera of choice. The image quality is great and our phones are always with us. We wanted to help iPhoneographers (you and me) make even better photos, so we looked to the pros and their DSLR kits for inspiration. Professional photographers have relied on polarizing filters to clean up noisy light for decades. The Camera Clip brings that same polarizing filter to your iPhone camera-- quickly attachable--and always ready to take great pictures.

When you use the Trygger the Camera Clip with your iPhone, it cuts out glare and unwanted reflections while making colors richer and contrast sharper. It's going to make the world through your phone look more like the world you see through your eyes so you can capture all of life's moments the way you remember them.


The polarizing filter on the Trygger Camera Clip cuts out bright unwanted reflections and it is removable so it doesn't block your flash. We designed it to fit snugly on the iPhone 5 so no extraneous light could leak into your photos.

Photo apps like Instagram create neat effects by adding filters after you take a photo. The Camera Clip filters the actual light that comes into your camera as you are taking a photo. This means you'll end up with photos that look better whether you use them on their own or with a photo app.

Trygger's hand-made polarizing filters are created by placing a color neutral polarizing film between two layers of scratch resistant, high-grade optical glass.


The world through your phone has never looked this good. 


See the image, not the reflection! 


The filter is adjustable so you can change how much light comes through. It gives you greater control over your photos, as you shoot them.


The Camera Clip attaches quickly and easily with a snug 4-sided pressure grip. It's just a simple clip on or off. When you aren't using it, keep the Camera Clip in its included protective carrying case. The Camera Clip comes in black and white.


The Camera Clip was carefully planned and designed. Everyone on our team of designers and engineers loves photography. They understand the desire to get every bit of quality out of a photo. Working in the field of design, they also understand the value of an amazing product. It was important to us to sweat the details and create great products that you will have a great experience using. We strive for consistent performance, convenient form, ease of use and professional results.

The first generation Camera Case was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and it is now out there in the world. People are using it to make great photos right now. It is something we are very proud of and the feedback we've gotten allows us to make this new project even better. 

What we heard was incredibly helpful and has helped us improve the Camera Clip. First, we've changed the finish on the Camera Clip to a soft touch finish for a more professional feel to the product. Second, we've improved the build of the polarizing filter to make it more durable. It now uses a stronger silicon adhesive and a mechanical lip. Those two things work together to make sure the Camera Clip works and feels better in use. 

We can't wait to get them in your hands.


The life cycle of each iPhone iteration is short, but the list of tasks and resources needing coordination to deliver the Camera Clip is long. There are several steps to produce the Camera Clip. Our team has already designed and engineered the product. From here the plan is to build, test and inspect multi-shot tooling at the same Asian manufacturing facilities we used for our previous project, the Camera Case. We are also using the same optical filters that we utilized previously. We will then field test some early production models before putting the Camera Clip into mass production.


Trygger was born from the Kickstarter community and we are extremely appreciative of the loyalty and enthusiastic response we have received. We couldn't exist without you.

We are asking for your support again. Manufacturing the Camera Clip is going to be expensive and we need funding to put it into production. There are ten unique molded parts that make up the Camera Clip. Each individual part needs a separate steel mold. There's also the construction of the three-piece filters. The cost of all of this specialized equipment is significant. If we hit our goal we'll be able to make the Camera Clip a on a broad enough scale so that the cost of each unit very reasonable. It's the upfront costs that we need your help with.

We hit a few bumps last time during production that extended our estimated timeline. We learned from those and we are confident we can get the Camera Clip to you even faster. We have targeted February 2013 as our shipping date.

So back us. Help the new Camera Clip get funded so you can start making your best photos.

Thank you Kickstarter!

Risks and challenges

Our greatest challenge will be to hit our estimated delivery date.

If we aren't precise in creating our molds for the Camera Clip light can leak into the filter. Light leaks will make it work incorrectly or not at all. Some of the components use molds that utilize multiple plastic shots which adds another layer of complexity. For our last project, the Camera Case we went through six iterations of the molds before we got to one that was satisfactory to us. It's important for us to get the Camera Clip just right, but our attention to detail adds to the risk of us delivering the products late.

However, based on lessons learned from our previous Kickstarter project and repeat use of resources, including engineers and manufacturing resources, we are confident that we can deliver on time.

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