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What if the ads in old comics were actually real? When the "too good to be true" comes true chaos is unleashed!
What if the ads in old comics were actually real? When the "too good to be true" comes true chaos is unleashed!
204 backers pledged $9,035 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ryan Snider on

      Still waiting on my sketch and t-shirt. I did receive the book and the sub t shirt with the monster on it. Any updates?

    2. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      it's funny how a company called "Trusted" failed to follow through on their promises. I never received any of the tshirts.

    3. AdamDork

      Guess no mini's?

    4. Ryan Snider on

      I ordered the $35 T-Shirt and SoftBack tier. I did receive the free t-shirt and book, last year but there wasn't any sketch inside the book and I did not get the t-shirt that I really wanted. I guess I should feel fortunate that I even received something considering that there are people that didn't get a thing..

    5. Elliander Eldridge

      "A Hardcover copy of Mystery Box and a physical copy of Incredible Tales comic book, plus DRM free eBooks of both"

      I still have not received either. Nor even a message response. I tried sending a message through Kickstarter December 14th 2014 and waited patiently 3 months, but have not heard back. If there were some delays a little communication would have been nice. It's actually fairly common for backed projects to be delays by a year or more, but there were updates saying that the product was completed. Assuming that any real product was actually made it shouldn't be that difficult to provide the ebook at least while I wait.

    6. AdamDork

      Trusted Cape.

    7. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      March 2015 - nothing.

    8. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      January 2015 - nothing. No word, no shirts, they took my money and ran.

    9. AdamDork

      No mini's? :(

    10. Fred Leggett on

      Well, I think we can safely call this campaign officially dead 'n' buried (probably in unhallowed ground). Trusted Cape...the irony is overhwelming.

    11. J on

      Same, and I don't believe there was ever another party that just didn't deliver. They set things a too cheap and don't have funds. You should talk to us honestly rather than keep quiet or lie though.

    12. Simon B.Stirling on

      I'm still waiting on mine... no response on any email or Facebook :(

    13. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      We could at least get a digital download of this thing, so we don't end up having nothing at all...

    14. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      Nothing here still - not a peep.

    15. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      I sent a message through Kickstarter, tried the email mentioned a few updates ago and posted on their facebook (which also seems pretty dead).
      I got few replies, but they don't seem eager to answer or fulfill the rewards.

    16. Fred Leggett on

      Has anyone tried contacting TC directly, bypassing Kickstarter altogether?

    17. J on

      Nothing received here. Don't know why they bothered doing that survey.

    18. Ryan Snider on

      @ Nathaniel. I agree with you. Great book, but I think the stretch goals are the main reason why a lot of us contributed.

    19. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      I have still received nothing, tried to contact them through Kickstarter and via email for a second time and again got no answer...

    20. Dr Nathaniel John King on

      So got the Hardcover book and it is beautiful and that was it. No stretch goals nor the Incredible tales comic book. hmm as the book is nice it is only a bit of a dud campaign but it was a lot of money for a small book. Ahh well you learn prob never going to support campaign by these guys again and that is a shame.

    21. Ed Dexter on

      Oh well, I guess this $10 is gone forever since after 60 days they have to initiate a new transaction to issue a refund and if I can't get a reply to find out where my rewards are, I'm guessing I won't get a reply asking for my money back.
      It's a little ridiculous the way Amazon handles this considering a lot of the time you can't expect to get your goods til after 60 days.

    22. T. C. on

      Still nothing here. No digital book. No tshirts. No refund. What gives?

    23. Ed Dexter on

      Still nothing for me. I'm emailing the help address they listed in a previous update. If they can't come through I'm going to see if Amazon will reverse the charge somehow.

    24. Fred Leggett on

      Poor packing seems to be rampant on Kickstarter. Amazon really needs to implement some sort of official feedback mechanism so people don't have to wade through the comments section. I'd put packaging rating second only to, "Did you get all your rewards in a timely manner?".

      The more I read about this campaign, the more I feel grateful that I received what I did. How sad is that?

    25. Missing avatar

      Rose Watson on

      Well Jason at least they shipped you your book not once but twice! I have received nothing! I too would like a refund, I'm tired of empty promises!

    26. Douglas Sturk Jr on

      Still no tshirts - I want a refund!

    27. Ryan Snider on

      I still hope I get my submarine t-shirt. Loved the design.

    28. Missing avatar

      David S. Pumpkins

      I got my repacement hardcover today. It is in worse condition than the original, because these guys opted for the cheap route *again* and put it in a padded envelope instead of a box like they should have. At least the original, that was shipped *exactly the same way* had the benefit of being wrapped in a t-shirt first. To add insult to injury, the replacement isn't signed and numbered like the original, and I am *still* waiting for the pdf. These guys are complete idiots and have soured me on Kickstarter in general. They should be banned for life for incompetence. Trusted Cape may have run it for them, but this was still the creator's project and the fact that they outsourced part of it just means they are stupid and should have done their homework before getting into bed with a bunch of theives, not that they are victims who deserve our sympathy.

      At this point, don't bother sending another one guys. I'll take a refund instead.

      You can either process it manually and proactively on your end, or I will intitiate a chargeback with my credit card issuer, but one way or another I am getting my money back and putting this whole sordid and appaling affair behind me. If you want the pile of crap sitting here back, send me and extra $10 and I'll ship it back to you. I'll even pack it the way *you* should have to begin with so you can see how it is done, learn something, and hopefully apply it to fufilling the orders for the rest of the poor unfortunates still waiting.

    29. Dheyrdre Machado on


      Even it it is just a small part, he kept his word. I recommend the book to you, next KS be sure to check it ;D

      Ps: the illustrations are different form the printed book :D

    30. Fred Leggett on

      Dheyrdre, that's great! I'm glad he came through with his campaign "rewards" (I still don't like that term).

      I still think $2,201 was just a fraction of the funds needed, though. The shipping alone should've been around $232.

    31. Dheyrdre Machado on


      Hello :)
      Jeff sent me the pictures of the hand drawn book and already arrived, the tpb edition, card game (excellent quality) and shirt.

    32. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      No, I have received nothing yet. :(

    33. J on

      Have any of the 42 people mentioned in the update received their book?

    34. Fred Leggett on

      Yeah, Amazon is all about the green stuff. I think at least some of what I posted will be forced upon KS at some point if they're to remain viable. KS staff can't close their eyes and plug their ears forever. All it's gonna take is one intrepid lawyer to threaten KS with a hefty lawsuit.

    35. Dheyrdre Machado on


      Seems that KS is more worried about money than make adjustments to help and protect backers.

      Also, I'm 100% with your long post.

    36. Fred Leggett on

      My thoughts on ways to fix Kickstarter (or at least as much as Kickstarter can be fixed). Warning - LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGG...and in no particular order:

      o Funding goals have to cover the entirety of reward production expenses, not partials.

      o Funds should be released on a graduated basis and not all at once.

      o Project creators (PCs) should be required to publicly itemize their expenses as part of their campaign pages.

      o Stretch goals should first be approved by Kickstarter (KS) staff.

      o No campaign can go over 300% of the base funding goal without further approval.

      o KS should not profit from successfully funded campaigns where the PC can't or won't deliver.

      o PCs who've collected money from a successful campaign shouldn't be allowed to initiate another campaign until the previous drive has delivered on all products and promises.

      o KS should survey backers to determine if a PC shipped his or her deliverables and whether or not those deliverables met expectations.

      o Related to the above, if an overwhelming number of backers were unhappy with their rewards (or the lack thereof), the PC should be put on an alert list until the majority of backers have been satisfied.

      o PCs who completely screw their backers should be permanently blacklisted.

      o Campaigns can only be relisted two additional times in a six month window. If the funding goal isn't met by then, the drive should be considered currently non-viable and not be approved again for at least two years from the end date of the third attempt.

      o PCs who are more than six months late with their deliverables should have their Amazon accounts reviewed and possibly penalized or frozen.

      o PCs should be required to post weekly updates while a campaign is active and at least monthly updates after funds have been released and rewards are pending shipment.

      o If a PC disappears without making good on deliverables, KS should release his or her contact info to backers.

      o Pursuant to the above, PCs must supply a physical address and phone number to KS (this might already be implemented).

      o Depending on prior business history, credit rating, and campaign goals, first-time PCs should have a funding ceiling imposed.

      o KS should make it abundantly clear to anyone considering using the site that campaign promises constitute a LEGALLY binding contract and that PCs are obligated to fulfill those promises in a prompt timeframe, otherwise they could be sued for breach.

      o PCs must provide KS with a reasonable shipping formula and the results of that formula should be incorporated into all tiers in which physical rewards will be dispatched.

      o The number of pledge tiers should be capped at 7 for first-time PCs unless waived by KS review staff.

      o Any one pledge tier cannot exceed more than 15% of the overall funding goal.

      o If it is discovered that a PC used pledge funds for anything other than the fulfillment of rewards (e.g., hiring a moving company to relocate to another state), said PC's Amazon account should immediately be frozen and penalties possibly assessed.

      o Estimated delivery dates cannot exceed more than six months from the end of campaigns without justification and waivers from KS staff, otherwise account suspensions could be invoked.

      Those are my thoughts. Some of the above could be considered draconian, but you can't implement accountability into the system without the necessary teeth.

    37. Fred Leggett on

      Doesn't look good. Between this and several other campaigns that have either gone dark or are WAY behind schedule, I've come to the unfortunate decision that the only campaigns I'll back in the future are from "known entities", like Flesk or the TOME group. Which is a damn shame, as I probably would not've supported highly worthy and shipped projects like The Incognito Project, Next Town Over, and Pink Hair Girls. I would rather the money I'm likely to lose in these stalled campaigns had gone to The United Way or Doctors Without Borders.

      I suppose I should feel lucky that I got SOMETHING out of this drive, but I'm still missing the remarque (which'll never happen), the poster, toys, and I think a t-shirt. However, I know many other backers haven't received anything and that's gotta hurt.

      I'd like to know the identity of the person who left in the middle of fulfilling rewards so I can avoid him in the future. I'm sure he'd be named anyway in any suit that might be brought against TC.

    38. J on

      Come on guys. What was the last update and the survey about? Don't go silent again.

    39. J on

      A month since the updated, completed the survey they sent out.

      No news since.. I wonder if it was just a stalling tactic.

    40. T. C. on

      It seems that the main fault here is of trusted cape, not the authors. Trusted cape failed to fulfill on the promise to deliver the goods. I think the authors are now stepping in to right this wrong and I'm hopeful that I'll get my digital book and tshirts!

    41. J on

      Interesting update... fingers crossed.

    42. Missing avatar

      David S. Pumpkins

      I actually got my book, the minicomic, and the shirt. But the way it was packaged was the books were wrapped in the shirt and stuffed in a paper enveope that wasn't even padded. Needlless to say, everything but the shirt arrived damaged. They promised to send a replacement but big suprise, they never did. No remarque or poster. I suggest that anyone who paid with a credit card just contact their cc company and issue a formal chargeback. That seems to be the only way Kickstarter is going to take notice and do anything in these situations.

    43. Missing avatar

      Michael Hauser on

      Check out new update (update 22)! May still be alive!?

    44. J on

      They really need to communicate, if it was an issue like shipping costs I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to help cover the difference.

    45. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on

      It would really be nice to hear any news on the rewards. I am still waiting for the hardcover, the comic, the toys and t-shirt.

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