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Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and GPS.
Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and location tracking.
Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and location tracking.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Yousaf Khan 1 day ago

      Folks, since neither the Creators or Kickstarter are willing to address this fraudulent case, perhaps we can file a suit through CrowdJustice to recover our funds. Its based out of the UK, but may have services available in USA as well.

    2. Missing avatar

      Yousaf Khan 1 day ago

      I would like to get my money refunded for the Check luggage as there is no foreseeable delivery date for this product.

    3. Oriane Wagen'Girl 3 days ago

      @Blake Chang, If you live in the US i think you can try with the FTT ! I don't think you will find Trunkster as a company on the list, so I put Kickstarter and mentionned Trunkster when I did it !

    4. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang 5 days ago

      Can anyone please tell me where can I file a complaint website?

    5. Missing avatar

      chris on June 8

      Website still and taking orders it appears??

    6. Missing avatar

      Linda Zunas on June 7

      I WANT MY SECOND BAG! Is there any way to get my second bag?!!? I paid a lot of money!

    7. Paula Archinaco on June 4

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on June 4

      Just checked and their website has gone away. I'm taking that as final confirmation that this project is a bust. I won't call it a scam though - a lot of backers did get at least some of their rewards. I wish I'd accepted their offer to switch to a carry-on, even though I wouldn't use it. At least I'd then have another GPS tracker, though I guess I'd be better off getting a proper LugLoc anyway.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tomer Goren on June 4

      I still didn't get my Trunkster.
      Can you please check the status of my order?


    10. Lin Weinberg on May 31

      Found this "Trunkster Shark Tank Update

      The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Mark and Lori never closed and it appears Trunkster is not fulfilling orders from their crowd funding campaigns. Orders that were fulfilled were poor quality. A look at the comments on the Kickstarter page reveals a lot of very unhappy would-be customers. Attempts at emailing or contacting the business go unanswered. The website is dark and the social media accounts have been deleted. It appears Trunkster is a HUGE failure." You can read at the source here:

    11. Lin Weinberg on May 31

      Or maybe set up a facebook page.

    12. Lin Weinberg on May 31

      When I googled "trunkster scam" nothing populated as a result. Perhaps enough people aren't sharing their experience online. Would be great if someone set up a website for this specific reason offering a place where people can share their stories of being scammed. This would allow Google to index the site and allow a result when someone searches for "trunkster scam." As is, there is quite a bit of positive content out there related to Trunkster. Just a thought...

    13. Oriane Wagen'Girl on May 31

      I posted a complaint on BBB against Kickstarter also, as I could not find Trunkster listed a company...

    14. Oriane Wagen'Girl on May 31

      @Laurie : It's hard to find their address to file a complaint on BBB, what did you search for to find them ? I can't find any trace of them being registered anywhere, their FB page doesn't exist anymore... Scam scam scam, here it is !

    15. Missing avatar

      Laurie Simone on May 22

      I filed a complaint on BBB against Kickstarter mentioning Trunkster.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on May 22

      @Robert Perdue You _can_ take legal action. Never said you'd win.

      I tried one last attempt to reach out to them. No luck. I think we can safely consider this one bust. :(

    17. Kara
      on May 15

      So we file a complaint against Kickstarter, or Trunkster??

    18. Paula Archinaco on May 12

      Hi everyone! The BBB said that if everyone who has not received their item can file a complaint with them against Kickstarter that they can establish a pattern of business practice and that would be of great service to us all in terms of a resolution. It's super easy to do, just go the the BBB site and they'll walk you through it. Kickstarter is located inn Brooklyn, NY you'll need to know that to search for them. We've gotta stick together on this. We will prevail.

    19. Oriane Wagen'Girl on May 12

      I'm currently filing a complaint via the FTC aswell btw !

    20. Paula Archinaco on May 12

      @markgray @ robertPerdue I say we file. Why not harass everyone for justice and make them spend a bunch of money defending themselves? I promise you it would be cheaper for Trunkster, Mark Cuban and Kickstarter to refund us than to pay legal fees.

    21. Paula Archinaco on May 12

      I'm filing with the BBB right now actually. Kickstarter claims they don't owe us however that argument doesn't work because they made money off of each of our transactions. At the bare minimum they owe us a refund of the fee they earned on the merchandise we haven't received. I will never use kickstarter again.

    22. Robert Perdue on May 11

      @ Mark Gray "There most certainly is legal action that could be taken:"

      There really isn't. A class action suit will get us nothing. Winning will be very difficult and if somehow they won the lawyer would get any money first, of which there isn't any, and we would get whatever is left over spread evenly amongst those who backed the project which again is none.

    23. Jill Zolkos on May 9

      3 years and still waiting? Is this ever going to happen???? Or can you just refund me??

    24. Brian Baril on May 5

      @#$^@#@#@#&^%@$#@#, still nothing from these jokers.

    25. Missing avatar

      Malcolm Lee on May 4

      Yep, I also pledged for the full sized case 3 years ago and not only do I not have the case, I also, have had zero communication from them, even though I have tried to contact them several times via all of their contact methods. I would also like to swap my checked for a carry on, at least I would get something in return. Kickstarter need to carefully assess who they promote, as it is extremely, bad for their brand as well. These guys are a bunch of Asshats, actually, maybe all of us that pledged are the Asshats.

    26. Brian Chan on May 1

      Wow. 2 years yet still havent received my full size. �

    27. Missing avatar

      Linda Zunas on April 29

      I would like to swap my checked for carry on. How do I do this (if anyone is still there)?

    28. Missing avatar

      Albert on April 28

      Wow... made a pledge in 2014. It's almost been 3 years and still haven't received anything. I can't believe Kickstarter would still allow these guys to ask for pre-orders!

    29. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on April 20

      @Wendy Pike You're wasting your time. Kickstarter can't do anything more than we've already tried.

    30. Shane Koyczan on April 17

      Still haven't received the product I pledged for. Years later. What a disappointing and costly experience.

    31. Missing avatar

      Wendy Pike on April 17

      I reported this project to Kickstarter, maybe if we all do the same the creators will give us a update.

    32. Missing avatar

      Will Oswald on April 16

      Ever since I received my carry on, it's like Trunkster have behaved as though their order is complete. It's not: I paid for both carry on and check in, although I would say the carry on is ridiculously heavy! Kickstarter lesson learned...

    33. Graeme Workman on April 14

      I also have paid for the carry on, which I did receive (very poor quality) and the checked in, which I still haven't received and wish I had not been so quick to get sucked in.
      I also got stung by the drone through kickstarter.
      goodbye kickstarter, i'm not going to waste any more money with dodgy ideas you promote

    34. cameron petersen on April 10

      27mo the ago I gave you 720 dollars because I believed in your product and ideas. While the carry on has served me fairly well, the checked bag is nowhere to be found with little to no idea on what's even happening. "We are having manufacturing issues" isn't enough explanation. What are you doing to address the issue? Update the people that willingly gave you money. Just tell us what's happening. Or, like Lily, just say "oh well. Can't figure it out. Bankruptcy. Good luck."
      Any communication is welcome at this point. We trusted you. You owe us. Money or otherwise.

    35. Jaremy Kwock on April 6

      Another way to go about this is to contact the "Sharks" that went in on it with the creators... Marc Cuban and Lori Greiner. I nicely Facebook posted on Marc's page. Anyone want to do more research and post it for all of the Kickstarter and Indigogo backers?

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on April 4

      Someone from Trunkster has logged in today! They're still alive then! Perhaps this means we will eventually hear something from them - even if that is to say they've gone bust, which I suspect is the most likely outcome given their 'customer service' skills.

      @Robert Perdue There most certainly is legal action that could be taken:

      You have to be pretty determined to do that. I've seen many threats of such from backers of this and other projects, but they nearly always turn out to be hot air.

    37. Robert Perdue on April 1

      There is no legal action you can take. It's crowdfunding and this is what happens. I knew as soon as my carry on showed up with build quality issues that this wasn't going to end well and the response I got from their customer service telling me the gap when the sliding door was closed was within spec confirmed I had made a mistake backing this project. If such a small suitcase can't be made well there is no way they can build a larger one. Also the design just doesn't work anyway, the extendable handle takes up too much room inside the suitcase. I have a much less expensive hard shell carry on that hold more. I'm giving away my carry on this week. I may just throw it away along with the Skully shirts I have.

    38. JamesBingo on March 26

      I Hate How These SCUM BAGS Are Still Shilling Out Commissions To Pigs On Social Media Who Promote Their Gear For Sale Still.

      Clearly The Guys From Trunkster Are Sunning Themselves In The Caribbean On Our Dime As Their Is No Excuse Not To Reply Or Have Auto Reply For E-mails We've All Sent Either Asking For Tracking, Answers Or Taking A Loss & Opting For A Checkin Unit!

    39. Missing avatar

      Doug Hogrefe on March 26

      Emailed over a month ago to swap out checked for another carry-on. No response. Man up, guys. Just be honest.

    40. JamesBingo on March 26

      I've Been Asking/Emailing To Change Checkin For Carry On, No Reply...Sorry Guys, The Gig Is Up. You Aren't Getting As Much As A Reply.

    41. Missing avatar

      Cauê Cardoso on March 24

      I need you to answer the e-mails
      I have an US address to receive the the bag

      clients that already paid must beg???

    42. Rob Cornelius on March 23

      Is there any way I can switch the checked piece to an additional carry on piece. Saves you money. Saves me time. I've had no problems with the carry on but know it won't last more than two years.

    43. JamesBingo on March 22

      I Cannot Believe The Scum At @KickStarter Are Still Allowing People To "Pre-Order" These Units...What Absolute Pigs. One Thing To Take Our Money 'Unknowingly' But To Allow People To Get Ripped Off Going Forward Is Downright Illegal, Immoral & Abhorrent.

    44. Robert Strong on March 21

      Hey Fellow Funders, 'Funded Today' is advertising Trunkster as a tremendous success on their facebook page. I just dropped a small honesty bomb in the comments. Feel free to take a look at their postings on March 16, March 14, and many more if you care to scroll back. Here is a link:

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on March 20

      @Henry Penaranda Upload the photo to somewhere like Flickr, then link to it from here.

    46. Henry Penaranda on March 19

      Have not received my check in luggage, used my carry on twice and it's already broken. Tried putting the pic here but it won't let me.

    47. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on March 17

      Did anybody start a petition against Trunkster? Please send me the link?

    48. Missing avatar

      Rex van Minnen on March 16

      Want a refund. It's been 2yrs and 2months for God's sake!

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