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Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and GPS.
Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and location tracking.
Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and location tracking.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Peta Morrison 1 day ago

      I would like to know where my suitcase is. The site says it was sent in March 2016. That’s not true. It seems there is a big issue with this pledge.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lee on October 25

      do contact Scott, wrong Trunkster. Sorry about that.

    3. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lee on October 24

      I have been chasing these assholes for 2 years. No response, So I tracked them down on Linkedin, no response. I know that Gaston Blanchet lives in Miami. When I track down his address I will post it. You could try the Scott Adams,, he is listed as the domain admin.

    4. Oriane Wagen'Girl on October 17

      US backers, you need to start looking at legal pursuits, from abroad i've used everything possible and it's not working. It's much easier if the complaint and the company are in the same country.

    5. Jax on October 16

      as a follow up to what I just posted. . . wow I had a much different experience. My son loves his trunkster carry on. It's fits in the overhead and under the seat. The battery charger has saved all four members of the family on different trips. We travel domestically in America, as well as Europe and it hasn't caused any problems or had any issues. It' been used ALOT. Yes it took a long time to get, but as I posted earlier, I had no idea what went into the manufacturing of a new idea. I think I'd been impressed even if it didn't work. But it DOES. it works just like I hoped it would and as they told me it would

    6. Jax on October 16

      I funded this so far back that I didn't even know what Kickstarter was and thought I was just BUYING a cool suitcase for my young son. I finally got the trunkster and gave it to my son two years ago this Christmas. We travel a lot as a family and this is the only suitcase he has ever used since I gave to to him, including a 3 week trip to Switzerland. It's awesome. I wish I had a bigger one for him, or my husband. One day I'll get another one. It was worth the wait. The style might not seem quite as fresh as when the design first caught my eye, but its still fantastic. The battery pack might not seem as revolutionary as it was when it first caught my eye all those years ago, but it works great, and as advertised. It's been a really interesting learning experience for me to get all the updates over the years it took for them to finally manufacture it. I'm so glad I stuck it out and never asked for my money back. I shared every trunkster update with my son, who graduates from high school this June and is off to Carnegie Mellon to major in computer science/industrial design next fall, so he learns a lot about design as well. My hats off to these guys. It's VERY easy to have a great idea. It's really hard to figure out a way to bring the idea to life and virtually impossible to see it through to to the manufacturing phase. What they've done is almost impossible but they never gave up and sent me a product that was AS COOL as advertised. Yay for them! Order a trunkster. They're very cool!

    7. Mark Gray
      on October 4

      Guess I jinxed it by saying the GPS tracker and battery pack were the good bits - the former now has a fault and the latter is no longer fully charging. Oh well!

    8. Missing avatar

      Stacie Hill on October 2

      It seems many of us are in the same situation but have been told different stories. I received the carry on version, but never a GPS tracking unit and have yet to receive a checked bag. They stopped responding to me about a year ago. I am US based and would be interested to learn what options we have since they are purportedly selling this product now.

    9. cameron petersen on October 2

      Give us our money back. Checked luggage never materialized. Carry on did and it’s ok at best.
      Two years ago you accepted my money. Two. Years. Ago. I’ll sign a class action suit. Let’s do it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Charles A Syms, III on September 24

      Please refund the difference since there will not be a carry on
      Charles Syms

    11. Missing avatar

      Elodie ottow on September 10

      I'm on the same boat as everyone else. Received the poorly made carry on and no check in luggage to be seen. Isn't there a class action suit we can do? Or is there anyway we can get refunded??

    12. tpgem on September 4

      They simply failed. Because it is an bad shape item that as we know what carry-on looks is. No Chinese who likes fake making of these bags. So we never going to get checked size .

    13. Karen Ann Niedermeyer on September 4

      hi. I too backed this project and received the cabin case but not the carry-on. Jesse emailed me to say the check-in case would be sent out later but that was a year ago. Sadly they are not responding to my queries. Does anyone have some advice?

    14. Robert Strong on September 3

      I was a funder of this Kickstarter. The carry-on version was not made very well, the checked version never arrived, and no one from the company responds to inquiries. I would love to get my money back.

      I posted this comment on their youtube video also. Here:…

    15. JamesBingo on August 21

      Gaston Can Be Found On Linked In -

      Feel Free To Chase Him Down!

    16. JamesBingo on August 21

      Just Keep Publishing The Names

      Jesse Potash & Gaston Blanchet

      This Will Ensure These Two Cowards Never Get Another Cent From VCs & Any Prospective Employer Knows How Pathetic They Are! #SEO

    17. Missing avatar

      Cauê Cardoso on August 20

      I was one of the backers and still have not receive my bag.
      more than 2 years sending e-mails, and no answer

    18. Tom on August 20

      I just used my carry on for the first time. Pretty cool. Too bad it cost me 500+ cause i never got the chkin

    19. Britt F. Frey on August 18

      I contacted them at the beginning of the year about my checked bag and was told they would be shipped in late spring. I have tried to contact them three times this summer with no response. I suppose I'll file complaints with the BBB and any other organizations I can find, for both Trunkster and Kickstarter.

    20. Oriane Wagen'Girl on August 8

      I am currently writing a complaint with, which can be useful for us europeans. Has anyone found a postal address for this bullshit company Trunkster ?!?

    21. Missing avatar

      Tim on August 7

      Pledged for 2 and never got them, won't even reply??? What is this??? Give me my money back! This is ridiculous!!!

    22. Oriane Wagen'Girl on August 7

      We clearly need to find a way to legalize our complaints. Anyone ready to do that in the US ? It will be difficult for us living abroad... :/

    23. Missing avatar

      kate a
      on July 18

      for those with pets, it makes a nice cat bed. a very expensive cat bed. but better than letting it gather dust, right?

    24. Mark Gray
      on July 17

      @Kevin Still That's not Trunkster. It contains a zipper.

      @Jill Zolkos The creators are not contactable (at least not unless they want to be). Even their suppliers don't appear to have confidence in them (at least not the one I contacted). I'd accept another carry-on (to relegate to the garage, never to be used) at this point - at least the battery pack and tracker work - but they won't even do that now. You may get lucky in a fire sale when they finally pack up and go home.

      If nothing else, this whole sorry mess proves that the zipper still wins. They may be the weak point, but flimsy roll-up doors are weaker. This is one case where we all should have seen sense and ran a mile. Lesson learned!

    25. Jill Zolkos on July 10

      So what's the best course of action here? Anyone successfully in getting their money back??

    26. Missing avatar

      Kevin Still on July 10

      Here's the bag that Trunkster tried (and failed) to make:

      I was one of the "lucky ones" that actually got the luggage, but I sold it on eBay the same day I took it out of the box. It was terrible. Bad wheels, poor quality and bad design.

    27. Oriane Wagen'Girl on July 6

      @Yousaf, I am right behind you ! I've got time to spare tonight so I will look into it, thanks for the info...

    28. Missing avatar

      Jun Chen on July 4

      I got my carry on a long time back and not the checked..
      do anyone received checked by the way

    29. cameron petersen on June 29

      I submitted my report just now.
      I got the carry on but never the checked luggage.
      Let's hope some resolution is out there.

    30. Missing avatar

      Yousaf Khan on June 27

      Folks, since neither the Creators or Kickstarter are willing to address this fraudulent case, perhaps we can file a suit through CrowdJustice to recover our funds. Its based out of the UK, but may have services available in USA as well.

    31. Missing avatar

      Yousaf Khan on June 27

      I would like to get my money refunded for the Check luggage as there is no foreseeable delivery date for this product.

    32. Oriane Wagen'Girl on June 25

      @Blake Chang, If you live in the US i think you can try with the FTT ! I don't think you will find Trunkster as a company on the list, so I put Kickstarter and mentionned Trunkster when I did it !

    33. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on June 23

      Can anyone please tell me where can I file a complaint website?

    34. Missing avatar

      chris on June 8

      Website still and taking orders it appears??

    35. Missing avatar

      Linda Zunas on June 7

      I WANT MY SECOND BAG! Is there any way to get my second bag?!!? I paid a lot of money!

    36. Paula Archinaco on June 4

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    37. Mark Gray
      on June 4

      Just checked and their website has gone away. I'm taking that as final confirmation that this project is a bust. I won't call it a scam though - a lot of backers did get at least some of their rewards. I wish I'd accepted their offer to switch to a carry-on, even though I wouldn't use it. At least I'd then have another GPS tracker, though I guess I'd be better off getting a proper LugLoc anyway.

    38. Missing avatar

      Tomer Goren on June 4

      I still didn't get my Trunkster.
      Can you please check the status of my order?


    39. Lin Weinberg on May 31

      Found this "Trunkster Shark Tank Update

      The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Mark and Lori never closed and it appears Trunkster is not fulfilling orders from their crowd funding campaigns. Orders that were fulfilled were poor quality. A look at the comments on the Kickstarter page reveals a lot of very unhappy would-be customers. Attempts at emailing or contacting the business go unanswered. The website is dark and the social media accounts have been deleted. It appears Trunkster is a HUGE failure." You can read at the source here:

    40. Lin Weinberg on May 31

      Or maybe set up a facebook page.

    41. Lin Weinberg on May 31

      When I googled "trunkster scam" nothing populated as a result. Perhaps enough people aren't sharing their experience online. Would be great if someone set up a website for this specific reason offering a place where people can share their stories of being scammed. This would allow Google to index the site and allow a result when someone searches for "trunkster scam." As is, there is quite a bit of positive content out there related to Trunkster. Just a thought...

    42. Oriane Wagen'Girl on May 31

      I posted a complaint on BBB against Kickstarter also, as I could not find Trunkster listed a company...

    43. Oriane Wagen'Girl on May 31

      @Laurie : It's hard to find their address to file a complaint on BBB, what did you search for to find them ? I can't find any trace of them being registered anywhere, their FB page doesn't exist anymore... Scam scam scam, here it is !

    44. Missing avatar

      Laurie Simone on May 22, 2017

      I filed a complaint on BBB against Kickstarter mentioning Trunkster.

    45. Mark Gray
      on May 22, 2017

      @Robert Perdue You _can_ take legal action. Never said you'd win.

      I tried one last attempt to reach out to them. No luck. I think we can safely consider this one bust. :(

    46. Kara
      on May 15, 2017

      So we file a complaint against Kickstarter, or Trunkster??

    47. Paula Archinaco on May 12, 2017

      Hi everyone! The BBB said that if everyone who has not received their item can file a complaint with them against Kickstarter that they can establish a pattern of business practice and that would be of great service to us all in terms of a resolution. It's super easy to do, just go the the BBB site and they'll walk you through it. Kickstarter is located inn Brooklyn, NY you'll need to know that to search for them. We've gotta stick together on this. We will prevail.

    48. Oriane Wagen'Girl on May 12, 2017

      I'm currently filing a complaint via the FTC aswell btw !

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