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Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and GPS.
Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and location tracking.
Meet the world’s most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in scale, and location tracking.
3,566 backers pledged $1,395,370 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Cauê Cardoso 2 days ago

      I need you to answer the e-mails
      I have an US address to receive the the bag

      clients that already paid must beg???

    2. Rob Cornelius 2 days ago

      Is there any way I can switch the checked piece to an additional carry on piece. Saves you money. Saves me time. I've had no problems with the carry on but know it won't last more than two years.

    3. JamesBingo 3 days ago

      I Cannot Believe The Scum At @KickStarter Are Still Allowing People To "Pre-Order" These Units...What Absolute Pigs. One Thing To Take Our Money 'Unknowingly' But To Allow People To Get Ripped Off Going Forward Is Downright Illegal, Immoral & Abhorrent.

    4. Robert Strong 5 days ago

      Hey Fellow Funders, 'Funded Today' is advertising Trunkster as a tremendous success on their facebook page. I just dropped a small honesty bomb in the comments. Feel free to take a look at their postings on March 16, March 14, and many more if you care to scroll back. Here is a link:

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      6 days ago

      @Henry Penaranda Upload the photo to somewhere like Flickr, then link to it from here.

    6. Henry Penaranda 6 days ago

      Have not received my check in luggage, used my carry on twice and it's already broken. Tried putting the pic here but it won't let me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on March 17

      Did anybody start a petition against Trunkster? Please send me the link?

    8. Missing avatar

      Rex van Minnen on March 16

      Want a refund. It's been 2yrs and 2months for God's sake!

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on March 15

      I tried contact via their sales web site, but no-one seems to be home. If they haven't gone bust already I suspect it won't be long with customer service like that.

      I wouldn't even bother asking for a refund - it's almost certainly been spent. I'll bet Mark Cuban isn't best pleased either (assuming that investment went ahead - they sometimes fail during post-show negotiations).

    10. Missing avatar

      karen hansen on March 14

      Never received the carry on or replies to my emails. I want a refund.

    11. JamesBingo on March 14

      Have PM, Have Emailed...

      Still No Reply About Copping A Carry On Instead If Checkin...Can You Sort This Out Please!

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Sobon on March 13

      Would like to swap my pledged Checked for a Carry On. Please advise.

    13. ames on March 11

      +1 on getting in on the legal action. can anyone from WA file one similar to the one that was filed against another project that didn't deliver? kickstarter didn't do anything when I reached out to them. how do we get an official reply from kickstarter itself? every time I see a cool project on kickstarter, I think about trunkster and decode not to back it.

    14. JamesBingo on March 9

      I GIVE UP



    15. Missing avatar

      Scott Briefer
      on March 9

      I too am waiting for the checked bag size. I have written a polite message. I'll see if they reply. I hope they will as Trunkster was my first kickstarter and I have been such an advocate for their product.

    16. Missing avatar

      David Horne on March 7

      Well that's all a disheartening read... I wish the founders and Kickstarter followed the 'Be respectful and considerate' tag that we're expected to. Maybe it will show one day, but I'm not holding my breath. Keep me posted if anyone hears anything

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on March 5

      Well, the app just got an update (iOS), so someone is still around. That may just be Lugloc though as they have to justify their yearly fee - interesting how that one has sneaked up on us all!

    18. JamesBingo on March 4

      I Understand You're A Two Man Band, But Failing To Keep People HONESTLY Updated Is Noones Failing But Your Own.

      Be Honest
      Be Sincere
      Be Prompt

      People Can Handle Bad News Given Time, But They'll Never Stomach Lies & Smoke.

      You're Clearly Out Of Cash & Need To Save Face, Just Fess Up! 2+ Years!

    19. Missing avatar

      Debra Haas on March 3

      I haven't received responses to any emails but worse - my emails aren't showing as "sent". Have had no contact with them since Aug.2016 but did have responses to emails until that time. I love my carry-on even though the door is becoming more skewed. I'm not sure legal options exist - do we even know where they are?

    20. Missing avatar

      Kellie Edwards on March 3

      Got carry on. Been waiting more than 2 years for my checked baggage. No reply to any emails. Giving kickstarter and Trunkster a very bad name. Want to know honestly what is going on.

    21. TKC on March 1

      Oh. Well I came here to check on the status of the check-ins, and it looks as if the news is dire.

      So they've screwed us, by the looks of it.

    22. Marylyn Tippeconnic on February 26

      I also purchased both bags and have yet to get my second one nor have I heard a word from them.

    23. Marylyn Tippeconnic on February 26

      Count me in on any legal action that occurs as well.

    24. Thomas on February 23

      Sneaky. They marked the backerkit as shipped when they knew they didnt ship the other bag.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on February 19

      Agreed with @Robert Perdue. My carry-on has been relegated to the garage. I just don't trust it to hold up to much abuse, or to open when I need it to open. I've now bought new checked bags which are likely to be significantly more functional for half the price. Expensive lesson learned (the design was too complex for its own good).

    26. Robert Perdue on February 19

      I don't even want the checked bag anymore and I hope I don't get it. I used the carry on twice and the retractable handles just take up too much room on the inside of the suitcase to be useful. I need to find a way to get rid of the carry on suitcase now since I never use it.

    27. Jeff Linder
      on February 17

      No luck with contact. I'm in the same boat waiting for the larger size.

      Lets face it, the odds are we won't see it, or it will be like the Coolest Cooler where additional cash was required (that said, it IS an awesome cooler when all is said and done).

      As far as legal or FTC action, unless the creators have personal assets, if the money is gone there is nothing to recover.

      At this point I consider it a sunk cost, and if it shows up great. It's not the first project (ok, one of the higher price point ones) where this has happened.

    28. Kara
      on February 14

      Has anyone had any luck with contact to the creators outside of this forum?

    29. Judie Stanford
      on February 12

      Any word on the status of the checked luggage? I received the carry-on bag, but I paid for both. Thank you.

    30. Oriane Wagen'Girl on February 10

      I have contacted Kickstarter already, I am afraid they won't do much for us. They've apparently sent a message to the founders asking for news, but it's been a week and last time I checked, no updates or private messages...

      I will try to open a case with the federal trade comission this weekend ; i don't know if I can from abroad, so if an american citizen wants to do it... ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on February 9

      Legal Action Agree +1, I'm up for it.

    32. Missing avatar

      chris on February 8

      Well look at that...

    33. Missing avatar

      chris on February 8

      Clearly the inventors of this have nothing but contempt for us backers. They don't even have the common courtesy of falling on their sword and putting us out of our misery or updating us and placating us for another month or 2. Kickstarted need to force them to make a statement or this will be the last item I back. I had fears that "the coolest" would wind up like this but to their credit they delivered in spades and a quality product at that.
      Trunkster, you'll never work in this town again if you don't communicate with the people you've asked to support you. Your names will forever be dirt and I, for one, will see you as nothing more than competent thieves and grossly incompetent business students.

    34. Missing avatar

      Sicko on February 3

      still waiting for my checked baggage

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Gray
      on February 3

      I've seen legal action threatened on several projects I've backed. In all cases, nothing ever came of it. If someone wants to take legal action badly enough, just do it!

    36. Oriane Wagen'Girl on February 3

      If anyone here is living in Washington state, a legal action has already been launched there against the creator of a Kickstarter project who did not deliver the rewards to his backers... we could follow this example...or we could also contact the Federal Trade Comission, they've also forced creators of failed projects to refund their backers.

    37. Oriane Wagen'Girl on January 31

      Legal action, anyone...?

    38. simon tan
      on January 27

      Any update on the checked bag?

    39. Missing avatar

      Michael Wandzek on January 26

      I'm still waiting to receive my checked luggage. I've had to purchase 3 suitcases in the 2 years and 3 months I've been waiting. At this point, I have little hope that I will get my Checked luggage, and with the crap quality of the carry on I'll be surprised if the checked luggage holds up to any abuse. Not holding my breath, these two knuckleheads have completely gone "ghost" on the backers! SMH

    40. Donna on January 26

      Still waiting on my checked luggage!! It's been so long...we need an update! Do t just disappear on us!! Kickstarter...some input??

    41. JamesBingo on January 24

      No Swag
      No Trunsker

      & Courtesy Of All Their Time In China, No Money Left.

      Can These Two Muppets Just Wrap This Up & Be Honest, Not Cowards Hoping It All Goes Away!

    42. Vitoon Tatiyamaneekul on January 24

      Still waiting to receive any of the following
      QTY ITEM
      1 Trunkster Carry-on
      1 Trunkster Checked
      2 Travel Swag

      None has arrived yet!!! please look into it

    43. Missing avatar

      Vincent Van Den Dungen on January 22

      Kickstarter organization, where are you to give some comments on this issue ??

    44. Oriane Wagen'Girl on January 20

      They just opened a FB page, please add your 2 cents about what you think of this woooonderful brand....

    45. Missing avatar

      Jimmy on January 16

      This is my second time to get scammed by campaigner here at Kickstarter. Lesson learn, don't trust this type of site. Wait for the project to finish, listen to comments, then buy. Am willing to pay premium rather than be shortchanged by scammers here. If Kickstarter will not change their business model to protect backer, soon they will be out of business. I suggest backers money be put on escrow (fee charged to campaigner) instead of going straight to the campaigners pocket. In case of non-delivery, at least backers can still get some money back.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alonso Huen on January 12

      I was send twice email to Trunkster but no ones respond me! where is my stuffs?

    47. Missing avatar

      Blake Chang on January 10

      where's my luggage? dam it!

    48. Missing avatar

      Elodie ottow on January 8

      Still waiting for my check in luggage as well. I wish we would at least get an update from them. Two years is ridiculous but at this point I just want the suitcase so I never have to hear of trunkster ever again.

    49. JamesBingo on January 8

      Huge Shock There Raj!

      They Had No Brains & No Have No Money!

      Why Not Be Honest & Offer 20-30c In The $ Rather Than Supplying A Shitty Checkin Product That Doesnt Help Either Party!

    50. Missing avatar

      Raj on December 27

      Hi Kickstarter community --

      I e-mailed Trunkster asking for a refund for my checked Trunkster. It has been 2 years and 3 months since I backed them. I travel a lot for work and my current suitcase is breaking apart. I had fully expected my $450 backing to have arrived by now -- but 2 years?! seriously?

      This was their response:

      Dec 23 2016

      Hi Raj

      We're very sorry to keep you waiting as we continue to try to resolve these issues with the checked case. Unfortunately we don't have the financing to issue refunds for these cases. We really appreciate your patience as we work tirelessly to deliver, we're hoping in the early spring. Thank you.

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