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Behold! An all new, unique rendition of the iconic blue android himself...X, from Mega Man X!
Behold! An all new, unique rendition of the iconic blue android himself...X, from Mega Man X!
1,959 backers pledged $290,656 to help bring this project to life.

Kickstarter Exclusive- Test-Color X Photos!

Posted by TruForce Collectibles (Creator)

As we teased last week, we've received samples of the Kickstarter exclusive Test-Color X, and he looks great!

 And as a bit of a surprise, the Kickstarter exclusive will be coming with special blue effect parts! 

 And of course, our upper-tier backers will still be receiving special red effects as promised.

 As a general reminder, we can't adjust tiers or variant selection now that the campaign is closed. This version is a Kickstarter exclusive and won't be offered outside the campaign.

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    1. Anh-Vu Do on

      I'm excited! Cant wait to have him in my hands!

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Thank you Truforce for supporting your backers and offering both sets of effects parts to your highest tier donators. I can't wait to back your next project.

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      This is looking amazing so far! Thank you so much TruForce Collectibles for all of your hard work!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      The lack of a response from Truforce is a tad disconcerting...

      Please make the right decision and stand by your highest tier backers!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Doug Moushey on

      @TruForce Collectibles I just did the math on the new color option and you're mistaken. Per the campaign page, there are 216 people who bought the kickstarter variant by itself (160 domestic + 56 international), 267 people who bought both figures, and 60 people who got the whole package w/o the extra color option. That's 543 people getting the blue variant.
      But, if you add up the people who bought the top tier, that's 552 people total.
      This means that the newly introduced variant is actually rarer than the premium Red color. Do you have a response to this? Why are the people who paid extra being given the more common option, particularly given the general vein of comments suggesting that they prefer blue?

    6. Daniel Avalos on

      I really want the blue blast effect as well as the red. I mean that's his original charge blast. I think top tier should get both the red and blue effects.

    7. Laurence on

      Please reconsider the blue spare part for high tier and also the color of KS, more darker tone.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris chang on

      The 230/250 tier should definitely receive both red and blue effects variant colors. This new surprise of providing the other tier backers the blue completely snubs the select few who cared enough to choose a special color other than standard yellow. I am one of those backers but I still would have pledged the full amount because this project simply needed to be funded. The figure and the variant are awesome. I hope TruForce will reconsider.

    9. Sean Merrell on

      The almost khaki color with the white makes it seem like a Mega Man X variant by Abercrombie & Fitch.

    10. Rui Yan on

      Please seriously considering include the blue blaster effect variant in the top tier. I hate to say it but the blue effect parts looks way better than the red ones, and since many(if not all) top tier backers are regretting not go for the lower tier, you are pretty much taking advantage to the very people that support you the MOST. Not to mention adding something to a lower tier AFTER the campaign that is BETTER than what the top tier gets is an unethical actions which will damage your reputation and driven us hardcore backers away from you. PLEASE do include it in the top tier, as it is suppose to have everything the lower tier gets.

    11. Missing avatar

      Crypt on

      I have to admit I'm pretty disappointed with how this one came out. The normal version of X actually came out looking way better than the original colors, but this one came out worse. I paid for a dark gun metal color X, not a desert sand color X. It needs to be darker.

    12. Missing avatar


      Since quite a few backers are regretting not pledging for the variant, maybe you could consider letting all backers add on the variant with the blue parts?
      Heck, some might want to add on the regular too.
      Using would make it easier for you to do this.
      The trade off would probably be you guys having to take longer to complete fulfillment, but I personally wouldn't mind.

    13. Melchor Toledo Jr on

      As many said, I agree with the gun metal and radioactive orange or whichever bright orange was used before. The gun metal gave it that prototype feel, and the bright orange really stood out.

    14. Rui Yan on

      Hi TruForce Collectibles! Let's clarify: for a backer like me who donated 250$, we are getting two models: blue x and grey x. And we will get only two effect parts: yellow and red. Please tell me that there is a way to change my red effect parts to blue because it CLEARLY looks way more awesome... I saved one entire month of my grocery bill on this, and please don't tell me that if I plagued less I would have gotten the MORE stylish blue blaster effect parts... I would SUCK HARD if that is the case...On kick starter, you never listed that the 200$ tier is getting a color variant blaster effect parts, which is the only reason of why I went up to the "no lunch for a month" tier. As a backer who loves X I feel been tricked and disappointed if that is the case. I believe all the highest tier backers would agree that not getting the blue effects part(which you never announced the lower tiers will be getting) is a very irresponsible actions. Thus please let us know if that is the case. And yes, we will complain if we TOP TIER backers get the shorter end of the deal.

    15. Toysilog on

      so as for effect parts, if he had the highest tier we get the yellow/orange for blue X and red for grey X, but each of those versions get the blue effect parts?

    16. Missing avatar

      Tam on

      i'm quite disappointed that the grey isn't as dark as the one showed in the original pictures but it still looks good! i do hope all these comments about it will sway your mind towards a darker X variant.

    17. Cavenyx on

      I also agree with Rhylis and other people that the grey should be a more darker ''gun metal'' color like the original pictures. Darker colors on every parts actually. Even the orange isn't as great as the awesome looking ''kryptonite orange'' from the original pictures. #sadpanda

    18. Alexx on

      AH MAN, I love it! So glad I went for that as well. I especially like the basic clear gem in the forehead - looks like an "off" mode, or something. One way or another, I like 'em.

    19. Missing avatar

      ErickDRedd on

      Had I known there would be yet another variant effect color for the KS Exclusive, I probably would have opted for the blue instead of the red... but such is life. I do hope that the blue effect parts are at least made available separately since they weren't tied to a campaign exclusive during the funding process, since I feel that the blue just looks a LOT cooler. Though I'd prefer it came with my top-tier exclusive along with the red... even if I doubt I'll ever break the seal on that figure...

    20. Missing avatar

      apathetic on

      Really wish I didn't go for the highest tier now, especially since I didn't care about the shirt and print and only did it for the different color effect parts. Hindsight I guess.

      At least the figure looks great. Sure the darker grey looks better then the light brown (that could still just be the lighting), but it defiantly looks better as a prototype without the decals.

      One question though. Will the blue effect parts be kickstarter exclusive as well? It doesn't really matter to me since I just wanted a different effect set to go with my kickstarter color variant, but it would still be something I'm sure other people would want to know.

    21. Sean Merrell on

      I'm also not a huge fan of the new, lighter grey-brown, and was under the impression that the yellow parts would appear iridescent orange. The gunmetal color and the iridescent orange/yellow looked the best. It looks bad-ass as it it is, but the original mock-up art looks better, and is why I pledged; the iridescent parts were especially appealing.

      Though I like the red effects parts just fine, I think backers at the highest tier (like myself) should be able to choose red or blue effects if they desire (thus making the red ones even more rare), or -- for being those which supported the project the most -- high-tier backers should just receive both red and blue effects parts.

    22. Nick on

      Back when I pledged the highest amount to get the red effect parts, this Kickstarter exclusive figure was said to only have the yellow parts the standard figure came with. Had I known that it was a choice between red or blue effect parts I wouldn't have pledged the extra money. Is there any way those of us who pledged the highest tier could be given some kind of option to get the blue parts instead?

    23. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Hang on those who pledged the most are not getting the blue parts?

      And those who get the base figure are getting the yellow?

      Methinks the blue parts will indeed be the most exclusive and hard to find ones, and also the best looking. Ebay $$$

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      I like the blue parts better than the red.

    25. Missing avatar


      Couldn't you make it possible to let those who backed at the $230 level buy the blue effect parts as well?

    26. Fruits on

      Wow! seeing most wants it darker, it's actually what put me off. Now it looks much better imo, if this was the one shown earlier I might've pledged for a higher tier.
      @True Force Collectibles, There is no way around it now, right? .. just checking :[

    27. TruForce Collectibles Creator on


      You will be receiving two sets of effects:
      1. The standard yellow/orange effects with the normal X release.
      2. The exclusive red effects with the Kickstarter variant.

      The blue effects will come with those who pledged for the kickstarter variant that is below the $230 mark. Your red effects are the most exclusive ones you can possibly get.

      And the decals aren't stickers -- they are painted on so I'm afraid your request is not possible.

      Hope that helps clarify things!

    28. Enzo.Matrix on

      I am confused now. So I backed @ the $230 level. Does this mean I ONLY get red FX pack? I was reading it as I would actually be getting all 3 (yellow, red and blue)

      On the decals.. I am not as concerned. But maybe you can add them and we can put them on if we want to?

    29. Mauricio Blueranger Camarena on

      Will the upper tier backers receive both the red and blue parts, or just the red parts? I would love to get the blue ones along with my red ones and swap out the colors with the test variant and the regular edition figure.

    30. Michael Scesny on

      @Creator i hope this X gets his own game some day also i bet you guys could make a really cool protoman. i remember you had a thing in the survey what we would like to see next i said Zero at the time wish i said protoman lol

    31. Michael Scesny on

      thank you for your hard work! i cant wait to get mine the blue effect parts look perfect!

    32. Mary Anne W on

      Wow, I'm.. actually disappointed in seeing these photos. I too was hoping for the darker look of the art armor, and now hearing he won't have the tiny decals that sent me over the moon for the regular version? It breaks my heart that I now sorta wanna sell my variant and just get regular.

    33. David Scarlett on

      Looks good, but if the gray was a little darker like the original prototype, the decals would actually stick out more. I understand your "story logic," just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

    34. Missing avatar

      Eddie Cardenas on

      I'm actually saddened. i agree with rhylis. I was hoping it was a darker grey just like the one that was shown in the campaign. these colors are too light. :/

    35. Barry Hui on

      AAHHHHH i cant freakin wait to get my exclusives!

    36. TruForce Collectibles Creator on

      @Cross The variant will not have decals. It was actually something we spent a lot of time discussing the subject with the creative team at CAPCOM, and ultimately it was concluded that, since the Kickstarter exclusive variant was meant to be a "prototype" version of X, it didn't make sense for him to have decals. Additionally, as we discovered in earlier prototypes that did feature them, the decals didn't read very well against the grey, but the primary deciding factor was the "story logic" aspect.

    37. Rafael Cruz on

      Love it!!
      Looks great!

    38. Missing avatar

      rhylis on

      The KS variant looks good, but I think the gray armor should be a slightly darker shade than it is now to match the sample picture given in the initial campaign pitch. Also the white trim on the helmet should be a silver (also make the helmet gem red).

    39. Missing avatar

      Rudy Richter on

      looks great, can't wait until september!

    40. Mr. C on

      Excellent! Can't wait to get my filthy hands on this. Will the KS variant have the tiny decals like the regular edition?