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Behold! An all new, unique rendition of the iconic blue android himself...X, from Mega Man X!
Behold! An all new, unique rendition of the iconic blue android himself...X, from Mega Man X!
Behold! An all new, unique rendition of the iconic blue android himself...X, from Mega Man X!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Gerald Walker on

      This is my favorite and best figure I own. Now I want more. I've got a spot ready for a TruForce Zero the second they make one!

    2. Peter Ng on

      Just to anyone out there, I've been receiving all their packages in a timely manner so far.

    3. Juan Miguel Santos on

      I finally checked on this again just filled up the final survey hopefully I get my stuff soon

    4. donald on

      LOL TruForce write $10 on the package and the custom didn't believe that.
      Now they let me show them the purchase record to charge me tax and release the package for me.
      I think you could write $40 at least... $10 is too less. The custom is not a fool.

    5. Korakit Angkametarkorn on

      I saw that X-Boost Shipping but I haven't received mine yet.
      Can I have a tracking number?

    6. Missing avatar

      Shane C on

      I see that X-Boost Shipping but I haven't received mine yet. Can I have a tracking number?

    7. Barry Hui on


      scroll up, click "created by truforce collectables", then click "contact me"

      send them a message that way

    8. Missing avatar

      Cory Flanagan on

      Hello. Was wondering if I could get my tracking number? E-mail to plz, thank you.

    9. Toysilog on

      @berry- mine too!!!

    10. Barry Hui on

      i got my tracking number.

      fedex package arriving tomorrowwwwww!!

    11. Dustin Hamby on

      I'm curious to know if anyone has heard back from TruForce on a tracking number yet.

    12. Toysilog on

      Messaged a few times regarding tracking number. No responses yet.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jon Uildriks on

      Hello! I'd like a tracking number for my X-Boost! How do you message someone?

    14. Tien Manh Phan on

      To whom it may concern:

      I would like a tracking number for my X-Boost order as well, thanks!

    15. Sean Skinner on

      My address changed since I ordered the x boost. Can I change it before you send mine out?

    16. Randy Romero on

      @truforce hey any updates? Its been over the two weeks, give us something on those tracking numbers?

    17. Missing avatar


      What time X-Boost for is shipping! !
      TruForce Do you not see properly the inquiry?
      Please work

    18. Randy Romero on

      So whats the deal? We gonna get that figure soon or is there another "delay" with you guys?

    19. Toysilog on

      Any tracking for the variants??

    20. Missing avatar

      Robin Clutts on

      Is there a way I can get tracking on my packages for the X-Boost variant?

    21. Robert Petersen

      Please Zero next! Or perhaps Sigma. Something so we can show either battle action or a cool Hero pose.

    22. Jeff Lusk on

      So my spam filter for some reason decided to move all the uodates from KS in the junk email folder. After I found this out I see I missed out on the boost x any chance of getting a re-run or something in the future?

    23. Randy Romero on

      Hello! I'm having an emergency! I had accidentally used the Kickstarterbackers2 coupon once but I didn't have enough money to purchase it then and today I do but it's not letting me use the code!! Please help! Name is Randy Romero

    24. Missing avatar

      Mike K on

      I'm trying to order the X-boost, but after I plug in all of my information, I get this message: Sorry, it seems the coupon __________ (I'm blanking out the promo code just in case) is not yours - it has now been removed from your order.

      I purchased the Original, prototype version, and X-Kai, so I am definitely a backer. Am I missing something?

    25. Victor Figueroa on

      I recently moved to a new address and I'm having a hard time getting the X-Boost figure sent to my new address. It keeps telling me "The provided address does not match the billing address for cardholder. Please verify the address and try again." I updated all my information for my card. How do I fix this?

    26. Five Element Ninja on

      Is there a way to have X-Boost shipped to an address other than your billing address? There wasn't an option at checkout.

    27. Missing avatar

      Automag81 on

      Last day is the 27th of August to order correct?

    28. Missing avatar

      Abdiel Melendez on

      Its Been A Year And Still Nothing, Can Someone Help, Need Tracking Number Or Something That Helps

    29. Toysilog on

      Sound like it's going to be first come first serve for us backers. Hoping there's no markup!

    30. Missing avatar

      christian tagulao on

      From FB:

      Hi Kickstarter backers - now that SDCC has concluded, we will be offering the exclusive to you online in the same fashion we offered X-Kai last year. We're just doing some last minute updates for the shipping portion of the site.

      The site will be collecting your pre-orders and will require payment upfront. Once we receive our remaining quantity of the exclusive in our warehouse, we will immediately begin shipping them to you.

      So stayed tuned for the official link to purchase here very soon!

    31. Ibnu Salim on

      i thought backers would get a chance to buy the white X

    32. Trevor Nickell on

      @ Nasser al Abedin

      Yeah, for $149.99!

      Wtf? We better get a link for a $79.99 as backers, otherwise I'll pass...

    33. Missing avatar

      Nasser al Abedin on

      Guys. It's out fore sale. They are selling it in normal stores. I just saw it in bigbadtoysyor. I don't get it.

    34. Missing avatar

      christian tagulao on

      any info for White X?

    35. Toysilog on

      Any word on the white X link?

    36. Toysilog on

      SDCC is a week away! hope to get the link for the White ver. soon!

    37. Clark D. on

      So will you send us a link, or email, on the New White X variant?

    38. Missing avatar

      Robin Clutts on

      Certainly didn't expect another variant of X to come out, thanks TruForce for keeping the backers in your minds and giving us a chance to get this awesome recolor as well

    39. Melchor Toledo Jr on

      I hope we get some time of email or something equivalent to notify us of our chance to get the new variant of X. Thanks TruForce for the chance.

    40. Missing avatar

      Brad Carpenter on

      You have not abandoned us. Godspeed.

    41. Toysilog on

      Seen the pictures of the white X and backers are getting first dibs at msrp. Thanks truforce for taking care of us!

    42. Missing avatar

      Abdiel Melendez on

      Still Haven't Got Mine, Can I Get The Tracking Number?

    43. Missing avatar

      Ali Al Khulaifi on

      I got Nothing � "Estimated Delivery September 2015" and Got Nothing � is it because an International Backer? If that is the Case! Then this is Discrimination!!! ���

    44. Marcelo Zardo on

      Estimated delivery: Sep 2015.

      I have nothing yet.

    45. Missing avatar

      Justin Thomason on

      My status has an estimated delivery time of September 2015, I've repeatedly tried inquiring in multiple ways and I'm afraid all that may be left is to file a dispute.

    46. Missing avatar

      ricardo de oliveira on

      Hello, can you please answer to my message about the shipping?

    47. Missing avatar

      ernest on

      Malaysia no tracking number yet

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