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A web series hosted by a Registered Dietitian focused on vegan athletes. We show the world you can be fit/healthy eating plant-based!
A web series hosted by a Registered Dietitian focused on vegan athletes. We show the world you can be fit/healthy eating plant-based!
177 backers pledged $11,000 to help bring this project to life.

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Last Fall on the No Meat Athlete book tour a young woman opined, 'We now have this book and Eat and Run to learn about eating vegan and being physically active. But what did you do before these came out?'

And that hit me.

I have been vegan for 18 years (as of this Sunday!) and her comment was a reminder that we are still only 1-2% of the US population. This concept- eliminating most or all animal products- is completely new or unheard of to millions of people. We have come a long way, but most of the work is ahead of us. There is a lot to be done! Fortunately there are innumerable campaigns, tactics and approaches to expand veganism in healthy, positive ways.

We focus on athletes because they are often held as the gold standard for diet adequacy. One of our first taglines was, 'If it can work for those with the most demanding nutritional needs, it can work for you.' Athletes, from recreational to professional, are a driving force in changing how we eat.

We use film because it is a fun, easy to consume medium. Sure, you could read a book or a blog post, but who doesn't want to see Ed Bauer do squats with me on his back? [episode coming soon!] And those beautiful shots of Death Valley from the Badwater 135 go a long way.

Sasha and I are professionals and have worked hard to get where we are. Both of us could have 'normal' jobs, but we've chosen to trade a regular income for changing the world. There's a lot of false information out there about veganism- it's my life goal to get reasoned, accurate vegan nutrition info to the world. That's what these videos do. And with your help we can keep making them.   

So thank YOU for your donation. Over 100 of you have put us at 82% funded! I can't tell you how much this means to me.

But we can't stop now. Reaching 100% will help us complete our series on the Plantbuilt Team that includes getting us to Austin for the Naturally Fit Games. There's so much more we can do! Have you heard of Rob Bigwood, the professional arm wrestler seen in Game of Arms who's an ethical vegan? He's down to do an episode. Or my friend Catra, who recently ran her 106th 100-mile run. We have over two dozen other athletes to feature. We are ready.

Please continue to share our campaign on social media, in forums and with your favorite people and websites. Have you mentioned it to your running/cycling club or local vegan group? Sometimes all you have to do is ask!                  

The above graphics are for the stickers and below is the proof for the water bottle, all designed by bummerart. So stoked!  

Thank you all. I hope the next update will be to tell you we are 100% funded!!

 The buttons have arrived!

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