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A documentary web series with a vegan Registered Dietitian who spends the day with vegan athletes showing how they eat and train.
A documentary web series with a vegan Registered Dietitian who spends the day with vegan athletes showing how they eat and train.
85 backers pledged $3,880 to help bring this project to life.

We are now Strongest Hearts and have a new campaign up!

Hello, backers of the Day in the Life of Vegan Athletes project. It has been awhile, eh? Many of you have stayed abreast of our doings and know that the project is going strong (!) at Thank you for your ongoing support of our project.

With the new name, new site and broader focus, we have launched another fundraising campaign.

This time we have all sorts of soft goods including shirts, hoodies, cycling socks, water bottles and signed books. We are very close to meeting our stretch goal and we'd love your support! But we only have 6 days left and I won't be sending another reminder through this channel. 

You can connect with our new campaign here:

And Strongest Hearts here:


IG @strongesthearts

Thank you and we hope to see you out on a bike ride, run or hike some day soon.

Matt and Sasha


Our first Kickstarter-funded Episode has arrived!


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Last update via Kickstarter

Hello Backers!

This will be my last update through Kickstarter so please follow my website, for all Day in the Life updates! I've created a specific page, in addition to the category page where all episodes will be posted.

We just returned from a 9-day trip to Colorado, which I wrote about here, where we filmed with a number of extraordinary vegan athletes. We could not have done it with out you! 

For those of you who received awards for your donation, I hope you enjoy them. It was a pleasure to make the poster design and have the shirts printed.

Keep your eye out for our next episodes and have a happy new year!

Matt and Sasha

First Kickstarter-funded episode filmed and rewards coming soon!

Hey backers! It's Friday night and I'm still recovering from this past weekend where I was at the Javalina Jundred 100-mile running race with Sasha filming our first Kickstarter-funded episode. Thank you! I am so stoked from the experience, there aren't enough exclamation points to convey it (though I'll try four) !!!! While we were out there we hung out with two other vegan finishers and found out that the race director is vegan. How cool is that?

Also, my good friend TomP, who may be most famous for his band Slingshot Dakota, is busy printing the rewards through Bird Apartment Printing (see photo). THEY LOOK SO DOPE. I hope to mail them out next week, if the holiday doesn't interfere.

So keep an eye out for a package from us and for the new episode to be posted to True Love Health.

Ciao for now!

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Progress on rewards and next episode

Hello backers! Quick update today. If you donated and are receiving an award you should have received a message from Kickstarter asking for your address and t-shirt size, if applicable. Please get that info to us so your super-duper awesome package isn't delayed. Still scheduled for a mid-November mailing!

Twenty-nine of you unselfishly chose not to receive an award. Thank you. Though we'd still love to send the over $20 donors one of the prints as a thank-you. Please send me your address if you would like to receive one.

Next month Sasha and I will be heading to the Javalina Jundred, a 100-mile running race, with a rookie vegan entrant. It's his first 100-mile race. He's got a great story. He's a motivated vegan. He's nervous. And we'll be there to film it all. Thank you for making this possible. 

We've also gotten some media coverage this week. One of my favorite sites, No Meat Athlete, asked me to write What Every Vegetarian Needs to Know About Iron and Zoe from Sexy Tofu interviewed me for the Pop Vegan site I Eat Grass. Check out those great sites if you get a chance.

Thank you and remember to respond to the survey!

Matt and Sasha