$67.00 pledged of $55,000 goal
By True Competitors
$67.00 pledged of $55,000 goal


We are raising funds to pay for the development of the True Competitors Mobile App. We have completed the wireframes and have a development company ready to begin work on the app.

Our app will make it possible for children in hospitals to communicate directly with their favorite professional athletes and teams. The app will function similarly to other messaging apps, complete with profiles as well as photo and video capabilities. 

Here are the steps to how this app will help us achieve our mission:

  • Children will have the opportunity to connect with their favorite teams and athletes using the True Competitors mobile app
  • The True Competitors app will allow children to communicate with their favorite athletes to establish supportive and meaningful relationships for the children, families and athletes.
  • Through the True Competitors app, children will be given a chance to meet and develop friendships with their athletic heroes.

The story of True Competitors dates back to 2014 after a personal experience our founder Casey Coleman went through. At the time Casey was a pitcher in the Kansas City Royals organization and one of his teammate's son's was diagnosed with cancer.


Casey and other team members used their phones to send encouraging videos, photos and messages to the child fighting cancer in order to bring him joy and support. It had a profound impact on Casey and he has since set out to make that same time of support possible for children across the country. 

Because we are a registered 501(c)(3) charity, all contributions $1 or more are fully tax-deductible. 

Risks and challenges

Our app will not be marketed to the public and is not being made for monetary reasons. Because of that, our app is fairly low-risk and challenges that may arise will be related to the development of the app itself.

Outside of development, one of the main challenges to our app is the security of the user's information. We have had discussions with our app development company and we are confident that with our funding goal we can meet additional security requirements for our app.

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