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The Ultimate Slim Wallet just got a little better. Designed & Made in England. Reverse the Rules.
The Ultimate Slim Wallet just got a little better. Designed & Made in England. Reverse the Rules.
The Ultimate Slim Wallet just got a little better. Designed & Made in England. Reverse the Rules.
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    1. cihuy039 on

      After couples months, the minor was the pull tab damaged the bottom of my card. But I love the minimalist looks. Looks so sexy :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian Symmons on

      Hi folks, any news on the outstanding wallets. I love my original trove but would like to have the latest version.

    3. rodric weiland on

      Awesome. A wallet that is already great has been made even better than before. Well done guys!

      Now, is it at all possible to convince you to add yet another "quick pull" tab onto the wallet. This time on the pocket that has the larger bulk of cards. And to 'stiffen" the wallet slightly as the leather on mine is bending over the edge of the cards ever so slightly.

      Then it would be perfect! But well done. I love it :)

    4. Anoop Achuta on

      Hey guys,
      My wallet was shipped but I never received it - checked with my local shipper here in the US ( USPS ) and it appears the package has been lost - not sure what to do here


    5. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Curt apologies about that, it seems we missed the comment, will sort it out for you today.

    6. Missing avatar

      Curt Smith on

      Any chance of an update on my missing wallet? (See comment from 19th December) I’ve emailed as well but had no response and starting to get a little frustrated at the lack of communication. I’m also about to move house and need to make sure it goes to the right place!

    7. Nood Mahmoud Darwiche

      1 of my 3 favorite wallets.
      Quality, ease of use, design, size. All perfect.
      Will it stand the test of time and abuse I usually put these wallets through, I hope so, but so far looking good.

      So far I've got cash, 2 bank cards, insurance, drivers license, and a card sized multitool, and it still looks sleek. (Total of 5 cards)
      Thanks for the amazing design and compartments.

      Will surely back the next trove if there is ever the need for a redesign, or I'll just buy another one with a different colors.

    8. rodric weiland on

      I really like my new Trove wallets ...

      Thank you so much!

      But i would like them even more if the pull tag was in the main compartment or if there was a matching pull tag on the other side of the existing one (which is "upside down" when the wallet is held with Trove logo right way up) so that there were 2 pull tag compartments.

      Any chance of a Trove 3.0?

      Or did you guys try that already and it didn't work?

      Anyway, thanks for another awesome product. Well done!

    9. cihuy039 on

      Received my trove last Tuesday. Love it because the profile is very slim. I think need pull strap in main compartment for easy access. Because it’s very difficult to pull out the card if both compartments was all ready filled with cards.

      The materials is very good. The finishing also very nice.

      Almost perfect.


    10. Rune Gonon on

      Problem solved. Tracking working again - I see they have arrived in Copenhagen. Looking forward to recieving them in the new year :)

    11. Rune Gonon on

      I still haven't recieved my troves. It was sent on 13th of December. It was sent to Poland GLS?, but no tracking information since it left Heathrow International.
      Can you please help me.
      Kind regards

    12. Missing avatar

      Harish Bysani Kodanda on

      Got my burgundy trove, need to say am highly impressed with the wallet, but it works well with around 5 6 cards, if I try to dump more than that it seems to be bit tricky to remove the stuff. Over all it serves my purpose, thank you very much creators.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ulrich on

      Sorry, but I don't think that thing is very good. Cards all fall out very easily. I find the Nomatic part Basics (portrait) better solved. But I like to finance with.

    14. MIB on

      It’s funny, because a few minutes ago, I got a shipping notification :). Better late than never, even though I received it today. Back to the future is alive:)

    15. MIB on

      No surprise with my Trove v2.0. Great quality and the quick tab works really well. Maybe have a quick tab on the other side in a future version? Thanks!

    16. Missing avatar

      Shteven Miller on

      Just got mine yesterday in CT, USA.

      I think it's awesome and I'm very happy with it. My one minor gripe is that it takes a little bit of effort to get anything out of non-"quick draw" section if you have more than a couple cards in there. I'm thinking maybe the wallet will get a little worn/less stiff over time, so that may improve. Either way, definitely a huge upgrade over my prior wallet!

    17. Missing avatar

      Glenn Wigmore

      Received mine the other day in Victoria, BC, Canada. Happy after a couple days of use. A few scuffs on the leather out of the packing envelope, but no biggie. I'm liking the design. Seems very durable, and the pull tab works really well. Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      Curt Smith on

      Hi, sorry just not sure where else to ask this. Two of my wallets arrived (they’re excellent thank you!) but I’m missing my grey one. Just checking was this sent separately or is it missing? Many thanks!

    19. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Abdulrahman your rewards have been dispatched.

    20. Missing avatar

      Abdulrahman Al Mogren on

      Did my wallet dispatched ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Stephen Waddington on

      They arrived today. Thanks :)

    22. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Chong its on its way to you

    23. Missing avatar

      Chong Wei Jie on

      Hello Trove, sorry for asking over here but it seems that this is the only place that I'll get updates. What's the status of my order?

    24. Missing avatar

      Ahmed AL-Rubkhi on

      very many thanx for the quick response

    25. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Ahmed it was delivered this morning at 08:31am

    26. Missing avatar

      Ahmed AL-Rubkhi on

      waiting my full collection
      can you provide the tracking number

    27. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Stephen yes, they should get to you this week.

    28. Missing avatar

      Stephen Waddington on

      I'm backer 279 and my blue and orange wallets haven't arrived yet. Will I get them before Christmas?

    29. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Chris they are on their way to you

    30. Chris Green on

      @trove Only three of the five wallets I ordered turned up today. Please advise ASAP when the two burgundy wallets that were missing from the order will be sent.

    31. nick.does.bags

      Received my navy and orange in the post today very nicely made thanks Trove love them!

    32. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Wayne yours was sent yesterday, should be with you tomorrow or Monday.

    33. Wayne Gardiner on

      I'm backer number 751 so does that mean mine was shipped today?

    34. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Stephen, the Swift compartment is meant for 1 or 2 regular or most often used cards, its not meant to be the main compartment for all of your cards. The Swift compartment gives you quick access to the cards you use the most, the middle compartment can be where you store cards that aren't used as much.

    35. Missing avatar

      Stephen Phillips on

      Got mine yesterday. Loved the original but am I just not understanding the updated version. The video was very obscure and unless there is something wrong with mine, you now have to load your cards at the bottom not top? This means that the cards are upside down in a side compartment and not the large, main compartment. It seems all wrong? I assumed a pull tab would be in the top, main compartment making it easier to use and now I have to turn it upside down leaving an empty main part? Do not like this update at all and really don't want to use it.

    36. TROVE 2-time creator on

      All rewards have been sent out, the last few (late survey respondents) were sent today. @Chris your rewards were delivered today. @Alexandre your reward arrived in France yesterday and should be out for delivery shortly. Thank you everyone for your patience with us.

    37. Mark Cockshoot on

      Arrived yesterday in Edinburgh

    38. Daniel Woolstencroft on

      Backer 313. Two wallets arrived this morning in Leicester, UK.

    39. Chris Green on

      Likewise, still haven’t received anything. Also disappointed that the Trove team has ignored repeated requests for a detailed update and timeline for shipments.

      As 80% of the wallets I ordered are presents, it would be nice to know what will and won’t arrive in time for Christmas. The vague updates received so far are not helpful. Please provide the detailed update we’ve asked for.

    40. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Popescu on

      Order n°4, still not received mine :(. Can you tell us in which "color order" you are shipping?

    41. Missing avatar

      Andy Taylor on

      Received my black Trove 2.0 today. Apart from a small crease/scuff about an inch long to the leather on the reverse side to the logo, I'm very happy with the wallet. The pull tab works very well and I can easily fit a couple of cards in that side, plus three more in the main card pocket and some folded cash in the other side.

      Having handled and returned an original Trove because it was difficult to fish cash and cards out of it, agreed that this 2.0 version is a definite step-up. Now to test it in real world use!

    42. Chris Betts on

      I got my trove 2.0 today :D it looks amazing, and feels amazing! Very happy with it :) my factory edition trove was becoming very grimy so a huge improvement :)

    43. Chris Green on

      Hi - as per Chris Betts’ request five days ago, can you please provide more details of what colours have and haven’t shipped, along with ETAs for the delayed colours.


    44. Chris Betts on

      Can you let us know what colours have shipped? And when the other will be? Appreciate its a huge undertaking but an update with some approximate timescales would be appreciated :)

    45. TROVE 2-time creator on

      @Curt @Kit @Mai We have started shipping to backers this week, its a long list to work through so we are going colour by colour.

    46. Missing avatar

      Curt Smith on

      You said you were hoping to ship in November but there’s only a day left and we haven’t even had an update to let us know of a delay…any chance of letting us know what’s happening?

    47. Missing avatar

      Kit Chan on

      Any news update?

    48. Missing avatar

      Mai Nguyen on

      I hope we get the wallet before Christmas? Can you already tell us something about the shipping process?

    49. Stefan Zanev on

      I have tried to retrieve the email so I can choose my color combination but it never sends me an email. Help!

    50. ElectronicFur on

      Got the survey. And thanks for adding the monogramming option, that's great.

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