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Hand-sculpted, highly detailed gaming scenery designed to enrich your tabletop gaming experiences.
Hand-sculpted, highly detailed gaming scenery designed to enrich your tabletop gaming experiences.
1,086 backers pledged NZ$ 665,611 to help bring this project to life.

22 Stretch Goals Unlocked and the Final Stretch Goal Revealed!

Posted by Tabletop Troubadour Games (Creator)

Thanks to the incredible support Hagglethorn Hollow has received, we have been able to unlock 22 Stretch Goals! However, we still have a few hours to go, so we thought we had to attempt unlocking just one more.

Magnetic Connections Stretch Goal! This will allow us to have magnetic connectors embedded into every building component to aid with easier and more secure placement.

This Stretch Goal will not only apply to every tier but also to every building component (including Add-on buildings) in the Hagglethorn Hollow range. So regardless of your pledge level, your support is recognized and appreciated. 

Thank you all again! I'm sure we will be able to hit this final target in the last hours of what has been an incredible journey and the start of an even larger one.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicky on

      WOOOOWW! This is freakin amazing! I feel like I just won the D&D lottery, I may never return to irl again. Woo!

    2. Darcy Perry on

      That Stretch Goal Unlocked quickly! :)

      Time for a final, final SG?

    3. Jordan Moldovan on

      Final stretch goal!? How about a final stretch goal where you receive all stretch goals no matter your pledge level! Except for $1 pledges of course...

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles Kleaver on

      well that was fast already passed it xD

    5. Justin

      AWESOME! & thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Christopher Telford on

      That drawing now makes me kinda want an add-on to the tower; some sort of mechanical contraption topped off with giant magnet wreathed in crackling energy. Preferably with a maniacal looking wizard/overlord miniature. :)

    7. Travis on

      This is awesome!

    8. Taylor Hollis on

      This a perfect final SG! It will definitely get unlocked!