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Our project is a joint effort between Master Craftsman, and Musician. We have set out to create the finest hand crafted trombone ever!

Our project is a joint effort between Master Craftsman, and Musician. We have set out to create the finest hand crafted trombone ever! Read More
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About this project

Please stay tuned! We will add photos and video while this project is live! Thanks for checking out our project!!


Musical Instrument Master Craftsman, Michael T. Corrigan (of 'Best American Craftsmen' Custom Musical Instruments) and musician Elliot Mason (of Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis) have embarked on a quest to create the finest Jazz Trombone ever developed. Using the unique and creative perspective of one of the finest trombonists in the industry paired with the passion and dedication Corrigan has for handcrafting true pieces of art, this duo threatens to develop one of the finest musical instruments of all time. You have the opportunity to help us realize our vision and develop this dream.

We have created this Kickstarter project in an effort to obtain some very specialized and unique tooling to craft this new trombone. Because our concepts are so unique this specialized tooling would allow us to work with special materials that have previously never been utilized in the trombone world. It would allow us to push any boundaries previously established in the industry. 


Over the past decade Mike Corrigan has devoted his life to learning about and preserving a unique art form. Brass instrument manufacturing is quickly dying out in an age where production has primarily moved overseas for a majority of the industry. Corrigan shares a passion with his good friend and trombone phenom Elliot Mason. Together, their ideas are revolutionary. With a modern approach from both the perspective of artist and craftsman, the duo dreams of developing the finest trombone ever created -- in every aspect imaginable! With Kickstarter and your assistance, we can realize that dream and produce a monumental advance to the instrument that will be heard for generations.

Now is your opportunity to help preserve a dying craft and help put a superior piece of equipment in the hands of one of the world's most talented musicians. With a musician such as Mr. Mason, you'll have many opportunities over the years to hear the benefit of your pledge on the radio, on T.V., and on recordings that are sure to go down in history. 


When a musical instrument is created there is a certain amount of satisfaction the craftsman experiences when the first notes are sounded. This feeling certainly can not be measured. The bond a craftsman has for this instrument is closely paralleled by the musician whom it was made for. For a musician, possessing the right piece of equipment allows them to most accurately amplify the sound they possess inside. 

This project isn't simply about 'making a trombone.' It's about providing one of the finest trombones players in the world with the right tools to provide the magical sound he possesses. The concepts behind what we want are just not available today. Using Elliot's innovative approach to playing with Mr. Corrigan's vision for how he wants to approach the design of achieving that instrument, we know we can realize our dream.

With the funds from this Kickstarter Campaign, we will be able to pay for the tooling and materials needed to develop this new and unique custom trombone. Anyone who supports our mission will be able to share a portion of that bond formed between Corrigan and Mason and the trombone we create. 

If we realize our goal to develop this new instrument, we will document the project the whole way. From the nuts and bolts of creating the instrument, to the testing in the studio and on stage, you'll be able to follow us on our journey!

Any amount you are willing to donate will go a long way to make the project happen - even if it's just $5-$10! And by all means, we won't love you less if you give more. :)


To accomplish the instrument we have envisioned, we are in need of some very specialized equipment that must be custom made for our purpose. In addition we need tooling, materials, and to bring Elliot to Kansas during the final phases of completing the instrument to play test our final components.  

Tools needed include: 

Bell Seam Roller: One of our biggest necessities. This will allow us to work with alloys of any thickness. Typically brass instruments are crafted with alloys of (.016"-.025") This custom-built machine would allow us to work with materials on any thickness up to (.250")

Bell Stem Mandrel: We have a unique taper developed for this new trombone. This mandrel is essential for the production of our bell. 

Bell Flare Mandrel: Elliot's trombone has an extraordinary removable bell flare. This mandrel would allow us to create an amazing array of different bell flares that would be interchangeable.  

Full Bell Mandrel: This will allow us to also spin a fully crafted hand-hammered bell to the specific french tapers we've developed. 

Customized Machine Parts: Because of several non-traditional ideas we have, the need for producing certain aspects of the instrument on a CNC machine will greatly assist us arriving to the final product we have conceived. 

Upgraded Metal Spinning Lathe: Because we will be working with some incredibly thick materials when creating this instrument, we will need to upgrade the capacity of the machine we currently possess. 

Special Formulated Raw Materials: With the unique bell design we will be making the bell for this instrument, we want to experiment with some new alloys of materials that have not been utilized in the musical instrument industry. 


We have just over 30 days to raise the funds for this project. If we are able to meet our goal of $40,000 we'll be able to create our vision. We would plan the world debut of this instrument in conjunction with a performance in the Kansas City area some time in 2012, and will invite everyone who has contributed to join us for a celebration. If we don't meet this goal, you'll get the money you pledged back and we won't be able to realize our full vision.  


I want this project and the creative process behind it to be shared far and wide, so PLEASE help me spread the word! Embed this video or link on your Facebook page, your Twitter account, email it to family/friends/even your enemies...of course, word of mouth is always best and the more people you can share the project with the better chance we have of meeting our goal and sharing our vision with you!

Thanks so much for considering supporting us on our quest! We look forward to unveiling the newest advancement in the world of trombones!!

visit our website:

visit our Facebook page at:

Project location: Olathe, Kansas & New York, New York


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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    You will receive a personalized thank you letter from Mike Corrigan with B.A.C. Custom Instruments documenting the fact that you helped advance the evolution of the trombone!!

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    You will receive a letter as mentioned above from Mike Corrigan, but also a separate letter signed by Elliot Mason thanking you for your contribution toward the project. (International Backers please add $5 for shipping)

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Receive the letters as mentioned above. In addition you will receive a B.A.C. Custom logo on the front of a t-shirt with "I Kickstarted the Evolution of the Trombone!" (International Backers please add $8 for shipping)

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    10 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    You will receive the rewards previously mentioned. In addition you will receive a professionally photographed signed (by Mike Corrigan) image of the instrument when it is completed. (unframed) (International Backers please add $15 for shipping)

    Estimated delivery
    1 backer
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $175 or more About $175 USD

    You will receive the rewards previously mentioned and in addition a signed personalized 'Thank You' head shot of Elliot Mason with the instrument. This will be framed along with the signed picture of the instrument by itself. (International Backers please add $15 for shipping)

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    Pledge $300 or more About $300 USD

    Receive the above mentioned items along with a personal VIP invite to a performance in Kansas City with Elliot Mason performing on this new instrument.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Receive the above mentioned items along with an invite to a private performance in the New York City Area of Elliot Mason performing on the trombone.

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  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    All of the listed above items accompanied with a sit down complimentary dinner at a restaurant in Kansas City ~or~New York, NY with both Elliot Mason and Mike Corrigan prior to the live performance we will plan in each location. We'll make sure to treat you right! We will certainly keep dietary preferences in mind, but understand the likely hood of receiving a good steak or BB-Q dinner if you come to Kansas City! ;o)

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    Pledge $1,500 or more About $1,500 USD

    The above mentioned items, along with your own custom Elliot Mason Trombone 'Bell Flare'. This is the wide flared portion of the trombone that is spun from a disc of brass. This bell will be a portion of the final product and if you are not a musician that would actually utilize this component, it would make a wonderful decorative item and conversation piece. If you would prefer we will can customize this bell flare to turn into a clock, or decorative bowl for your home or office. It will be hand spun on the actual tooling used to make Elliot's horn! (International Backers please add $20 for shipping)

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    Pledge $2,500 or more About $2,500 USD

    You will receive all of the above mentioned items. A contribution of this amount however will also purchase your own (special commemorative) ''Elliot Mason Signature Series' Handslide. This handslide will come with your choice of a B.A.C. Custom, Bach, King, or Conn bell receiver adaptor, and a B2 Copper leadpipe. It is a (.508") Bore handslide with choice of slide lock and materials. (International Backers please add $20 for shipping)

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    Pledge $4,500 or more About $4,500 USD

    A contribution of this level will get you a personalized thank you with the framed and signed photos as indicated above. This also pre-orders your OWN (special commemorative) copy of the Elliot Mason Trombone!! With this you will receive two optional bell flares, customize the alloys we craft your instrument with (if you decide to slightly alter from what Elliot goes with) and you will receive a special serial number which will document your help Kickstarting 'The evolution of the trombone!' (International Backers will be asked to contribute additional for shipping ; shipping cost may vary)

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  12. Select this reward

    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    It would be quite difficult to articulate the gratitude for anyone that would consider contributing this amount. In addition to the reward previously detailed ($4500 level) we would arrange a private performance with the new trombone anywhere in the lower 48 US States. (For an additional amount, based on location, we might consider offering this outside the U.S.)

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