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Funny and positive game for iOS with the rage faces and zuma-like gameplay.

About the project.

Hi! You can call me Mr. Trollapone.

My hostages are doing a funny game - Trolloluma for iOS.

The game has three different worlds stylized like chats, forums and blogs with 20 levels in each world.

Let's see our heroes:

1. 8 different rage-faces - the main game shells. Connect three or more of them and they'll blow up.

2. My left hand - Mr. Loool. He shoots with rage faces. Tap any point on the screen and he'll direct the shell towards the point.

3. My right hand - Mr. Megusta. You can choose the time you want to use him as the shell. It blows up all the rage faces of the kind it gets between. Try not to put him between the faces of the same kind.

4. Yes. It's me! Mr. Trollapone. I'm a very rear guest on your game field. And it's the most exigeant task to blow me up!

Some game mechanics.

You can earn some money on each level. It's my currency and I call it loolz. The more combo-shoots you do - the more money you get. The more money you get - the more level loolz you get. Are you able to get three loolz on an each level?

What if I get more?

Are you serious!? Do you really believe I'll make them free?! Looool!

If I get 100% - you'll get iOS Trolloluma. 150% - + Android. 200% - + Windows Phone. 300% - HD version for the iPad and Android+WinPhone tablets. 400% - Facebook version. 550% - PRO version with the tournaments, ratings e t.c. for all the platforms. Even more!? Well, I have plenty ideas! My hostages will never get free. Ha-ha-ha.

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There're some risks and challenges:
1. Resource problems, I can solve by abduction of more executors. And I know where I can get them! May be, I'll waste some time but the project will be completed anyway.
2. Lower quality of the product than I expect? Never! May be my hostages should work longer than I suppose, but they'll do what I want!
3. Problems with publication at the AppStore? Less then 1%, cause I know their rules, but we can understand them in a different way. In any case, my hostages will adapt the game to any requirements.

So, the project will be finished anyway. We have only time risks. I'll hijack so many people as it's really necessary to finish the project!


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