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Aruneus. Zombies rise. Heroes Die.  A high fantasy zombie apocalypse RPG's video poster

Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder RPG system featuring a world that has suffered a zombie apocalypse. Read more

Boston, MA Games
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This project was successfully funded on August 23, 2010.

Aruneus is a source book for the Pathfinder RPG system featuring a world that has suffered a zombie apocalypse.

Boston, MA Games
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Zombies rise. Heroes die. You are what remains.

The world was a large place. The four races, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs coexisted with an uneasy peace, but at the least, they were able to share the land and survive. Empires were formed, lives created and destroyed, magic flourished and for a brief time, Humanity strove to master the globe. Then the undead scourge broke the world.

The World of Aruneus project is already well under way! With 6 digital publications available for Aruneus (11 total including other projects) at this time. Included in these are unique rules for Contagion Infected Human Zombies - a special breed of undead that are necessary for a world breaking apocalypse. Also, Orcs as a player character race - modeled on early medieval Huns, our Orcs are different. They have Style!

The goal is to raise enough money to create the Essential Aruneus - a hardcover source book and digital document that would contain the everything players and Game Masters would need to start a full campaign in the world of Aruneus.

This project is under full steam! I'm using Kickstarter as a way to pre-order the finished products (PDF or Hardcover) with a few extra goodies thrown in for those who've contributed early. For more information about Aruneus, see

This book would be approximately 100 pages in length and would contain the following publications. A * means the product is already published. Unpublished products are all currently in progress, being actively worked on and have artists assigned to them.

*The History of Aruneus - a time line.
Aruneus - life in a post-apocalypse world - featuring an Atlas style map, and detailed history.
*Contagion Infected Zombies. 3 different zombie types, a new feat, and a cure.
*Zombie Cards - for Contagion Infected Zombie management.
*Orcs! A new Player Character Race, Prestige class and more.
Two new full character classes, including the Quantamancer.
The Gods of Aruneus - detailing the six gods of the pantheon, new divine magic and more.
*Clerics and Wizards - the struggle between the ruling Clerics and outlawed magic.
*The Dwarven Empire - the rise and fall of the Dwarves.
The Elves - a history of the race of Elves and their struggle with the human undead.
Herbology - Magical herbs found throughout Aruneus
The Haunted Mine - The first adventure in the Aruneus world for 1st level characters.
New Enemies - A second adventure for 1st level characters.

Head over to DriveThruRPG for what's already been published:

The money raised from Kickstarter would go towards offsetting publication costs (and fulfilling pre-orders), paying artists, editors and Pathfinder subject experts and getting this book to various conventions over the next year where players like you can enjoy the heck out of it! The majority of this money would go towards paying people who have a strong desire to work in the gaming industry but do not have the experience or portfolio to break in. This could be their chance and I'd like to pay them for their work.

Want even more information? Please stop by the Aruneus Facebook group:

Also visit our forums at

Here are few of the six gods of the Aruneus pantheon, illustrated by the amazing Seth Kumpf.


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    For $10 you will receive the finished Aruneus source book in full color, PDF format when it becomes available. You will also, should you choose, have your name (or a favorite character name) listed in the credits as a Patron. No copyrighted names for characters please.

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    For $25 you will receive the full color PDF, be listed as a Patron, and receive the complete back catalog of all Pathfinder PDF's I've published as of September 10, 2010.

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    For $35 you will receive all of the above, plus a 1 year subscription to any future PDFs published, starting on September 10, 2010 and lasting until September 10, 2011

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    For $50 you will receive all of the above, plus the hard cover of the book when it is complete. In addition, you will be listed as a Founding Patron, should you wish, and you will receive an exclusive Aruneus T-shirt.

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    For $75 you will receive all of the above, with all available digital products pre-loaded on a 1GB flash drive. You will also become part of the Aruneus canon. I will include your name, or the name of your character in the Aruneus source book as a named NPC.

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    For $100 you will receive all of the above, be listed as a Friend of Aruneus, receive an original and a one of a kind magical item designed by me and provided in digital and print (on parchment) copy. You will enter the Aruneus canon as a named NPC who plays a pivotal role in the world, and will appear again in at least one future Aruneus document.

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    For $200 or more, you will receive all of the above, plus have your name (or character name) permanently embedded on the Troll in the Corner website, be featured as a Patron Par Excellence in the finished book. Your NPC will be featured with original artwork based on a description or photo provided by you. I will write you a personal letter of thanks, sign your hard copy, feature you in an article on Troll in the Corner (should you chose) and design a one of a kind short adventure featuring your NPC. Two, count 'em, two copies of the book, both signed and lastly, you will receive ANY future Aruneus PDFs free of charge.

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    The Uber-Patron is what we'll call you. You will be added to the Aruneus pantheon of gods. You will effectively become immortal in the Aruneus world. Customized artwork for you will be created with great reverence. You will receive this special document as one of a kind hard cover featuring your artwork on the cover. Your god will feature prominently in the Aruneus campaign, with a new domain and complete spell list dedicated to you, and will be available to mere mortals only by purchasing or pre-ordering the Essential Aruneus. You will also receive three, signed and dedicated copies of the hard cover, everything mentioned in the above rewards, and a custom T-shirt featuring your god. You'll be listed not in the patron section of the book, but in the credits as an Executive Producer.

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