Tristen C A V E S Album Release

by Tristen Gaspadarek

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    1. Clay Headden on

      Really excited to get this update!

    2. Bron Faison on

      Yippee! Listened yesterday and today and enjoying your work very much. "No One's Gonna Know" is a great lead/single. Some of my favorites so far are "Easy Out" "Catalyst" and "Forgiveness" but all are very good. I'm so proud to be a small part of your effort in releasing this CD. I very much hope you enjoyed the ride as well. I know you are going to have a great career...enjoy the journey.

    3. Bron Faison on

      Oh, and also "Monster" +1

    4. Bron Faison on

      OK, "Island Dream" and "Startling News" - I guess I pretty much like them all. ;)