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$3,959 pledged of $50,000 goal
By Triptych Games, LLC
$3,959 pledged of $50,000 goal

Recent updates

Special Thanks

We want to extend a sincere thanks to all of the folks who believed in us and pledged their hard-earned money! It looks like we didn't get the exposure we needed, but this has been a big learning process for us, and we've met a lot of terrific people along the way.

I will say that the game looks PHENOMENAL and is growing by leaps and bounds every week.  We've been iterating and iterating on the combat system, trying to get that perfect beat-'em-up feel.  It's not quite there yet, but it's ALMOST there.  We thought about posting a lot more videos and new shots as we made progress, but the reality is, we didn't want to show anything that wasn't ready.  This is our baby, and we want to make sure it's right.

Please continue to spread the word! We didn't meet our funding minimum, but Fuzzy will continue... albeit at a slower rate. When we launch onto Steam Greenlight, we will need all of the help and support we can get!

Thanks so much again, guys.

Stay Fuzzy,

-Team Triptych

Fuzzy Update #1: Linux, Mac, and Maps!

The Platforms

Hello folks, we have some great news for our non-Windows backers. On Friday, we got our first Linux build up and running! Mac and Linux are proven now instead of just plausible, and that's great news from the code team.

See the Saw, Love the Saw
Speaking of platforming, we've been having a lot of fun designing some new environmental hazards. The process moving from concept to levels has never been smoother for us, and some deadly new traps are coming to life. Check out the original concept for our saw mill (top), with the actual level (below). Those saws look dangerous for our little Fuzzy friends!

The Fuzzy world is turning into a hazardous one, fraught with fire pits, giant pendulums, and deadly sandwich press machinery. Dipping and dodging should only be part of the fun though - you'll be able smash and toss the Fugly enemies into most of the traps. We should have that working very soon.

Speaking of which...

We're seeing some big progress with our new combat system! But I don't want to talk too much about it yet. Stay tooned!

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