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I plan to create another contest consisting of 12 interconnected puzzles of various types, to be distributed as a PDF in July 2013. Read more

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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on January 16, 2013.

I plan to create another contest consisting of 12 interconnected puzzles of various types, to be distributed as a PDF in July 2013.

About this project

Hi!  It's Trip Payne of the website Triple Play Puzzles.  Last year, I made my first Kickstarter-funded puzzle extravaganza.  It was one of my favorite things I've done in puzzles so far, and I am eagerly looking forward to creating another one in 2013.

As before, it will consist of 12 puzzles plus a "metapuzzle" that requires the answers to those puzzles in order to be solved.  Solvers who submit a correct solution to the metapuzzle by the deadline (which will be one month after the contest begins) will be entered into a random drawing for the grand prize.  There will be one $100 grand prize for every 100 people who purchase the extravaganza.  So if there are between 300 and 399 buyers, for example, there will be three grand prizes of $100 each.

The puzzles will primarily be word puzzles of various sorts.  There will be no math puzzles, pure logic problems, music identification, computer programming, or sudoku.  The difficulty level will be similar to last year's extravaganza -- challenging, but not brain-busting.  All the puzzles will have explicit instructions; you will never wonder what you are supposed to do next.

When the contest begins, I will send out an email to all participants giving them a secret web address where they can download the extravaganza as a PDF.  PDFs of the bonus puzzles will be emailed directly to those who purchased them.  Answers to all the puzzles, and the announcement of the winners, will be emailed the day after the contest ends.

I hope this sounds fun to you!  I think it's going to be an even better set of puzzles than last year, and I'm really looking forward to writing them.

Risks and challenges

I have some very time-consuming assignments in early 2013, but a July deadline seems very doable. Because of the time and effort involved, I'm trying to raise at least $3000.

In terms of where I am so far: I have the theme, the metapuzzle concept, and ideas for the 12 individual puzzles and how they tie into the theme. I have gridded--but not yet clued--all three bonus puzzles. (I make those first so that they can be test-solved while I'm making the main extravaganza.) So it's a good head start.

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    $10 reward

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    The puzzle extravaganza, including the right to enter the contest.

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    $15 reward

    14 backers

    The puzzle extravaganza plus your choice of one of three original bonus puzzles, none of which will ever be published on my website: (1) a 21x21 themeless crossword; (2) a 21x21 Something Different crossword; (3) a 25x25 cryptic crossword. For examples of any of these, please see my website.

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    $20 reward

    137 backers

    The puzzle extravaganza and all three bonus puzzles.

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    $50 reward

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    The puzzle extravaganza, all three bonus puzzles, and signed copies of any two of my puzzle books that are still in print. (A full list of those books will appear in the Updates section as soon as I have an accurate current list.) If you live outside the US, there will be an additional fee to cover the shipping.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    $100 reward

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    The puzzle extravaganza, all three bonus puzzles, the two signed puzzle books, and: you get to give me a word or phrase that I will put into a themeless crossword that will appear on my website within a year of the contest. The entry must be reasonably familiar (no in-jokes), a real thing (no "Something Different"-style entries), inoffensive (I run a family-friendly site), and a maximum of 15 letters long. You may suggest a clue for the entry, but I will likely write the clue myself.

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