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I hope to create a contest consisting of 12 interconnected puzzles of various types, to be distributed in PDF format.

Hi!  This is Trip Payne, of Triple Play Puzzles, and I propose to create a new puzzle extravaganza contest.

It would consist of 12 puzzles of various sorts, plus a "metapuzzle" that requires the answers to those puzzles in order to be solved.  The metapuzzle leads to a trivia question; solvers who submit the correct answer to that question before the deadline will be entered into a random drawing for the grand prize.  (At the moment, I am planning on a single prize of $100; I may increase the prize amount and/or the number of prizes if there is a substantial response to this project.)

The puzzles will all involve words and/or images; there will be no tricky logic problems and no pure math puzzles.  In terms of difficulty, that depends partly on how much experience with puzzle extravaganzas you have.  Generally speaking, none of the puzzles will be brainbusters in and of themselves, but there may be gimmicks added to them that make it harder to find their solutions.  For those of you familiar with similar concepts: it will be nowhere near as hard as MIT Mystery Hunt, or even a P&A Magazine issue, but definitely tougher than a Puzzability op-ed section; closer comparisons might be an NPL Saturday-night extravaganza or a Games World of Puzzles "special section".

The puzzles will be delivered via e-mail in a single PDF file, so if you contribute, you will need to provide your e-mail address.  (This information will never be shared with anyone else, and will only be used for extravaganza-related communications.)  The contest will be open for several weeks, to give everyone plenty of opportunity to solve at their own speed.

I have already done some preliminary work; I have made the metapuzzle and know the overall scenario, and am currently brainstorming puzzle ideas for the various answer words.  I expect it to take several months to write the puzzles and go through test-solving; I'm estimating May for a delivery, but it might be earlier or slightly later.  Because of the time and effort this will take, I'm trying to raise at least $2500.

I hope this sounds fun to you!  I'm excited to get going on it.  If you have any questions, please ask.


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    The puzzle extravaganza, including the right to enter the contest. You will be asked to provide your e-mail address.

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    The puzzle extravaganza, plus one of three original bonus puzzles, none of which will ever be published on my website: (1) a 21x21 themeless crossword; (2) a 21x21 Something Different crossword; (3) a 25x25 cryptic crossword. For examples of any of these, please see my website. You will be asked to provide your e-mail address and which bonus puzzle you would like.

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    The puzzle extravaganza and all three of the bonus puzzles. You will be asked to provide your e-mail address.

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    The puzzle extravaganza, all three of the bonus puzzles, and signed copies of any two of my puzzle books that are still in print. (You can find that list by searching on my name at You will be asked to provide your e-mail address, which books you would like (with any specific signing requests), and your shipping address.

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