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A unique multipurpose holder, inspired by the world of art toys and minimalist design. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 17, 2013.

A unique multipurpose holder, inspired by the world of art toys and minimalist design.

About this project

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"Will keep your desk tidy all while looking modern and clean." - Incredible Things

"If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your stick-like objects organized, then you might want to pick up the Grabit Robot." - Technabob

"Leo and Angie Fajardo of West Palm Beach designed the brightly colored gizmo for utility and fun." - The Palm Beach Post

"Grabit Robotic hands are perfect for holding on to toothbrushes, pens, pencils, and other items that you think suits." - Inspired Magazine

"a simple organizational solution that also adds a playfully decorative element to spaces in the process." - Trend Hunter

"I love a good multi purpose holder. I also love robots. So when you combine the two to create a robot toy-inspired multi purpose holder, you’ve really won me over." - Redesign Revolution

"Grabit Robot comes with dollops of simplicity and vibrancy." - Home Crux

"After chatting with them for 15 minutes and seeing what they were up to DA joined their team of supporters." - Design Applause

"Grabit is a work of art that will be sure to put a smile on your face when you walk into any room." - plusMOOD

"If you are messy you can ask Grabit Robot, your little helper for assistance" - ARCHIscene

"the holder is shaped as a cute squatty robot, and each robot features minimalistic design and gorgeous color."
- GadgetSin

"Inspired by the coolest modern designs and fun for both kids and adults." - SANDSof

"The Grabit Robot is happy to hold the tools you use around the home." - Livbit

"Grabit will keep things tidy and add a little fun & flair to a dull environment." - Flair Miami

"The Grabit Robot Multipurpose Holder is a cool looking accessory for any room." - Cooke Family Blog

"This one’s good for you if you’re a fan of robots and designer toys . . . and cute, we cannot forget the cute." - BattleGrip

"modeled as a loving tribute to vinyl art toys but it also has the functional ability to hold whatever you want" - ThEpic Review

"Whether you’re a toy collector or need something artsy for your bathroom, its a win-win." - Crowdfund Mafia

"Grabit is a super nice robot who only wants to help…and look cute while doing so." - KidCrave

Meet Grabit

The grabit robot is a multi-purpose holder that could be used:


Grabit Robot comes in these 5 fun colors:

What makes Grabit Unique?

FUN - Who doesn't like robots?  Especially when they can accompany you at home or in the workplace.

FUNCTIONAL - Say goodbye to the nasty toothpaste gunk at the bottom of your old fashioned toothbrush holder.  Keep your desk tidy.  He'll even lend you a hand in the kitchen.

DESIGN DRIVEN - Simple geometric shapes combined in a minimalist &  modern form. 

GREAT FOR ALL AGES - Kids & adults love Grabit Robots the same!



Shown here is the timeline from time of kickstarter launch to delivery of rewards.

Why we need your support!

We have thoroughly designed this product, have gone through three design iterations and tested for form fit and function using rapid prototypes.  The manufacturer has been selected and they have finished the tooling of the production mold.  The first articles have been delivered to our satisfaction.

We have advanced quite far with the product development of the grabit robot, your funds will help us bring this to a finish.  We have so much confidence in our product that we've used our own funds to cover for the rapid prototyping, and the mold tooling costs.  Pending we meet our kickstarter goal, your funds will help with the remaining costs needed for the following: 1st production run, materials, packaging and shipping of the robots.

Who we are

The trinkits team is comprised of Leo and Angie, a husband and wife team that complement each other as co-founders of their start-up. Leo is a full-time engineer and part-time artist/designer. In his off-time, he loves to design products & toys, paint and sculpt.  Leo is in charge of product design, product development, website design, graphic design, and operations.  Angie comes up with ideas and Leo helps bring them to life.  Angie is a journalist, currently working at a local TV station, who loves great design and art.  She is also in charge of public relations, marketing, social media and sales.


Big Thanks to Vince Norman and Liz Nuñez for our video.

Risks and challenges

We have made a lot of progress in the product development. We have gotten to the point that we have even received first articles from the manufacturer, and will be ready for production pending kickstarter funding.

We believe to have gone past our biggest hurdle, the mold tooling. We don't see any other remaining major risk or challenges.

The only concern that we may have is the unforeseeable delays that could occur during production and/or shipping, but we have have added enough wiggle room in our timeline to account for it.

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  • Just add $25 for each additional robot to your original pledge. We'll try to keep good track of who has extra robot(s), but we'll double check with you when we send out the survey at the end of our campaign.

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  • As we had stated above, the pledges will go towards cost of materials, first run production, shipping from the manufacturer and packaging. This includes the cost of the abs plastic material, the colors and man hours to produce the parts.

    We have already sunk costs in the prototyping and mold tooling. The mold tooling was the costliest part of the product development. Depending on how successful we are with the project, we may recuperate some of the previously sunk costs but definitely not all based off our project goal. However, we priced our goal at $7,000 because we felt it was more important to have a more attainable goal so that our backers could receive their robots than recovering our sunk costs. That's how much we want for our product to make it into your hands.

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  • If the project is successfully funded, we will send out a survey after the campaign ends, asking for your choice of color and your current shipping address.

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    Pledge $5 or more

    12 backers

    As a reward, you'll be mentioned on our website as one of our contributors, you'll get a personal hand-written thank you note from us with a sketch. You'll also get access to backer only updates.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $25 or more

    100 backers All gone!

    Early Bird Special, $5 off! One robot in the color of your choice. (Includes shipping within the US)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $30 or more

    130 backers

    One robot in the color of your choice (Includes shipping within the US)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $125 or more

    13 backers All gone!

    Family of robots - All 5 colors (Includes shipping within the US)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $125 or more

    20 backers

    Family of robots - All 5 colors (Includes shipping within the US) - NEW ADJUSTED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $1,000 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    Original concept art oil painting of the grabit robot, and family of robots - all 5 colors (Includes shipping within the US)

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    Ships anywhere in the world

Funding period

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