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A set of beautiful postcards to help you reach out to friends.
A set of beautiful postcards to help you reach out to friends.
1,326 backers pledged $47,165 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Carly Vinkavich on April 13

      Hey! I love the cards and I have used many. I have 6 styles of cards that say some version of 'I'm Sorry' that I don't see myself using. Not because I don't screw up, but because I prefer to say sorry in person or on the phone. I also have 5 styles of cards that I don't see myself using because they aren't entirely relevant to my life. I would be happy to donate these cards to whoever might want them.

      I hope more of these cards will come out in the future because they are a wonderful idea that really cheer my friends up in their times of stress. I would love to see cards that apply to school stress, broken bones/physical injury, mental health acknowledgment that brighter times are ahead & family stress. So far I've been modifying other cards to fit these situations. I love my friends and I love these cards. Thanks for bringing them into the world!

    2. Jenn Bane Collaborator on December 11

      @morgan No worries! Can you send an email to The good folks there will make sure you get what you paid for!

    3. Jenn Bane Collaborator on December 11

      @mikhael Thanks for checking in - we are selling right now at!

    4. Morgan Beisner on December 10

      Hello! I filled out my backer survey *very* late, (I am so very sorry, it took me ages to find it in my spam filter, among the many crazy things life threw at me;) and I am wondering when I will hear back on when I'll get my cards?

    5. Mikhael Ramirez on December 5

      It has been a couple months since i received them. I noticed when i was looking though the cards to send some out, i noticed that one of them had some smudges of them. other than that these cards are amazing, i already have many favorites, any news on selling more boxes of these cards?

    6. Jenn Bane Collaborator on November 3, 2017

      @Lianna Oh no! That's no good at all. Let us fix that for ya... Can you please email and include your order number + a mailing address to resend?

    7. Lianna Ludwig on November 3, 2017

      I still haven’t received my cards :(

    8. Jenn Bane Collaborator on September 8, 2017

      @charlie Please email your address information to Blackbox is handling our shipping and fulfilling, and the customer service team over there will make sure you get everything you paid for.

    9. Jenn Bane Collaborator on September 8, 2017

      @charlie Please email your address information to Blackbox is handling our shipping and fulfilling, and the customer service team over there will make sure you get everything you paid for.

    10. Missing avatar

      Charlie W. Den Tex on September 8, 2017

      Trying to figure out where to update delivery info.
      You posted, that they are being shipped, and I thought you had my current info.
      Charlie den Tex
      408 Covington CT
      Snohomish, Wa. 98290

    11. Katie on September 8, 2017

      My cards arrived and are incredible and wonderful and so so great. I already want to order more! Any thoughts on future sales/order opportunities? Thank you for putting together such fun witty art to send to my friends!

    12. Marie Juarez
      on September 7, 2017

      My cards arrived a few days ago. I love them! Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      TnD Way on September 5, 2017

      These are the awesomest!

    14. Sharon Adler on August 23, 2017

      They arrived and are fabulous! Thanks so much!

    15. Paul Kelly
      on August 22, 2017

      Mine arrived today in Detroit, and they look great.

    16. Lizzy Miles on August 16, 2017

      OMG OMG OMG I just got an email that the cards are on their way. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Jenn Bane Collaborator on June 21, 2017

      @geekgoddess42 We're on schedule to ship in July or August! Here's more info on our latest backer update:

      Thanks for checking in.

    18. Geekgoddess42
      on June 21, 2017

      Any news regarding printing or delivery?? You guys seemed to be on a roll there for a little bit...

    19. Trin Garritano Creator on November 26, 2016

      Hi Kim! There will be an opportunity to change your shipping info when we're ready to ship. You'll get a notice then - should be a couple months. We've got plenty of time. :)

    20. Kim Jordan on November 23, 2016

      Hello! I need to change my shipping information, where can I do that? Through Kickstarter itself or do I need to notify someone specifically?

    21. Trin Garritano Creator on November 16, 2016

      Hi everyone! Sorry about the delay on this - not sure why, but I wasn't getting alerts from Kickstarter for a while.

      Leslie and Cstylinn - you're all good! Sorry about the confusion. Unless you were contacted by Kickstarter to update your payment method, all should be well.

    22. Leslie Millrod on November 16, 2016

      are we all good? I don't want to be cancelled!

    23. Missing avatar

      on November 5, 2016

      I don't understand the action request from today's posting. Why/how do we need to update payment/shipping info? It's already been charged and completed at time of funding. I certainly don't want my pledge cancelled.

    24. Trin Garritano Creator on October 27, 2016

      Hi @Kelly Morris! The postcards should be available after the campaign, but we're still hammering that out. We'll for sure put that info in a Kickstarter Update as it becomes available. We'll also be tweeting occasional updates from our Twitter, @DoFriendship. Thanks! We'll keep ya posted!

    25. Kelly Morris
      on October 27, 2016

      Will the postcards be available after the campaign? I may run out and will want more. If so, will there be new postcards to choose from or included in a box set?

    26. Trin Garritano Creator on October 17, 2016

      Thanks for the well-wishes, @Jacob Way!

      Hi @Geekgoddess! In our heart of hearts, our goal is to have this shipped in the spring of 2017. We've been able to start the design process earlier than we expected, which should help us to get printed samples sooner, which would then help us to get the final project in your hands sooner.

      A September 2017 shipping date allows ample time for all the common delays and setbacks that can befall even the best-planned manufacturing projects. Like most in-progress Kickstarters, this is an ongoing creative project that could go through changes along the way. We want to account for that.

      September 2017 is our "drop dead" deadline. We do not anticipate a situation in which we would need to send out the boxes later than that. Dig?

    27. Geekgoddess42
      on October 17, 2016

      May have been asked, sorry, but is it really September 2017 for shipping?

    28. Jacob Way on October 15, 2016

      Such an awesome idea! It was great meeting you at dinner during NYCC. Glad to see you have done over 200% of funding :)

    29. Trin Garritano Creator on October 7, 2016

      @Celeste - what a kind and thoughtful compliment!! Thank you so much for saying this. Jenn and I put a lot of thought and time into choosing the artists for the project, and we are so fortunate that such a talented crew joined us! Knowing that the postcard collection is so well-received by you and other backers makes us work all the harder. :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Celeste S. on October 7, 2016

      Excited! Why? I always send cards to friends and family of all ages - from pre-teens to folks in their 90s - so I view the Friendship Postcards as a wonderful opportunity to send something fresh and not yet in the stores! I also want to thank you for including a diverse group of artists! Your willingness to include others is noted and very much appreciated! Congratulations on making the fund grade and best wishes for the future!

    31. Trin Garritano Creator on October 5, 2016

      Hello Australians! I'm so sorry that we're unable to accommodate you at this time.

      We hope to be able to ship to more countries after the end of the campaign. If you'd like updates, we'll make all announcements on Twitter on our account, @DoFriendship.

    32. hollowspecter on October 5, 2016

      Hello! I pledged because I need something like this so badly. Unfortunately I live in Germany so unless you add international shipping I will need a Person to forward them to me... The idea and the postcards are so damn cool, help?

    33. Norma Morgan-Shelley on October 3, 2016

      I backed 2 boxes as I have relatives in the states who will forward them onto me in Australia but can you pretty pleeeease give an option for me to receive it direct! Awesome idea by the way life gets so busy it's hard to reconnect without awkwardness at times

    34. Anne Marie Cruz
      on October 3, 2016

      Yay! Two boxes of eye-catching, handwritten treats! For friends! Yay!

    35. Hurley
      on October 2, 2016

      I wish I could get these in Australia :-(

    36. Trin Garritano Creator on September 30, 2016

      @Oliver that is so kind! Your support is appreciated. If we can make our postcard collections available in the UK in the future, we'll keep you posted!

    37. Oliver King on September 30, 2016

      Such an awesome project. Wish I could get these in the UK, but happy to back nonetheless!

    38. Trin Garritano Creator on September 30, 2016

      @Anna Thank you! We've worked so hard and it feels so good when people say nice things. :)

    39. Anna Morris on September 30, 2016

      So excited about this. Such a great idea!

    40. Trin Garritano Creator on September 28, 2016

      :D :D :D :D :D :D
      Jenn and I are both slap-happy and drinking. Thank you so, so much.

    41. Christopher Miller on September 28, 2016

      These look awesome! Great work!!

    42. Trin Garritano Creator on September 28, 2016

      Hi everyone! We heard you and we added another tier: Two boxes for $50, with adjusted shipping. :)

      If you'd like the stamps, you can add them to your order after the Kickstarter closes - we'll send you an update.

      Thank you SO MUCH for your support, and thank you for letting us know what you want to see!

    43. Nadija Rieser on September 28, 2016

      Looooove this idea! Congrats ladies!

    44. Kat on September 28, 2016

      Congrats on the super cool idea and you're totally getting funded!
      Like other backers, I'm hoping for a spiffy pledge level with 2+ boxes! #throwinitoutthere

    45. Jenn Bane Collaborator on September 28, 2016

      @kim Hey Kim, thanks for saying so. We think so too!

      Here's what to do: Back for one postcard set now, and then you'll have option to add more sets to your order if we're successfully backed. Make sense? Basically: you can back now, and add more later. :D

    46. Kortney Terry on September 28, 2016

      I am totally framing or hanging up or doing *something* decorative with the "You make the Internet a happier place" one. These are all so adorable! <3

    47. Missing avatar

      kim burson on September 28, 2016

      Is there a chance to buy multiple boxes? Love the idea and this would be a great gift for friends.

    48. Trin Garritano Creator on September 28, 2016

      @Michale V Green - honestly I'm super jazzed about the box. The box is going to be Very Cute! Lauren Gallagher will be doing the design.

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