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Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
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Let the testing begin!

Posted by Triggertrap (Creator)

Greetings, backers! This update is brought to you by our Head of Photography, Thomas, the man we’ve tasked with breaking new photographic boundaries with Triggertrap Ada (and a few prototypes in the process).

Here's Thomas, seen throwing a dart at a balloon in our Kickstarter video. We think he quite likes his job on days like these...
Here's Thomas, seen throwing a dart at a balloon in our Kickstarter video. We think he quite likes his job on days like these...

Over to you, Thomas:

Since the last update we’ve taken delivery of our stunning vac-cast production prototypes, and now it’s my job to test them to destruction.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be putting the kit through its paces, as I work through a 15-page testing guide!

This mammoth guide contains a plethora of different tests, from testing the software and UI, to seeing how well the hardware stands up to being left in a freezer for a few hours. Unfortunately, this does mean some very boring tests, such as testing how the jacks and connections hold up against being plugged and unplugged repeatedly, but equally there will be some pretty fun (i.e. destructive) tests to do - like seeing how the housing fares when dropped onto a range of surfaces from a range of heights.

However, before I begin torturing the kit too much, it seemed only fair to take the kit out and about for its first breath of fresh air to see how it coped out of the studio. Of course, we also wanted the opportunity to take some photos of the latest prototypes.

As we mentioned, we're in the middle of a load of intensive testing, and we'll be sharing more of the images from our testing as soon as we can, but for now, we just wanted to show a quick video of all the sensors working!

Throughout testing, we’re going to be trying to get some awesome photos of Ada in action. If there is something particular you’d like to see us try out then be sure to let us know in the comments!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Greg Wilson on

      Hey guys any update on delivery times? Hanging out to use the Ada already have a bunch of plans for it!

    2. Triggertrap Creator on

      @Richard - We're trying to get a good handle on when we'll be ready to start shipping, and are planning to send out a delay towards the end of the month! ~ Haje

    3. Richard J R Fletcher on

      Nearly a month since the last update, any chance of an progress report and esspecually expected delivery ?

    4. Lukasz Szeflinski on

      June still possible for shipping ?

    5. Triggertrap Creator on

      @michael - great idea; we haven't looked into this yet, but it'd be rude not to, really! I'll investigate! ~HJK

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Jones on

      Are there any plans to interface with the Rodenstock or Sinar eShutters for use with technical cameras?


    7. Triggertrap Creator on

      Richard Garcia and Ralph Clark, you're right. In Update #11, we gave an update on shipping. We are now aiming for a June delivery.

      Gerson Teixeira Leite, once we have the updated UI we'll be sure to post a longer video for you all!

      Brian Rauvola the light sensor will make a great lightning trigger. As for the day time, we haven't had a chance to test this just yet, but in theory that should work too!

      George Priller currently no. That sounds complicated to implement, but is definitely a very cool idea for the future!

      Paul and Serge, it should be about as waterproof as a camera, but we hope to find the time to do some more testing and get a more definitive splash rating for you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Serge Nelissen on

      How about Ada's water proofing?


    9. Missing avatar

      Alykhan Ismail on

      Any chance of some shots of the UI?

    10. Missing avatar

      gabriel olufemi olude on

      wow.waiting for mine..good to hear of progress guys..well done.

    11. Paul Whittingham on

      Good to hear things are progressing guys!
      One question: How good is Ada's waterproofing?
      I tend to shoot fluids a lot, and my poor TT1 has at times..gotten a real soaking despite my best efforts to keep her dry. Covering it with bags etc had often impacted its performance and I only use it in studio surroundings. I'm guessing the guys who'll be outside in all weathers would also be relieved to hear Ada has a good level of waterproofing?

    12. Missing avatar

      George Priller on

      Question / suggestion - can the sound trigger be tuned to specific frequencies or types of sounds? For example my daughter plays softball and getting the instant the bat connects with the ball is largely luck.

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Rauvola on

      How well will it work as a lightning trigger? In the day, even?

    14. Missing avatar

      Gerson Teixeira Leite on

      I'm excited to start using my triggers here in Brazil. July, perhaps?
      I liked the video but why so fast?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ralph Clark on

      I'm excited to start using my triggers. Are you still on schedule for a May delivery?

    16. Missing avatar

      Richard Garcia on

      Do we have a new updated estimated delivery date. Currently showing May but if it's still in prototype testing I would guess that is not a reasonable expectation.

    17. Markus Juuti on

      Videos of destructive tests please :)