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Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
1,971 backers pledged £290,386 to help bring this project to life.

It’s the end of the road. We failed.

Posted by Triggertrap (Creator)

Hello everyone,

This is going to be the backer update that no Kickstarter project wants to send.

Super short version 

  • We have a final working prototype, but it cost five times more to get to this point than we had planned for, and will cost three times more to manufacture per unit than we had hoped. 
  • The upshot of this is that we can’t afford to put Ada into production, and are refunding the remaining Kickstarter funds to our backers as a result.
  • If you are a backer, please see "Refunds" at the bottom of this post - and you'll receive an e-mail with additional instructions. 

Not at all short version 

When we checked in with you guys about five weeks ago, we were celebrating that we had finally completed the software for Ada. Exciting as that was, the subsequent five weeks have been a gauntlet of disappointment. As we were finally ready to place the order with the factory, we realised a few things; Most importantly, that the manufacturing phase of Triggertrap Ada was going to be way more expensive than we expected. In fact, by the time all was said and done, Ada was going to cost three times more to create than we had planned for when we kicked off the project.

In itself, that’s bad enough, but we also spent a lot more money than we had hoped to get to this point. In fact, we spent over five times more on bringing Triggertrap Ada to market than we had budgeted for. Triggertrap’s CEO wrote more in depth about the impacts of how all of this happened earlier today, but the short version is that we can’t afford to put Triggertrap Ada into production. There isn’t enough money left from the Kickstarter project to begin the large-scale manufacturing.

We tried to rescue the project by opening for additional pre-orders (but we achieved only 5% of the number of pre-orders we needed to go to production). We spoke to a small group of investors to raise the money for production, but that didn't go as well as we hoped. Finally, we went to our bank to get a bridge loan for the project, but failed at that, too.

No matter how we twist and turn our current situation, the future of Triggertrap Ada looks very bleak. What it basically boils down to is this: if we try to manufacture Triggertrap Ada, we will fail. 

If Triggertrap were a single-product company, we’d keep fighting to the bitter end with one of two possible outcomes: We’d either deliver Ada to our Kickstarter backers, or die trying. However, Triggertrap isn't a one-trick pony. We have hundreds of thousands of customers who rely on our Triggertrap Mobile product around the world. If we try to get Ada shipped, there's a very large probability that Triggertrap would go out of business. That would mean we wouldn’t just be letting you - our Kickstarter backers - down: It would also mean letting down all our existing customers. We thought about it long and hard, but we could only see one way out: We have to cancel Triggertrap Ada, and instead focus our attention on Triggertrap Mobile.

We know this is disappointing. Making this call has been far from easy, but we don’t see any other way of doing this. That said, we've been in communication with Kickstarter, and we intend to do everything we can to do the right thing and clean up after ourselves as we draw a line under this project.

We’re deeply sorry, ashamed, and heartbroken that we’ve failed to deliver.


Team Triggertrap

So, what happens now? 

We got quite far in delivering the product, and failed at the very last hurdle. 

We did promise that we would release our product as open source, and will do so as soon as we can - we’ll make the source code available on our Github repository in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll also make the PCB designs, schematics, and all the other things we've created along the way available as soon as we can.

We are also going to create a ‘hall of fame’ of the people who backed our Kickstarter project. If you want to be included, please ensure you click on the link in the e-mail you received, and fill in the form.

And then, there's refunds. 


We will refund the remainder of the funds from our Kickstarter campaign to our backers. To date, we’ve spent around 80% of the funds we received, and have 20% of the money remaining. 

Breakdown of Kickstarter funds
Breakdown of Kickstarter funds

These remaining funds are what we are distributing back to our Kickstarter backers. 

Options for processing refunds

We spoke to a couple of dozen of you over the past week to get your feedback. You know who you are - thank you so much for your candid feedback and help. 

We were surprised to hear that many of you didn’t see the point in getting a small amount of money back. The feedback we received varied: Some of you preferred we donate what’s left to charity, others wanted the refund to spend in the Triggertrap shop, and others again said something to the effect of “Keep it, I know you guys tried”.

To that end, we will be e-mailing all of you individually (If you haven’t received an e-mail by the end of the day, please contact us on In that e-mail, we’ll give you a few options for how to get your refund. The options we are offering are:

  • No refund - We weren’t going to include this as an option, but several of you were quite passionate about this. Whatever the reason, if you’re not bothered about a refund, pick this option.
  • 20% donated to charity - “I pledged so long ago that the money doesn’t really exist to me any more. Why don’t you give it to charity instead?” asked one of our backers. We thought about it, and decided it was an great idea; We’ve picked Photovoice as our charity partner. If you pick this option, we’ll donate the remaining 20% of your pledge to Photovoice, to help them with their mission of running worldwide projects that empower marginalised groups with a voice through photography.
  • 20% refund - If you pick this option, we’ll refund 20% of your pledge to you via Kickstarter’s refund option. It’s a manual process, and it may take up to 90 days before we process everybody’s refunds, but we’ll get through it, and endeavour to get you your money by the end of May.
  • 50% in store credit - Finally, if you would like to spend your money in the Triggertrap shop, we can offer you 50% of your pledge as shop credit.

We are able to offer more as shop credit than as a cash refund, because we can ship you our products at cost price (to us, a 20% cash refund is about the same as a 50% store credit) and it is much easier logistically (i.e. it takes a lot less admin time) to issue store credit than process a manual refund.

How to get in touch

We know you've been really excited about getting your hands on Triggertrap Ada, and that this is terrible news to receive, and we appreciate that many of you may have questions. We're ready to help at - if you could, please include your backer level in the e-mail, so it's easier to look you up. 

Thank you, and our deepest apologies again. 


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    1. Missing avatar

      ian Bricknell on

      Well no refund no communication, I think e can happily say Trigger trap in a euphemism for crooks Inc

    2. Missing avatar

      Rahim Ikram on

      I opted for 50% in store credit too, no one has got back to me

    3. Missing avatar

      Bart Gevers on

      Seen no refund at all..... incredible...

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Yip on

      Hi, I opted for the 50% store credit but haven't received any further communication. Can you please investigate?

    5. Sten Petrov on

      Where's my refund?

    6. Missing avatar

      Pichan Mahachanok on

      Just got your update. I want my refund.

    7. Missing avatar

      Yuri Timofeev on

      I don`t received refund. What can I do?

    8. Missing avatar

      José Antonio Pastor Cruz on

      Pues vaya mierda. Lo siento.

    9. Missing avatar

      Eric Kaufman on

      Has anyone noticed that Triggertrap has migrated their user forums to reddit? Now their is no record of how they treated Kickstarter backers on their forum for potential new Triggertrap customers to see. Once again, nicely played

    10. Missing avatar

      Humberto Borges on

      Copy of the email just sent to Triggertrap:

      Dear Sirs,

      On the 11th of March I received noticed from PayPal that a transfer had been made to my account under your instructions in the amount of 32GBP.

      The said transfer included a note from you stating: " This is your £38 refund for Triggertrap's Ada campaign, reference KS-REFUND-1005 // Team Triggertrap ".

      Please be aware that I consider this a down payment for a requested full refund of the 190 GBP I paid you on the 15th of November 2013.

      As such, I request you to transfer the remaining 152 GBP from my original pledge, as per KickStarter terms at the time of my enrollment on the Triggertrap ADA project (, under the unequivocal provision: " Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

      Best Regards.

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Kaufman on

      I saw that Haje Kamps was featured in the March 2015 issue of Popular Photography in an article on how to bring your photography inverntions to market.

      I wrote the following to the editor of Popular Photography and urge others to do the same:

      "I read with great interest the accolades heaped upon Haje Jan Kamps form Triggertrap on page 56 of your March 2015 edition. It highlighted the fact that Triggertrap's latest kick starter venture was funded in less than 12 hours. As you can read on kickstarter:

      after misleading their kickstarter backers for many months, Haje has failed to deliver even though he was funded at several times what he said he needed to bring the product to market. Rather than refunding his backers as specified on Kickstarter's terms of service, he is offering a refund of 20 cents for every dollar pledged.

      I realize that all of this broke after your march edition went to press, but perhaps you owe it to your readers to publish an update on this inventer that you hold in such high regard.

      - Eric"

    12. Missing avatar

      Rain on

      Looks like now they have "None of the above" as an option for your refund. If you select this one your "refund" will not be processed automatically.
      I hope more people will select this option for the sake of we-know-what.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      My selected refund is a reflection of my desire for a full refund under the original Kickstarter ToS in effect at the time of backing: "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." As such, I understand that Kickstarter will successfully allow you to get away with NOT honoring the original ToS (however you interpret them). My selection of a 20% refund in no way absolves or exonerates Triggertrap from any wrongdoing or obligation, but is simply my way of recouping whatever meager recompense available and avoid Triggertrap's "autoselection" option of store credit I will never use.

      Thusfar all we have are promises that the designs and intellectual property (both in hardware, software, code, firmware, knowledge, etc) we have paid for will be released to the public - but even that has yet to occur. I would have been less adamant about a full refund if the project had at least SOME deliverable other than promises. As such I as others believe that a full refund is due until such time as some form of IP transfer to the rightful owners takes place.

      Lastly, may I just say that I find it VERY insulting to be badgered by your email spam to close out my refund choice. You took 18 months to get to this point, and you have the gall to insist that your backers "snap to it" and get with YOUR timeline? Have a smidgen of humility - none of which has come through in any of your communications, just hubris.

    14. Triggertrap Creator on

      Dear backers,

      Thank you for your comments

      We believe we have comprehensively answered all your questions in our FAQ, which you can find here:, and in the comment section of our Kickstarter campaign, located here: For additional information, please Kickstarter's own FAQ:

      If you would like to claim your refund, please refer to the details in the e-mail we sent to our backers at the beginning of this month.

      If you haven't received your e-mail, please contact us at, and we can get your refund processed as soon as possible.

      Thank you,

      Team Triggertrap

    15. Lukasz Szeflinski on

      C.D you're not alone. I'm also not doing anything. 100% refund is the only option. They should sell their phones, cars, houses and give us back our money.

    16. Missing avatar


      I have stood my ground and refused their 20% pay off. The way I see it, accepting the pay off just gives them permission to steal the other 80% that they owe us.

      I hope I'm not alone.

    17. Triggertrap Creator on

      @Kat and @Rudy
      We're really sorry that we failed to deliver, but want to thank you for your support. Your kind words mean a lot, and I've shared them with our team.

      Team Triggertrap / Haje

    18. Missing avatar

      Rudy Coevert on

      Kat Todd I totally agree with you. I also told everybody even on dutch blogs.
      in the forum on triggertrap I'm in discussion to get a DIY kit availble.
      so that I have the options presented by triggertrap.

    19. Kat Todd on

      Back in November 2013 I took £190 of my hard earned cash and chose to invest in the idea of Triggertrap. I was super excited, I told everyone who showed a spark of interest in photography, I just knew I was going to be taking some epic photos.

      Mar 2015, 16 months later, an email drops into view. Suddenly the inspired and excited photography lover is gutted (British for bitterly disappointed).

      I try to remember that kickstarter is not a shop, I am not on here buying product. Sure it seems like I am, I mean the whole premise is: give money, get stuff (kickstarter works hard to make me think that, its how they make money). That's not really what kickstarter is, it's literally kick starting people. People who have a brilliant idea or who can see a different future BUT that future is not guaranteed & the idea might be a chocolate teapot.

      I must admit I was surprised by the failure, but not as much as I thought I'd be, it was 10 months past due and updates talked about trouble with this or that, adding features here or there, upgrading this, improving that. Seeing the amazing photos it could take, kept my spirits up but truthfully... I wish Triggertrap had stopped trying to make something perfect and just made something. I bet they do too.

      I'm probably going to opt for the credit, I'm still thinking about it though.

    20. Triggertrap Creator on

      @Lukasz Szeflinski
      I will under no circumstances tolerate physical threats against me and my staff. I have sent you an e-mail about this separately.

      Haje Jan Kamps
      CEO, Triggertrap

    21. Lukasz Szeflinski on

      triggertrap, just be sure that when in future you release some ada similar product I will visit your office personally and then will want full refund or else...

    22. Missing avatar

      Christoph Blaschitz on

      amazing how you can use 5 times the money you pledged for and still come up with nothing. i understand how difficult development is. but with your campaign, your background and pledging for only 50k GPB it was very misleading. not happy and you make it harder for other kickstarters to receive my money.

    23. Triggertrap Creator on

      For those of you asking about full refunds, please see this FAQ:

      Team Triggertrap

    24. Lukasz Szeflinski on

      They are nagging me to choose refund by 31st of March! I want full refund ! "Kickstarter does not offer refunds. A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward.
      Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."

    25. Missing avatar

      ian Bricknell on

      Damn it.

      I'm heartbroken. Not because of the money, not because of the expenditure but because i won;t be getting when i though was going to be my dream photographic accessory.

      I liked TT version 1. I use it, built a couple of new sensors (my tremor sensor is particularly good, my PIR no so much) but this was a dream product for me and what i wanted to do with my photography.
      I just need to express my disappointment that TT Ada will never see the light of day.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Brown on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    27. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul Brown on

      European Claims - If anyone did go ahead and open a case with the european claims team in their relevant euro countries, please email me at I am seeing traction here in the UK. Let me know your representative and we can sync them all up. In the email to me stipulate that your only interest in this is as an ADA backer and you are not associated with or part of Triggertrap or any of its companies in any way, shape or form. Maybe if we get them all working together it ill be a bigger impact.

      For those who missed the post of how to claim in Europe have a look here.

    29. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Triggertrap Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      Today, we started processing the first refunds in the form of shop credit - we will keep a FAQ up to date re: the status of the refunds:

      Thank you

      Team Triggertrap

    32. Ron Archer on

      How embarrassing......for ME too!
      At the time I backed AND funded this project, we were on a single income, with a newborn baby. My wife was against me backing this project because we didn't really have the money to blow, but of course I's by Trigertrap! I have 2 mobile dongles and accessories, so I know the company. We can trust them, I said...
      PFFFFT! What a mistake that was!
      While you guys were pissing in our pockets about how good it is and how far it is coming along, and pissing our money up the wall ( stay in some good 5 star motels whilst travelling to the factories did we ???), we, as your backers, may have been struggling financially, or like us, making sacrifices to afford your promised product.
      I will not be happy with 20%.....I am not happy with 50% in store....(I already have 2 mobile devices!) 100% refund is the right thing to do.
      Anyway, I'm off to decide if I tell the wife I blew $300 aussie dollars on a heap of emails promising the world......Or just wait until one day she remembers and asks about it..............

      100% Refund for me please. I need to pay my mortgage..

    33. Missing avatar

      Tim Roberts on

      I'm really disappointed to hear this news as I had high hopes for the completion of the project. All I can say is that shit happens and also thank you for offering some refunds to your backers. Better than sucking up the funds and providing nothing. I have confidence with you as a company, and hope that triggertrap will be, at some time be produced by you and available to your supporters.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    35. Lars Kirsten on

      I received an answer from TT full of prebuild text modules which is really disappointing. Also they still talk about open source, open source means free for everyone not only the backers and I'm still not willing to have it available for everyone who not even payed a penny. Also there was no answer on my question why they try to make money with this mess. As 50% store discount means that everyone who buys cables or the smartphone mount will help TT to get even more money as there are not just 50% margin on such parts. I'm not even sure if the margin level for the mobile dongle is just 50%.

    36. Missing avatar

      Paul Brown on

      It looks like the 20% promised is diminishing. Here is a response I got from TT. Gone from 20.2% to just over 19 :-(

      'Thanks for getting in touch. We would love to offer everybody a 100% refund on what they paid, but the truth is that we’ve invested so heavily in Ada that we wouldn’t be able to do that. Of the money we received from Kickstarter, we have just over 19% left, and this is the funds that we are making available for refunds.'

    37. Missing avatar

      Paul Brown on

      Miops Alternative - PLease let me know who is interested asap

      Hi Guys, I have been in discussion with MIOPS - They may be able to offer us a special campaign so that we do end up with a product of sorts. I know a few people have already mentioned this. PLease email me at listing your interest. The more people interested the better discount. PLease post this to any other ADA Discussion forum. I do not want the email to be used for anything negative to TT as it is simply to collect interest in an alternative.
      Miops have said -
      'We have 2 option. First one is for our current product Miops NT, which has lower value according to Miops Smart. We can ship it asap since we have already in our stock. The second option is Miops Smart but it will be available by next month. We can prepare 2 different campaign with good discount if we reach huge number of buyer.'

      Again let me know if interested at

    38. Triggertrap Creator on

      We have addressed the questions around Vela here:

      Thank you

      Team Triggertrap / Haje

    39. Gary Shuster on

      Thank you for doing that, C.D. That is a complete, quick, and reasonable response. There is a (small) remaining issue, which, in light of his response, is far more likely to be an oversight on his part. I work with the USPTO a lot. I've filed hundreds of applications with them. Yes, they can be glacial in responding, but they are actually quite good at quickly updating their electronic records. Either the USPTO assignment was filed in the last few days or (far more likely) it hasn't yet been filed. This is not an alarming error (i.e. not alarming in the conspiracy sense), and is probably an oversight by Vela's lawyers. Here is the link:…

      Sounds like a reasonable explanation. I suppose there is no way to know with certainty, but it does sound like Vela is suffering along with the rest of us.

      That said, Vela probably should consider taking the open source designs and running with them. As the former CTO for triggertrap, he is probably the only person who can do it quickly. As much as I feel burned by the Ada thing, I would definitely consider paying for a Vela bundled with an Ada clone. Additionally, I don't want to see Triggertrap benefit further from this, but assuming that Vela is telling the truth (seems reasonable), I *would* like to see *somebody* other than Triggertrap actually build the Ada so at least the device will actually get deployed in the world. So just a thought. The Ada remains a great idea, so whoever brings it to market first is going to make some real money.

      Thank you again for getting the followup so quickly. When I wrote "while there are other possible explanations", I was hoping that there was some explanation for the trademark ownership by TT that didn't involve Vela being owned by triggertrap. I'm very happy to see that a good explanation was in fact offered.

    40. Missing avatar


      I asked Vela's owner to comment on Shuster's concerns. He can't post directly since they are not backers, but did give me permission to post the following response:

      "Thanks. Yes, someone else just pointed that to me. I'm not able to post there, as it's backers only. You're welcome to repost this though.
      1) No, Triggertrap doesn't own Vela. Vela is just me, and I wholly own it. When I first had the idea for Vela (and the name) I was still at Triggertrap, so Triggertrap registered the trademark. As part of my leaving deal I took the Vela trademarks and the ongoing applications, but as the USPTO is incredibly slow this still isn't showing up. It's been updated elsewhere, e.g.….
      2) Well, I'm a former TT employee, so yes in that respect a former TT employee does have an interest. Nobody else though.
      3) My leaving was a personal matter, and we didn't want to make a big deal of it. The company has had many people joining and leaving and doesn't normally announce it. We didn't hide it though, and addressed it later.
      4) There's no way Vela has enough money to afford the Ada IP! I only raised £45k, and I need that to make Vela flashes. In any case I have no interest in having it, even if it's open source. As you might have seen elsewhere I have been thinking about releasing a sound trigger, mainly because lots of Ada backers have asked me for suggestions on what to do now and I've been scrambling for suitable options. Anything I released would be a version of the DIY trigger that I've been using in testing. It's a completely different approach and much simpler than Ada. It has more in common with the laser trigger that I blogged about in the summer. I didn't write any of the Ada code (in fact I believe most of it was written after I left), nor did I do any of the electronics design (and haven't seen any of the designs since I left). Nothing Ada-related is involved in anything I've done with Vela.
      5) No, it had nothing to do with the Ada budget.

      There's no conspiracy. I was gutted when I heard TT was cancelling Ada, because I'd had a chance to play with the prototype and was looking forward to using it with Vela. I had the added complication of lots of my backers who were planning on using Ada as their trigger, meaning I've spent the last few days looking into alternatives for you (such as trying to see if TT could release a kit version). Furthermore it means I've also been having to deal with (understandably) angry customers of a company I left nearly a year ago suggesting I'm involved in some kind of incredibly elaborate scam."

    41. Gary Shuster on

      Apologies for the error in my earlier post. The link to the project being run by Triggertrap's former CTO is (I inadvertently added an extra "l" in vela)

    42. Gary Shuster on

      I did more digging. Triggertrap is the owner of the trademark for “Vela” for use with flashes (go to… and select “Basic word mark search”, select “owner” in the dropdown menu and search for “triggertrap”). What is Vela? Per, Vela is a high speed flash designed to be triggered by “Triggertrap Ada, TTv1, Camera Axe, DIY triggers and more”. It was funded via Kickstarter a few months ago (…).

      According to the Vela kickstarter page, “Vela Labs is … Matt Kane. Until earlier this year [he] was CTO of Triggertrap”. My favorite line on the page: In trying to convince people to fund Vela, Kane says “I (Matt) have nearly three years experience as CTO of Triggertrap developing and launching photography hardware, including two successful Kickstarter projects.” Um, might want to update that, since one of those projects was the Ada.

      So we have Triggertrap burning through $354,000 out of $442,446 raised and then giving up. Triggertrap owns at least the trademark on Vela, another high speed trigger flash hardware business run by one of their associates that prominently describes how well it works with Triggertraps. Triggertrap is going to make the software and hardware for the trigger open source. Vela, a Triggertrap-associated company, is building one of the few (or only) flashes in the world that can fully take advantage of the Ada technology.

      In my opinion, while there are other possible explanations, I speculate that there is a very simple story that would tie this all together: Triggertrap does all of the fundraising to develop the Ada triggers that Vela is going to need. Triggertrap upgrades their hardware and user interface to work better with Vela, in the process making the Triggertrap portion of the project fail financially. No problem, because Vela can still use the Ada software and hardware designs as soon as they are open-sourced. Triggertrap fails, Vela succeeds wildly, Triggertrap associates make great money, Ada Kickstarter backers get nothing. Even if Triggertrap associates don’t have a direct financial interest in Vela, surely the trademark to Vela is something Triggertrap will license to Vela for a good deal of cash.

      This whole thing is starting to look really bad. I’m open to an explanation – but one that is complete, open and honest. Here are some questions:
      (1) Does triggertrap own the Vela? If not, how is it that they own the trademark? Please describe how Vela is related to triggertrap.
      (2) Does triggertrap, its former and/or current employees have any interest in the Vela?
      (3) Why did triggertrap not disclose the departure of their chief technical officer in the middle of trying to build the Ada?
      (4) Vela is actually in production (see Clearly, from Vela’s documentation, Vela would enormously benefit from the Ada trigger. Why doesn’t triggertrap sell the IP rights to the hardware and software designs to Vela (instead of open sourcing them), thereby raising enough money to pay back a substantial amount of the backer’s losses (if not all of the losses)?
      (5) Was any of the money raised via the Ada kickstarter project used to pay attorneys’ fees and filing fees to register the Vela trademark? The mark was prosecuted by the prominent (and not cheap) law firm of Arent Fox.

    43. Gary Shuster on

      With regard to open-sourcing the software and schematics, this is another self-serving action. Why? The IP (the software and schematics) is an asset of Triggertrap that was developed with backers’ money. Triggertrap has already been informed that they are going to be sued (putting together class action counsel right now, actually – oh, and it is of interest that your contract with Kickstarter submits to jurisdiction and venue in the USA, at minimum in New York).

      What assets does Triggertrap own? A line of cables, source and object code for the app, and the ADA IP. The most likely scenario here is that we sue Triggertrap and you go out of business. Your assets are sold to satisfy the judgment (how convenient for us that your most valuable non-ADA asset, the app, is distributed through two California, USA-based companies), and you are left to start a new company. If the ADA IP is made open source now, you can close your company and simply open a new one and use the same IP – because it is open source. However, the Triggertrap principals are the only ones currently with expertise and experience working with the IP, meaning that you can move that IP into production via a new company far faster than competitors.

      So open sourcing the IP is a way to preserve your access to the R&D that we financed, even after losing the company in litigation over this Kickstarter fiasco. All you have to do is use LegalZoom to form a new company and, look at that, the new company gets half a million dollars worth of IP to hit the ground running with. Yes, it won’t be exclusive – except that functionally it will be exclusive while competitors figure out how to actually build things with the IP.

      At least we have the heads-up here so that the lawyers can be instructed to add claims to get the court to reverse any fraudulent conveyance of the IP.

      Most, perhaps all, of the backers would be willing to work with you if you commit to repay what you owe over time. We aren’t going to just sit back and let you brazenly misread the applicable terms of service to avoid your legal obligation to make a full refund.

    44. Triggertrap Creator on

      @Andrew Bartley - the additional funds backed via Backerkit were never charged. For further info, please see

    45. Triggertrap Creator on

      We have had to resort to asking Kickstarter to remove a couple of comments from our Kickstarter campaign. That is done extremely rarely, and usually only if someone should share personal details (phone numbers, personal e-mail addresses etc) of Triggertrap staff, or in cases of abusive behaviour.

      We have clarified the circumstances in which we would request Kicsktarter to delete a comment here:

      That same FAQ also has information on which address to use if you wish to send us information by post.

      Thank you

      Team Triggertrap / Haje

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrew Bartley on

      What's happening about the additional cables that we purchased? I did the £35 kickstarter, but then i spent an extra amount on another cable for a 2nd camera? you took the money, but no where can I see a mention about that going to be refunded?

      That aspect should be re-funded in full too as it was a seperate part from the kickstarter aspect.

    47. Peter Heide on

      Ah, yes. You don't want to send out cables and such because shipping costs would further deplete the funds you haven't already squandered. You could, of course, cover those shipping costs with non-Ada funds, but that would entail Triggertrap actually shouldering some of the financial consequences of their staggering incompetence.

      Can't have that. Wouldn't be fair, says Haje.

    48. Triggertrap Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      A few of you were asking why we aren't sending out the Triggertrap Mobile kits that are part of some backer levels.

      Good question, and sorry we haven't addressed that so far - here's the FAQ:

      Team Triggertrap

    49. Missing avatar


      I've been debating the refund options over the last couple of days after recovering from the shock and whiplash of having the project go from "everything is awesome" to "you're screwed" in nothing flat. Sure as Hell wasn't going to check the "keep it" box; they pissed the majority of it away, so why let them keep the rest? I'd rather burn the money; at least I'd get a warm feeling from it.

      The charity option sounds better at first, but then I realized they'd likely get a tax deduction for making a contribution with my money. The 50% option is bigger, but honestly, I never want to have anything to do with this company ever again and will spread the word to my photographer friends. I'll take the 20% and spend it on a competitor's product. That, or burn it for the warm feels.

      I do have to say that I am extremely impressed at how badly this was screwed up. Obviously, someone was suffering from delusions of competence.

      I've learned my lesson though, and I'm putting in a hard limit on how much I'll pledge for anything on Kickstarter.