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Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
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Shipping Date Announcement!

Posted by Triggertrap (Creator)

The news we've all been waiting for.

Hello again backers,

I know we posted an update very recently, but we’ve just had some updated information from our manufacturers, which means we can wonderfully, at long last, announce Triggertrap Ada’s final shipping date. That’s right, folks - it’s a fact: Triggertrap Ada will be shipping in May 2015.

Naturally we’re doing all we can to get your Ada kit in your hands as quickly as we can, but we’re being extra cautious and allowing a bit of extra time in every step. We’ve been working incredibly hard to get Ada manufactured, and while it’s taken longer than we’d planned and hoped, we are finally more than satisfied with Ada and what it’s capable of. Every time we’ve tested Ada’s finalised hardware and software it’s impressed us with its speed and consistency - and we wouldn’t want you to feel anything less.

And now for some photos.

We’re keeping this update very short and sweet, but we thought we’d take this chance to show off a few of our favourite shots from Triggertrap Ada’s latest round of testing. We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible with some pretty basic lighting techniques, so we can’t wait to see what you guys can produce!

For these shots, we used two high-speed flash units - fast enough to get a sharper BB than we could with a normal speedlight. Using two units let us shoot at a lower ISO than normal, as well as allowing us to stop down the aperture for increased sharpness.

We always practice with less valuable targets first - typically we shoot crayons or chalks, but for the majority of this shoot, we used candy canes. Once we knew where we expected the BB in the frame, we could place the target where we need to for the best shot. In this case, the BB slowed down far less than we thought after impact!

This was a tricky one - we wanted to open up the aperture to get some bokeh on the glitter, but keeping focus as the baubles swayed was pretty tough! To get our timing right, we practiced with a target where the red bauble was set to be. The BB slowed down through the first two baubles, which is why the red one isn’t quite as smashed as we had hoped.

This one was a surprise to all of us, as we expected at least some of the jelly to break off! Our favourite feature with this shot is the size of the tunnel left by the tiny BB - the hole is probably 5 times the width of the BB!

For this shot, we got really close to try and emphasise the bokeh effect of the glitter coming towards the camera. This gave a nice of a 3D effect to the shot. This did have the disadvantage of losing a bit of light - as is typical with macro photography - so we also had to pull the flash units in closer to compensate.

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    1. Triggertrap Creator on

      Brayden: Aha, so what you'll want to do in that case is trigger your camera with Ada and have the pocket wizard attached to your camera for HSS. Then you should be able to achieve what you want with the laser trigger for sport photography!

    2. Missing avatar

      Brayden Oakley Frost on

      creator , well i was thinking of some thing along the lines of being able to use the lazer trigger and 1/2000 of a second. I have a pocket wizard triggering system for my canon and i can get the shutter speed up that high with flash in day light and the flash units show up fine . but i was thinking hey maybe i can use the laser for sport portraits of some sort and then get the shutter speed up higher at the same time.

    3. Triggertrap Creator on

      Hi Bradley! Using HSS is possible, but could you tell us a little about what you would like to shoot? So we can help advise you on what is best.

    4. Missing avatar

      Brayden Oakley Frost on

      I have a question and I wonder if any one can help me with this I want to know if I can use a the trigger trap product along aside with the pocket wizard ? essentially I want to use the trigger trap to be the trigger and the pocket wizard to perform HSS

    5. Triggertrap Creator on

      Allan Aylard, that is what we normally use. We wanted to try to test some boundaries with these photos but will return to normal flashes in the future!

      Reuben, our apologies for the substantial delays. Hopefully you won't be disappointed when you receive your Ada kit!

      Khurt, you can definitely use normal flashes! We just wanted to try some high speed flashes to see what is possible. The photos in the other updates were taken with normal speedlight flashes.

      C.D. not to worry, there'll be a manual and How To guides available by the time Ada ships!

    6. Missing avatar


      I appreciate that you provided more details about how you took these images. I suspect that many of us will be new to high-speed photography and there will be a steep learning curve when the units arrive. However, you guys have been playing with all of this for some time now. It would be really helpful if you could prepare a guide for us that shares some of the lessons you have learned to reduce that learning curve. For example, it would be nice to see the set up you are using from a wider view so we can see what backdrops you are using, how you are positioning flashes and camera, the locations of sensors, etc. We will eventually be doing a lot of experimenting on our own, but getting a head start based on your experience would be great.

    7. Khürt L. Williams on

      Is a high speed flash unit required to use the ADA? I really don't have budget to buy more equipment. I'd hate to think I waited such a long time for these only to have to dump them on eBay.

    8. Missing avatar


      Well! I have actually given up on ever seeing Ada delivered. I will just wait and see if this actually occurs and if it does will consider myself lucky. I love deadlines, particularly the whooshing noise they make as they go whistling past...

    9. Chris Rakoczy on

      I wish these had come out on the originally-hoped-for ship date over a year ago :-( But I'm excited that they will be here... um... in almost 6 more months.

      The fact that you used special high-speed lights just proves that the circuitry for detecting and triggering in Ada is AWESOME enough to power extra special gear, not just minimally adequate to power regular gear. Nice photos!!

    10. Allan Aylard on

      It is extremely disingenuous to post these photos whick were taken using $5K CAD worth of high speed lights. What you are showing off is the high speed flashes not the ADA, Please limit yourself to standard hot shoe flashes.

    11. Triggertrap Creator on

      Richard most of our previous photos in the updates, including the exploding love hearts for example, were taken with pretty average speedlight flash guns, so extraordinary photos are definitely possible with that equipment! We just wanted to try some high speed flashes in order to see what Ada is capable of

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard McDonald on

      I'm really looking forward to using the product! However, I'm a bit concerned about the flash units you are using in this update. It is very unlikely that I'll ever get some high speed flash units of this caliber. Ever. I would much prefer if your demonstration photos used real world flashes that 90% of your backers will be using, i.e. Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and every other brand of generally available speed lights...

    13. Missing avatar

      Brian Jensen on

      Awesome news guys.

      Which high-speed flash units did you use in the shoot?

    14. Missing avatar

      steve wood on

      Minning Xiang. Haha. My sentiments exactly. I think I'm going to unsubscribe from these notifications. I just end up getting frustrated. If I get a box in the post at some point in the next year (or so), I get one. If I don't, well, I'll chalk up the loss to "Life experience". Merry Christmas Triggertrap!

    15. SupperDog

      Oh, May 2015, great job. Luckily it's not May 2016.