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Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
Ada is an infinitely expandable camera trigger, making high-speed, camera trap, and timelapse photography affordable for everyone.
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Progress continues!

Posted by Triggertrap (Creator)

Hello, dear Backers!

We're really motoring along behind the scenes here, and we're getting lots of good news in from the parties involved in making Ada happen! We’ve been taking great strides with our manufacturer to get all the processes locked down, and we’ve been talking to our cable manufacturer to kick off the production of the Interconnect and Mobile connection cables - in signature Triggertrap red, naturally. With all the pieces neatly slotting into place, all signs point to shipping and delivery in Spring 2015.

We do need a bit of help from our backers though - we've a few backers who haven't filled in their Backerkit surveys - so we're extending the deadline until Monday 15th December. This is the last chance to get it sorted, as on Monday we're taking the next big step in getting Ada produced; finalising the numbers to send over to the manufacturer. We can't send the numbers unless we know exactly what people want, so please make sure your order is all up to date. To log in to Backerkit, please click here. If you've lost your BackerKit invite or are unable to log in, you can recover your log in by clicking here.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Team Triggertrap have been subjected to one too many Michael Bublé Christmas songs in the office, and so felt the need to spread festive cheer all over the studio floor. We left for the studio with two air guns, three high speed flashes, Ada, a sound sensor and a whole galaxy of baubles, smashers, glitters, crackers. Also a bag of sprouts, a pound of jelly, a case of mince pies and two dozen candy canes. You know, the usual.

Smash! Bang! Wallop! What a bauble.
Smash! Bang! Wallop! What a bauble.

Speaking of the sound sensor, let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about, shall we? First things first: the sound sensor is fast. Really fast. We’ve been testing with an air rifle which fires at around 500fps - or 340mph if you prefer - and with Ada set with no delay the flash was firing before the pellet had even left the barrel. We fine tuned the delay to get it just right, and after a few microsecond adjustments, we found the sweet spot.

Not quite… nearly… blast off!
Not quite… nearly… blast off!

The sound sensor sensitivity is controlled via a dial on the back of the unit, so you can get your threshold to the perfect point to trigger. We talk quite a bit when setting up shots as we adjust the subject, background and lighting; using the sensitivity adjustment we set up the sound sensor to only listen for loud noises - saving the flash from firing until we wanted it to.

Ssssh! Can you hear something?
Ssssh! Can you hear something?

We're also very pleased to now be in a position to open for pre-orders in the next few days, a great second chance for anyone who missed out on Kickstarter kits. If you know anyone who’d like to get their hands on one, point them here to sign up for our Ada newsletter. The pre-orders are for an Ada baseblock with all four sensors, and we’re going to offer them with a tasty discount off the retail price - so they need to get them while they’re hot!

Finally, Christmas came early for Ada's Project Manager, Rich - a devoted lover of all things Peli. Entrusted with our precious prototypes to transport around, Rich has gotten his hands on a dangerously orange Peli 1170. With the cables stashed behind the top foam - which is held up with Velcro - it’s the perfect carry case for Ada and a full set of sensors. Check it out:

Subtlety isn’t really our strong point.
Subtlety isn’t really our strong point.

We’d like to thank our friends at Simulacra studio in London for once again allowing us to come in and make one heck of a mess! Top guys, and a great space too.

We’ll be posting a Christmas update on the 23rd which will be full of info about production progress, and a deeper look at the laser sensor. We look forward to seeing you then!


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    1. SupperDog

      I want frequent updates but I want updates will useful information not just advertisement or showcase for your production.

    2. Allan Aylard on

      Are the photos you are posting taken using standard hot-shoe flashes or special high speed flashes? It is important to know what equipment was used and how it was shot,

    3. Triggertrap Creator on

      Hey guys!

      In our ‘Keeping you in the Loop’ update (update #18), we asked how often you wanted to be kept informed - we realise that not everyone cares about every single update, but our logic is something along the lines of “If we update frequently, people who aren’t too fussed will be able to skim or delete the e-mails, and people who do want frequent updates will be happy. If we don’t do updates, the backers who are interested in the process throughout will be disappointed” - and so we made the decision to err on the side of giving too much, rather than too little information. In this case, we were super excited about showing off some of the photos we’ve taken in the studio with our Ada prototype.

      On the topic of the Triggertrap staff member who left: Triggertrap is not a big company. When Matt left, we were ten people, and it’s easy to see how losing 10% of our workforce would affect us. I should mention that Matt hasn’t been the only staff change: since this time last year, we’ve hired a series of new people, we’ve had people leave the company, and we’ve had people change roles within Triggertrap. If you’re used to working for a large company, perhaps that sounds dramatic, but it’s pretty common in startups: We hire the smartest people we can find, but the problem with smart people is that they have awesome ideas and are in high demand, so sometimes they go on to pursue other dreams. In the case of Matt, that means he founded a new company and is working on creating the future of high-speed flashes.

      Having said that, the delays we’ve experienced with Ada had very little to do with changes in our staff roster - we ran into a series of issues on hardware and software, but our Head of Product, Rich, has been a superhero in terms of mopping up the challenges we’ve had throughout the project. He’s fully across all of it, and as we’ve mentioned, we’re now in the late stages of going into manufacturing, and we’re hoping to be able to announce a shipping date very soon.

      Haje Jan Kamps
      CEO, Triggertrap

    4. Graham Harris on

      Any chance you could share the foam cut out dimensions so we can order our own customised Peli 1170?

      PS The updates are fine with me!

    5. SupperDog

      Yes I totally agree with @Humberto Borges. The updates are not informative at all. Those updates only told us that you're alive.

    6. Missing avatar

      Humberto Borges on

      Although I do still keep behind you guys, so that you give us the best possible product, I would give you a piece of advice:

      Stop with the "cute" editorial line in updates that only inform us that the delivery deadline is keeping being pushed back.

      Although there was a time when it was effective, you must realize that, by now, you're to P-off a lot of people and the "cute" tone can start to become to sound more aggravating than congenial.

      Especially, since you lost a key developer long ago and never informed us of it.

      Especially, since that developer (no less than the re-namer of the project) decided to, just recently, ask money from people for, yet, another project.

      Read your crowd guys, read your crowd...

    7. Missing avatar

      geoff foden on

      Are similar Peli boxes going to be available for shipping date?