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We are raising funds to expand Tridek and release it on all digital platforms! With customization and cross platform multiplayer.

Tridek, as you learned from the video, evolves the traditional gaming experience of a Trading Card Game by innovating and enhancing the competitive play experience.  While developing the physical prototype we were able to focus on the core rules and game speed.  One key advantage became crystal clear, Tridek is fast.  With the new mechanics we were eliminating the waiting times that many other TCGs have, without compromising the strategic depth.  After nearly ten years of planning, balancing, and developing, Alex Widl, the “father” of Tridek, now has his chance to bring this fast paced gameplay to digital devices everywhere.

One of the key differences that players are going to notice immediately is the resource system.   Although still easy to learn, the constant give and take of resources gives the game a unique flow and an additional layer of strategy that requires forethought before playing your next card while at the same time providing you with exciting tactical options.   

The differences do not end there… every card in Tridek has a role to play.  The smallest and largest creatures all have their tactical uses that you can adapt to fit any playstyle, as opposed to the mindless slaughter of whoever is biggest wins, which can be found in some other TCGs.

Also, despite having set rules and a new resource system Tridek is still easy to just pick up and play.  With the give and take relationship found within the game quickly becoming second nature to players.

Don’t you agree that one of the most frustrating things when playing the digital version of a Trading Card Game is when a developer takes away the players’ abilities to decide how they wish to play?  Why should a TCG be dumbed down just because it’s played on a digital medium? With this in mind we have developed deck customization that will allow you to build a deck that is truly a reflection of your gaming persona.   What this means is that everything from fast damage to fast defense and even controlling how your opponents play will be influenced by the cards that you choose.

You might be surprised but playing will be free. You can earn cards and in-game currency to improve decks and allow for greater customization without paying a dime. Additionally we will have booster packs that can be purchased as well.

With the depth and scope of this amazing project we have decided that one of the most effective ways of achieving our dream of what Tridek is meant to be would be by utilizing kickstarter's stretch goal system.  

As you can see not only do we plan to release Tridek on as many platforms as possible but with your support we can add new cards, new features and even new species.  However we will not stop there!  We have additional hidden stretch goals that we will announce at a later date!  

Tridek begins on the planet of Galena when peaceful colonists from Earth land in search of a new home and a brighter future. The world however was not the quiet peaceful haven they had in mind. Unknown and vicious creatures owned not only the land and air but even the water. Unable to leave and with limited weapons the colonial scientists tried to find a solution of how to defend themselves from this terrifying threat.

Until one morning when one of the ship's top scientists, Brand Widln, discovered that the chips in the ship's computer systems could be modified and implanted into the creatures. This gave the colonists control over the creature's basic actions. Desperate for safety he immediately began to capture and implant as many beasts as he was able to. In a short time many colonists now had dangerous creatures they barely controlled. 

However, the creatures were so ferocious that at times they would overcome the chip's programming. The resulting effects were bloody and often graphic scenes being played out between arguing colonists and their creatures. These duels quickly evolved into an underground sport where these creatures that man needed for protection were cruelly set upon each other just so that people would have something to watch. 

Fearing colonial backlash the scientists decided to keep the sport available but changing it to eliminate the mistreatment and torment these creatures experienced. To this end they formed the Tridek Gaming Association or TAG for short. TAG required colonists to care for these creatures while regulating the rules of matches. Because of this, creatures could now safely expend energy fighting within a system of challenges which quickly evolved into the professional sport known as Tridek. 

While having found dreamfab to help publish Tridek for Android devices we want to make the game bigger. Additional cards, more creatures, single player tournaments, multiplayer tournaments and support for additional platforms like iOS, PC, Mac and even Ouya! Yet we do not have the money to fully fund this on our own and need your help to ensure that players will have access to Tridek on any device that they wish to play it on! 

When you donate you are not merely an investor but become a member of Team Tridek. You will have access to our official forums where you will receive weekly developer updates and be a part of the game itself! 

We also have some great rewards available which include early access during the Alpha Stage (the first playable digital form), both Beta Phases (Phase One is more polished than the Alpha and has additional features activated while Phase Two is the release candidate), limited signed copies of the digital soundtrack, shirts and even the first prototype of Tridek which will never be given out again. 

During the next coming weeks we will be adding more and more information to the kickstarter page, developer blog and other outlets including Twitter and Facebook. You will get to see game footage, graphics and even gain insight into the actual technical development of the game.  We will also be having interviews with various team members as well as feedback on the publishing aspects of Tridek. 

We are extremely proud and excited to be working on this project that we have been playing since Alex Widl developed the prototype cards! We look forward to your feedback and questions and want to thank you for taking your time and considering us. 

If you do decide to donate… we thank you and welcome you aboard as a fellow team member! The game we truly wish to release on multiple platforms would just not be possible without your help.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As with all projects the Tridek Team has come across a few challenges. When it comes to game development and production from time to time you might experience delays when trying to fix a bug.

However the two major challenges that we are currently facing both deal with Tridek’s cross-platform capabilities: giving users access to their customized decks across all platforms and devices they’re playing Tridek on, as well as enabling multiplayer tournament gaming across different platforms. You also need security to ensure that tournaments are fair and to help ensure rankings do not become redundant.

During development we may also need to replace certain plug-ins for compatibility with specific platforms. Finally it is important to note that we are unable to guarantee that we will get onto all digital distribution platforms (Steam, PSN).


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    Creature Backer: Design a creature! You will get to form an idea and have a creature take form plus your name on the card as the designer of that creature! Also you get Alpha Backer rewards and above!

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    Intelligent Backer: Design an AI Opponent in the Game! You can choose a name, the background story and card deck that one of the AI opponents will use in the single player tournaments. Plus you will receive all of the Alpha Backer rewards and above.

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    Inspired Backer: You will get to come to Germany and stay 2 days in the city of Munich. While here you will have the chance to meet the full Tridek Team, have your questions answered and also get a signed prototype card. You will also find out what it takes to go from a physical prototype to a digital format. Later you can relax with the team and learn the game from those who made it. (Please note: You are responsible for your own travel expenses.)

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    Historic Backer: With such massive support you will receive a 5 day holiday in the cities of Munich and Regensburg. While meeting the team and learning about the development of Tridek you will also have the chance to see the attractions around our beautiful cities. You will also be receiving all rewards listed above as well as be included in a video update from the Tridek Team to further recognize your commitment. (Please note: You are responsible for your own travel expenses.)

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