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Tridek gives you the ability to experience true cross-platform multiplayer matches and tournaments with customized decks.

Tridek gives you the ability to experience true cross-platform multiplayer matches and tournaments with customized decks. Read More
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Tridek: Creatures of Galena is a Digital Trading Card Game (DTCG) developed for multiple platforms and both online and offline gameplay. Tridek gives gamers the ability to experience true cross-platform multiplayer matches and tournaments anywhere they are! Tridek also evolves the DTCG experience by innovating and enhancing the core features players expect in a card game. Tridek introduces an innovative resource system that removes the waiting times found in many other DTCGs without compromising strategic depth. Gamers will be able to play using their own style by building unique decks that can be accessed from any device. Welcome to the planet of Galena where powerful creatures under your control compete in the professional sport, Tridek.

One major gameplay innovation of Tridek revolves around the resource system. It utilizes a give-and-take method that adds momentum and strategic depth. Each card has a resource cost and yield that keeps available resources in motion, requiring gamers to use forethought before throwing down a card, as they must consider a variety of tactical options. The other benefit of Tridek’s resource system is the removal of the “luck factor”. Players won’t need to wait 10 turns to perform an action simply because they lack resources. Another gameplay innovation of Tridek revolves around the Victory Point system. Unlike many other DTCGs, every card in Tridek has its own valuable role to fill. The weakest creatures, for example, may have the highest Victory Points while the larger creatures might be lower. This opens up many tactical options for you to discover and develop into effective winning strategies. It also ensures that Tridek never devolves into “the biggest cards win”.

Tridek has been fully optimized for mobile devices, making no compromises on the gameplay experience on tablets or smartphones, while at the same time providing a complete DTCG experience to captivate even the most avid PC gamers. With easy to learn core game rules and a well-made tutorial, anyone can pick up and play. Also, both new and veteran TCG players will enjoy Tridek’s unique resource system which allows for extremely fast, strategic gameplay.

The core features of Tridek revolve around the resource system and the different card types. While Hacks and Support cards provide augmentation and instant effects, the creatures are the true stars. Mastering these elements is essential to becoming a Tridek champion.

Every creature has two combat strength values. The ATK value is used when the creature is in the Attack Row, the RES value when the creature is in the Resistance Row. Creature cards also have Victory Points (VP) on the upper right corner, which are awarded when the creature wins a fight.

Creatures may also have special abilities. Some abilities can be triggered at different times, while other abilities are passive and trigger automatically.

Hacks can modify any value of a creature on the battlefield or give a creature an additional ability. When playing a Hack it needs a target creature to which the Hack is applied. The target can either be a player’s own creature or one of the opponent’s creatures. Support cards have an instant or timed effect that lasts until the end of the current turn.

Tridek allows players to create unique decks to suit their play style. For example, a player may build a deck to control their opponent’s abilities, use a versatile selection of creatures, or go for a fast VP victory utilizing small creatures. The game-winning strategy is completely up to the player!

Tridek is available for PC and mobile devices, allowing gamers to play Tridek on the go, wherever they are. Tridek also doesn’t require an internet connection, allowing for both offline and online play. Offline, players can learn the ropes in quick training matches, then hone their skills by embarking on journeys across the planet of Galena in the extensive campaign mode. In the offline campaigns, players will be dueling many different AI opponents, who are the masters of the creatures that roam the land, and collect valuable rewards as they progress.

Tridek’s AI is also quite special. Each AI opponent will feel like a formidable adversary with a palpable personality… timid, aggressive, foolish, bold… all to simulate what it's like to take on a real player.

The more competitive players will want to avail themselves of the online versus modes, like the unranked quick match and challenge modes, or the ranked league and tournament modes. Tridek supports synchronous and asynchronous play, which means that it can swap between the two modes during games. Every multiplayer duel defaults to synchronous play but if one player loses connection, or needs to stop mid-game, the game will be switched to asynchronous mode and kept in a list. The players can resume that game later, or continue playing their turns asynchronously if they keep missing each other.

All mobile versions of Tridek will be completely free! Players can play to buy card packs or, for those who want a quick route, pay for them directly. It is entirely up to the player if they choose to pay for the game or not. The PC and Mac versions will come with every card already available to them!

Another feature of Tridek is the team’s community support. Not only do players have the official website and forums to give feedback on issues, such as balancing and rules, there’s also fully supported official Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and TwitchTV channels! Each week until launch, the Tridek team will have a special TwitchTV feature to discuss the game and status of development. This enables the developers to connect directly to gamers who will have a voice and be heard.

Tridek is a true cross platform game! The team is committed to releasing an Android version as well as an iOS version. Additionally, development is underway to release Tridek on PC and Mac as well! This means that players everywhere will be able to enjoy Tridek no matter where they are! Also, since all cards, custom decks, and other progress are saved to a player’s account in the cloud, players will be able to access their progress regardless of what device or platform they are playing on!

While the current focus is on the mechanics and core features of Tridek, the team has also crafted a full and robust lore that surrounds the events leading up to the creation of this sport.

The planet itself has numerous climates and terrain features that have allowed the creatures that live there to thrive and evolve. With two suns rotating, the average day is extended. Deemed suitable for life by a passing colony ship it became inhabited by humans. Unable to leave, the colonists began looking for ways to protect themselves; it was this search that led to the creation of the professional sport that is Tridek, and the Tridek Association of Galena which regulates the sport.

While we have had some mobile releases that were received extremely well by fans, we are still a small company. Tridek, however, is a project that has become a passion. It is our largest and most exciting project to date and our first project where we are planning a complete cross platform release. Also, unlike some other card games that barely hide their HTML origins, Tridek will provide a rich audiovisual user experience that fully immerses you into the game on whatever device you play it on. But we need your help to make Tridek a reality.

By becoming a backer to this amazing game you will be one of the first people to not only play the newest builds as they become available, but also to be a part of the complete creative process. With private forum areas only accessible by our backers, you will get insight from the team on deck creation and balancing before anyone else!

We also have a lot of great rewards for you and your friends... after all, a game is more fun when played with others.

We are very excited to announce that during the next month we will be holding weekly events and releasing new content at an extremely fast pace. Our supporters and interested gamers will get to chat live with our team via Google+ and TwitchTV. We will also have new gameplay footage, behind the scenes footage, (including special features with our artist and developers), and open beta invites that will be available only for our Kickstarter supporters!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about Tridek and if you decide to support us we look forward to hearing from you! Teaming up with our fans via community forums and live events we look forward to meeting everyone who assists us in making Tridek a reality.

Risks and challenges

As with all projects, the Tridek team has come across a few challenges. When it comes to game development and production, from time to time you might experience unexpected delays when trying to fix a bug.

However, the two major challenges that we are currently facing both deal with Tridek’s cross-platform capabilities: giving users access to their customized decks across all platforms and devices they’re playing on, as well as enabling multiplayer tournament gaming across different platforms. You also need security to ensure that tournaments are fair and to help ensure rankings do not become redundant.

During development we may also need to replace certain plug-ins for compatibility with specific platforms. Finally, it is important to note that we are unable to guarantee that we will get onto all digital distribution platforms.

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    Colonist: You are a dedicated member of the Galena Community. Aside from our heartfelt thanks you will receive a special icon on your forum account you can proudly display to the entire community! Plus receive access to the closed beta and forums to help us shape the game into an experience that everyone will enjoy and remember.

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    TAG Researcher: You will receive a special Thank You video from the full Tridek Team as well wallpapers for use on your Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Devices. You will also be listed in the credits as a backer so everyone knows you are a member of our team! Plus you will receive the digital PC Version of Tridek for free!

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    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    TAG Representative: You will receive a special listing in the credits to highlight your donation and membership of team Tridek. In addition you will get exclusive video interviews with the team as well as closed Beta Access for the PC version. You will also receive exclusive Digital Concept Art, the digital soundtrack, and a glimpse into the lore and story behind Tridek. Additionally however you will receive the free PC Version of Tridek and $15 of booster packs for the Mobile version of Tridek as well!

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    TAG Friend: Pledging in this tier you will be able to share the multiplayer experience with your friend! Not only will you get 2 free copies of the game to share with friends but you will also receive all of the great rewards posted above and the $15 free booster packs for either the Android or iOS version of the game! Experience cross platform gameplay no matter where you go!

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    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    TAG Advocate: A TAG Advocate is great for clans and teams! You will be receiving all of the items above plus 4 copies of Tridek! Start the game off right and make your decks perfect playing against your friends. Plus you will receive all of the awards listed above. This tier will also receive free booster packs worth $30.

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    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    TAG Pride: Will receive the limited edition T-Shirt, be invited to a live panel session to discuss the game and its direction via Google+ and Twitch TV, plus all the rewards from TAG Friend and above!

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    Pledge $250 or more About $250 USD

    TAG Artistry: This tier is the first to get the limited edition soundtrack on CD signed by our composer. Plus a limited edition concept artwork signed by the artist that can easily be hung on your wall and everything from the TAG Friend and above!

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    Limited 1 backer
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    Pledge $350 or more About $350 USD

    TAG Champion: Will get the limited edition Tridek Hoodie! Plus everything from TAG Friend and above receive as well a personal question and answer session with the development team.

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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    TAG Scientist: You will get to choose one of the original prototype cards from Tridek signed by the designer himself! These cards will never be given out or re-produced and comes in a gorgeous display case. Plus all rewards from TAG Friend and above!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Creature Backer: Design a creature! You will get to form an idea and have a creature take form plus your name on the card as the designer of that creature! Also you get TAG Friend rewards and above!

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    Pledge $2,500 or more About $2,500 USD

    TAG Hacker: Design an AI Opponent in the Game! You can choose a name, the background story and card deck that one of the AI opponents will use in the single player tournaments. Plus you will receive all of the Friend Backer rewards and above.

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    Pledge $5,000 or more About $5,000 USD

    Inspired Backer: You will get to come to Germany and stay 2 days in the city of Munich. While here you will have the chance to meet the full Tridek Team, have your questions answered and also get a signed prototype card. You will also find out what it takes to go from a physical prototype to a digital format. Later you can relax with the team and learn the game from those who made it. (Please note: You are responsible for your own travel expenses.)

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    Reward no longer available 1 backer
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    Pledge $10,000 About $10,000 USD

    TAG Historian: With such massive support you will receive a 5 day holiday and visit the historic cities of Munich, Nuremburg and Regensburg. While on your travels you will be meeting the team and learning about the development of Tridek while seeing the attractions around our beautiful cities. You will also be receiving all rewards listed above as well as be included in a video update from the Tridek Team to further recognize your commitment. (Please note: You are responsible for your own travel expenses.)

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