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A college student tricks his womanizing best friend into dating an internet girl to save his grades. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 20, 2012.

A college student tricks his womanizing best friend into dating an internet girl to save his grades.

About this project


Our teaser trailer for Surprise, Surprise!!! was just selected in the "Once a Week Online FIlm Festival's" Audience Award competition.  Click on the link below and Support & Share our teaser trailer with your family & friends alike.



My name is Crosby Tatum and I am the Co-Producer/Writer/Director/and Actor of SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!  (CLICK HERE) Thank you for taking the time to check out our Kickstarter page.  Please take a moment to learn more about our effort to make a cinematic film, and consider making a donation towards our project.  

THE STORY:  "Surprise, Surprise!!! is a romantic comedy about a socially under-confident college student (Crosby Tatum), who tricks his womanizing best friend (Jacquin Holland) into "switching identities" to date a beautiful, charming internet girl (Amber Michele), to save his grades and his scholarship.

Cut from the mold of Cyrano de Bergerac and in some ways The Kings Speech, Van WIlder, and Napoleon Dynamite, Surprise, Surprise is a film that will bring High Stakes, High Rewards, and High Hilarity into view, while entertaining audiences worldwide on the misadventures of a young man, trying to mask his faults with a lie, that completely spirals our of control.  View our Teaser Trailer below:

How does Kickstarter works: 

People pledge any amount and choose a reward. At the end of our 30 day Kickstarter campaign, if the combined total of all pledges for our project meets our $2,500 goal, then the credit cards of those who pledge are charged and we receive the funds to make our film. If we don't meet our goal, then the money is not withdrawn from your account and no rewards are provided. If we exceed our $2,500 goal then the extra funds will be used to make our movie even better.  Aside from a 5% Kickstarter fee and a 3-5% Amazon credit card processing fee, all funds raised will be used directly in the production of our film.


I found an interesting statistic online that suggests that "Over 85% of the world suffers from some form of lacking low self-esteem (Click Here)."  When I first read that, it compelled me because, thats at least 85% of the world that has doubts and fears.  That's at least 85% of people in the world who suffer from issues dealing with their own confidence, with how they look, how they act in public, and how they feel inside and out.

For myself growing up, and to this day, it's always been a tough deal being around people more attractive than I am.  To see random beautiful girls smooze over my friends like hot butter pancakes, and me feeling under-confident, nervously trying to talk to the opposite sex with the fear of rejection always hanging above my head, always seem to get the best of me, and I would just stay silent while I would just brood over my emotions.  Hence the reason why me and my partner chose to write "Surprise" and tell an interesting perspective of my life, in the main character, who is afraid to talk to women because he fears that women aren't attracted to him.  

Our hope is that our movie will help others, who suffer from Low Self-Esteem, become more confident, more open, more sociable and honest to those around them, and we hope that they can be themselves, no matter who is around them.   

OUR GOAL:  We're looking to raise $2,500 USD dollars, to help our production:

  • Secure talent and crew for production.
  • Secure equipment rentals/purchases, permits, locations, and food costs.

We have some EXCITING REWARDS to offer you including, Producer credits starting at $100, be included in our movie, even host a screening at your location.


The Cast of Surprise, Surprise!!! (as of writing)
The Cast of Surprise, Surprise!!! (as of writing)


  • Crosby Tatum - (All 4our One, Learn From The Master, DA' Block Presents, Christopher Nolen's The Good Life)
  • Jovan Holland - (DA' Block Presents)
  • Jocelyn Padilla - (Jonah Lives, The Twain)
  • Alison Wachtler - (The Exchange, Anatomy of The Tide, All My Children)  
  • JD Achille - (Lucky Number 13)
  • Jonathan Smalls - (
  • Mark Allen Wood - (The Rude, The Mad, The Funny)
  • Senneca Williams - (DA' Block Presents)
  • Hashim Lafond - (88.9 WERS FM, Another Solid)
  • Karl Neuwinger - Crew
  • Opal Thompson - Production Coordinator
  • Michael Ricci - Line Producer
  • Other male and female leads TBA

The music you hear in our Kickstarter campaign video is exclusively produced by Crosby Tatum and Jacquin Holland aka LAZ & CAT, and CARTEL w/LEE WILSON - "Call Me."

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please share our dream and our goals with your family and friends via Twitter (don't forget to hastag #surprisethefilm), Facebook, Google +, your website, your blog, your email, your podcast, radio show, TV show, EVERYWHERE -- ANY WAY YOU CAN.  Tweet, Facebook, +1, anything, spread the word.
  • Pledge a GIFT for a family or friend member and get them involved in helping us make Surprise.
  • If you have an apartment, a bar or club, a nice restaurant, a roller skating rink, and/or a screening room in the Greater Boston, MA area we can use to shoot for half a day or a few days, please let us know.

Here's what some are saying about our film

"I am very impressed with Crosby and this endeavor. I have always been an advocate for building self esteem in young and old. It is vital to everyone in our society." -- Smiler Q.

"Please help these wonderful producers reach there donate and help get this film rolling!!! Can’t wait for it !!! We all have no money in these tough economic times, even $1 can help..every little bit helps!!!" -- Michael D.

"If there were more people like Crosby, it might bring back better the shear enjoyment of watching a film..." -- Shelly F.

FAQ's are below if you have any questions you might think of.  Thank you for checking out our fundraiser.  God bless you all for your support, and Welcome Aboard #teamsurprise.  


  • Costuming, props, lighting, press materials, scouting & securing ideal shooting locations, equipment rental, and care and feeding of cast and crew.

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  • The $2,500 goal is set as a minimum of what it will take to make Surprise, Surprise!!!. If we are fortunate to exceed our goal that only means that we will be able to make Surprise, Surprise!!! that much more impressive on the big screen! And we mean IMPRESSIVE!!!

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  • In addition to pledging, add our "Kickstarter" badge to your website and social network. Forward this link to your friends and family and anyone else you know who might be willing to help. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and add our info and updates to your feed. Help us spread the word! For more information about Surprise, Surprise!!! and/or Crosby Tatum check out our links.

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  • We plan to premiere Surprise, Surprise!!! on the big screen in early-mid 2013 at a very well recognized film festival (i.e. Tribeca, L.A., etc.) and have a hometown debut in Boston, MA afterwards. After traveling the festival circuit, we will secure a distribution deal with a reputable distributor who will place our movie on DVD in your favorite stores (i.e. Walmart, FYE, etc.), on an online video platform (i.e. Netflix, Redbox, iTunes, Amazon), and on television (i.e. BET, Starz in Black, etc). Those who pledge $50 or more will get their DVDs before anyone else!

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  • Of course you can! If you would like to contribute to Surprise!!!, but know of someone who would really enjoy the incentive just let us know and we can arrange to have it gifted to the person of your choice.

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  • Absolutely!! For those of you that want to increase your pledge amounts we simply add the pledge totals together to determine your reward level.

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  • Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing fundraising platform, so if time expires on our campaign then we do not receive any funds and backers are not charged a cent.

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  • You selected
    Pledge $10 or more

    6 backers

    "THE WRAPPER" (not RAPPER) - Your name featured on our "Surprise List" website and "Special Thanks" film credits, PLUS, A downloadable "Wallpaper" for your computer, AND a downloadable iTunes ready copy of me and my partners debut Hip-Hop Album - "LAZ & CAT - TRICITY VOL. 1".

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    Pledge $25 or more

    2 backers

    "THE BOW" - Everything above INCLUDING: An "iTunes-ready" copy of our TV, Music Video, and Film programs for download -- DA' BLOCK PRESENTS (Sketch Comedy TV Series), ALL 4OUR ONE (Sitcom TV Pilot), GANGLAND GOSSIP (Short Film), and our LAZ & CAT Music Videos.

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    "THE BOX" - Everything above INCLUDING: A Limited Edition Pre-released, Signed DVD/Blu-Ray/or Download Copy of "Surprise, Surprise!!!", and An 11x17 Poster upon the film's picture lock.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $100 or more

    4 backers

    "The SPECIAL GIFT" - Everything Above INCLUDING: An ASSISTANT PRODUCER credit, PLUS A brand new "Surprise, Surprise!!!" T-Shirt, mailed to you, AND an EXTRA "non-speaking" role in the movie (travel & accommodations at your expense).

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    Pledge $250 or more

    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    THE "DANCING" SURPRISE - Everything Above INCLUDING: 2 Private Dance or Martial Arts Lessons w/CROSBY TATUM and notable Boston Area Dance/Martial Arts Practicioner and Actor, DAN MARSHALL in the Boston, MA area (travel & accommodations at your expense).

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    Pledge $500 or more

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    The "LITTLE" SURPRISE - Everything Above INCLUDING: An an ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit, PLUS 4+ Tickets to the "Surprise, Surprise!!!" Film Wrap Party (travel & accommodations at your expense).

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    The "MEDIUM" SURPRISE - Everything Above INCLUDING: An an PRODUCER credit, PLUS a "Speaking" Role in the film, AND 2+ tickets to the "Surprise, Surprise!!!" Opening Night Red-Carpet Photo-Op, Screening Premiere, and After-Party (travel & accommodations at your expense).

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    Pledge $2,500 or more

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    The "BIG" SURPRISE - Everything Above INCLUDING: An EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit in Surprise, Surprise!!! PLUS (2+) Surprise, Surprise!!! Film Festival premiere screening tickets (Date & time TBA to you, travel & accommodations at your expense).

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