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Make your awesome bread, with your LoafNest. Easily!
Make your awesome bread, with your LoafNest. Easily!
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LoafNest : World's Easiest Artisan Bread Kit



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Thank you for your wonderful support for LoafNest, KS community!

We cherished your support, input, comments and interactions, and we are happy to have you on board! LoafNest will be a reality.

Thank you, one and all.

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No-kneading, No-shaping, No-mess, No-cleanup! With LoafNest it takes less than 5 minutes of effort to get beautiful, tasty, flavorful, healthy loaf at home. 

LoafNest is the easiest artisan bread maker in the world.

Beautiful and delicious bread is a delight to eat. But making artisan bread is quite cumbersome and impossible to fit in a regular busy schedule.

LoafNest changes this!

With LoafNest you will easily make excellent artisan bread, with less than 5 minutes of handy work.

Great results assured every time. 

LoafNest is a life changing product for healthy eating food lovers.   

LoafNest revolutionizes home bread making by bringing high-heat, high-humidity professional baking environment to home kitchens. With the patent pending combination of classic cast iron and the state of the art easy peel liner technology, LoafNest brings artisan bread making to everyday life.

Specifically designed cast iron heavy casserole stores and releases heat quickly to give an amazing oven spring to the loaf. 

Flexible non-stick easy peel liner helps to seal the moisture in, in making a crunchy crust and soft crumb. It also gives nice texture to the bottom of the bread, similar to professionally baked artisan breads.

  • Two handles on top to force more safer two-hand operation. 
  • Offset handles inspired by butterfly and clover leaf. 
  • Tracks on the inside of the top part to prevent condensation from accumulating at one place. Casserole could be used also for bread storage.
  • Unique shape of loaf that makes it possible to have uniform slices for sandwiches, while remaining round enough to have an artisanal appearance.

Cast iron stores and releases heat same way as a baking stone used by traditional European bakers. Cast iron is robust, durable and simply looks gorgeous.

With proper care, it will last generations. LoafNest Dutch Oven is designed for making bread. But then, it can also be used in a way that you would use a traditional dutch oven.

LoafNest cast iron casseroles are made in China by a reputable manufacturer who also supplies to best brands in Europe and North America.

LoafNest Enameled Cast Iron Casserole adheres to EU and US standards for food contact safety.

LoafNest liners are made with perforated glass fibers reinforced silicone. Perforations allow better heat transfer, allow moisture to escape at the bottom, giving a crunchy crust and give that professional baked texture on the bottom.

LoafNest Silicone Liner is non-stick and easy peel thanks to silicone material and its flexibility.

LoafNest silicone liners are made in France, by Demarle, who are known for their pioneering Silpat baking mats.     

LoafNest Silicone Liner adheres to EU and US standards for food contact safety.

Dimensions: Product dimensions are approximately 30 cm x 15.5 cm x 14.5 cm ( 12 inch x 6 inch x 5.75 inch) 

The inner size of the LoafNest is 23cm (~9 inch) long, 14.5cm (~6 inch) wide and 13.5cm (~5.5 inch) tall. The actual loaf will have same length and width and height between 4-5.5 inches depending on the recipe.

Weight: Approximately 5.5 kg (~12 lbs)

Color: Pantone Blue 286C with a gradient shade of Pantone Light Blue 0821C. [Colors are approximated] for the Casserole and black color for liner.

Casserole: Thick cast iron. Colored glossy enamel coated on outside. Black matte enamel inside.

Liner: Glass fiber weave coated with food grade temperature resistant [-40°C to +260°C (-40°F to +500°F)], oven safe silicone.

Beauty of LoafNest is not just skin deep, lot of thought has gone into LoafNest in achieving the following features in the product.

No-knead, No-mess, No-cleanup! 

Taste and Beauty

European style bread is made easy with LoafNest kit.

Olive and Garlic loaf made with LoafNest
Olive and Garlic loaf made with LoafNest

The bread you make is full of deep flavor, crunchy crust and an airy crumb that is soft, moist and chewy but not tough. The crumb is airy, flavorful and shiny. 

The bread you get is so flavorful and delicious, you will probably never buy supermarket bread again.    

LoafNest Sunflower seeded whole wheat loaf
LoafNest Sunflower seeded whole wheat loaf

We designed LoafNest such that you are always guaranteed a good oven spring that makes the bread look so delightful.    

The non-stick perforated liner gives a texture on the bottom of the bread similar to professionally baked bread.


Using the LoafNest is so easy and practical. It takes less than 5 minutes of handy work to get the most amazing bread. 

LoafNest fits well with the busy lives and lets you make your own excellent bread, you just have to find your rhythm. With improved no knead recipe and Loafnest, it is so convenient to make the bread, while not compromising on the amazing quality of the bread.

There is no kneading, no floured worktops to clean, and no proofing baskets to manage. 

With LoafNest non-stick perforated liner, there is no wrestling to get the bread out of the hot casserole. It peels off effortlessly from the bread while leaving beautiful texture on the bread.


With LoafNest, it is possible put in the ingredients that you trust in your bread and forget about preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers and other additives.

This loaf has 3 whole carrots! LoafNest Carrot-Cumin (Caraway) bread
This loaf has 3 whole carrots! LoafNest Carrot-Cumin (Caraway) bread

Normally it is just flour, water, salt, and yeast. Since YOU decide what goes in your bread, you can be assured that the bread you make is free of preservatives, additives and artificial flavor enhancers.   

Simple White Loaf with Sesame seeds, without preservatives or additives
Simple White Loaf with Sesame seeds, without preservatives or additives

LoafNest recipe uses less than 1/6th the yeast of a traditional bread recipe. LoafNest is slow food made easy. 

This is good news for those who feel their tummy is bloated with commercial bread or for people who have difficulty digesting bread or other gluten rich foods.    

Creative freedom

LoafNest gives you full license to let your creative juices flow. Don’t be constrained by limits of traditional baking.

You can use much higher amount of water or other fluids (vegetable juices, dairy for example). And sky is the limit for herbs, spices, grains, veggies, cheese or other flavorings. Just mix them in or throw on top before baking. You can use multiple kinds of flour or mixed flours.

Creative LoafNest loaf with Green beans and Red kidney beans
Creative LoafNest loaf with Green beans and Red kidney beans

Although we give you a recipe for assured good results, LoafNest is designed to improve baking of bread made in any other way. 

You can use LoafNest to make almost any recipe that would benefit from high humidity and high heat baking. 


LoafNest removes the uncertainty from bread making. Inconsistent results drive people away from bread making. Not anymore with LoafNest.

LoafNest is designed to bake excellent bread and LoafNest’s improved no knead recipe makes the process simpler. It is robust and forgiving for small errors in measuring. You could count on LoafNest, for an oven spring and a soft crumb, making a perfect loaf always.

Here is some early praise for LoafNest by independent sources. 

"It's physically beautiful, and the silicone liner for easy removal/fuss reduction is a stroke of genius." - Fred Decker , Trained Chef and food writer

"The liner does seem like a brilliant idea. The step of transferring a wet loaf into a hot cast iron pot seems to present the biggest no-knead challenge to new bakers." - Sheila S.

"It’s a smart kit, well designed and thought through and really does what it says it will!" - Food Crumbles

"LoafNest makes easy artisan bread possible at home for everyone" - Trendhunter

"It looks neat, and it seems well designed for its intended use" - algochef [Reddit]

"Visually, it's great. I love the idea of the perforated silicone 'nest' that allows for easy clean-up" - breadandbirds [Reddit]

Stretch Goal 1: LoafNest tested bread recipe e-book for all backers! 

Stretch Goal 2 : All KS backers can choose between the current Blue and a new color without additional cost. The next color will be decided based on voting after campaign. 

Computer generated images of LoafNest Casserole in different color. [Not final colors]
Computer generated images of LoafNest Casserole in different color. [Not final colors]
What color will the next LoafNest be?
What color will the next LoafNest be?

To add additional liners, choose a reward and simply adjust your reward amount by adding €45 for each additional liner you want.

Cast iron is heavy and LoafNest is relatively large. This makes the shipping quite a challenge. We have optimized our logistics that allows us to provide economical shipping to backers in a limited number of geographies.

For EU/US regions we have optimized shipping for 16 Euro. This includes all applicable taxes and duties. Add-on liners do not have additional shipping charges.

LoafNest is designed with secured offset handles to prompt two hand operation. When handling the hot casserole, securing all four handles together gives more stability. All our materials are food contact safe in line with EU and US regulations. 

The NYT no-knead bread recipe and My Bread by Jim Lahey

Flour Water Salt Yeast by Ken Forkish

Modernist Bread by Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya

Baking bread is as much a science as an art. Recent books like the 5-volume 'Modernist Bread' are an indication of how complex and wonderful the science of bread can be. We have worked hard to translate the best of the bread science into LoafNest to make it simple to use, to deliver consistent results, tolerant for errors in recipes, versatile for various types of breads, and to make beautiful and tasty bread for everyday use. Here is the science behind how we do it.

Hydration: the proportion of liquids in a recipe has a strong influence on the structure of the bread. This ratio is called hydration and typically expressed as a weight percent of flour in the recipe. For example, a 50% hydration recipe has 50 grams of water for every 100 grams of flour. Too low a hydration makes the bread end up dry and tough. Higher hydration is generally preferred for and high hydration breads (e.g. ciabatta) are known for their rich soft texture and taste. However, too high a hydration typically makes softer bread but after a point it causes the bread structure to collapse which makes a very dense bread. Of course, it also makes it very difficult to handle since the dough would be very runny. Only with a very strong protein structure can a high hydration bread hold its structure during baking. You can achieve this by adding flour strengthening agents (as done in many commercial bakeries) or by allowing more time for the protein structure to develop. With LoafNest, we recommend the long fermentation and slow yeast activity process to allow for the proteins to hydrolyze to a higher extent, to form stronger and longer chains that can help bread retain its structure even with high hydration, which is typically used in no knead methods. With the silicone liner to hold the dough during the baking, it makes it even easier.

Crust formation: Crust forms on the bread when the outer layer reaches a high temperature and goes through changes like Caramelization and Millard reactions. This creates the wonderful golden-brown color and the flavor. The texture of the crust comes from the gelling of starch on the surface as it hardens. A higher humidity of air around the bread as it is baking does not let the bread surface dry as it bakes. This gives a thin but crunchy crust that we associate with artisanal breads. LoafNest retains the moisture inside by forming a seal on the rim using the silicone liner while thick walls of cast iron provide high heat to the bread. This very effective moisture trapping allows for crunchy and thin crust.

Consistent baking temperature: Unknown to most home bakers, the temperature you set on your own is not necessarily the temperature experienced by the bread. We are not talking about inaccuracies in temperature setting. Even an oven with perfectly calibrated temperature will not ensure a consistency of temperature for bread baking simply due to the variation of humidity in atmosphere. Ever noticed how on a humid day you feel warmer with the same temperature that is fine on a dry day? The same thing happens to the bread. If the air is dry it experiences a lower temperature than that of air temperature. In thermodynamics this is called the wet bulb temperature. Since LoafNest seals moisture around the bread, the air will become quickly saturated with moisture and hence your bread will always experience the same temperature that you intend.

Oven spring: The large cracks on the surface of the bread (called ears/ oven spring) are distinguishing feature on many artisanal bread. On some breads like baguettes they are distinct part of the identity of the bread. Location and number of these ears is controlled on some breads by scoring with sharp a knife. These ears are formed when the outer layer of bread is partly hardened but inner of the bread is still expanding. This expansion of bread is called oven spring. When oven spring happens at the beginning of the baking before the outer layer is fully hardened, it can lead to wonderful ears. But oven spring requires a lot of heat input into the bread and most ovens can not provide heat fast enough. With specifically designed high thermal mass of cast iron casserole, LoafNest re-creates condition similar to a stone oven. This gives a great oven spring every time.

I am Shrivalli Bhat, a physicist, wife and a mother. I grew up in India, studied in India and England and living in the Netherlands. I am a PhD in Physics from Cavendish labs, University of Cambridge, a Queens' college alumnae and a Gates Scholar. I created LoafNest in our endeavor as a family to eat healthy and tasty every day.

Bread is such an essential part of our lives that in many cultures Bread means food. But the bread we eat today is, flavorless, and full of preservatives and stabilizers. I want everyone to eat healthy and experience the real joys of life like the taste of a real fresh artisan bread. Baking at home could ensure healthy eating, but then, it is not easy to achieve great results without the right tool. Electric Bread makers offer convenience at the cost of bread that is no better tasting or looking than supermarket bread. For us as a family, the hope for regular good homemade bread was lost until we discovered no-knead bread.

We admit that when we first heard the name, we thought it was gimmicky. After all, how can you make bread without kneading? How wrong we were! Over the last several years we have made and eaten almost exclusively healthy, delicious and just awesome bread at home, thanks to this method. And now, we are at a stage where we could make beautiful artisan bread without touching the flour with hands with specifically designed tool, LoafNest, for this purpose. 

Having science and engineering background, we experimented a lot and optimized the process to make it even more foolproof, even easier, and more convenient.

With the prototypes we designed, with this method, it is unbelievably easy and reproducible. It is a fest to watch what comes out of the oven in the LoafNest every single time. With LoafNest you could make professional quality bread in your home with very little effort.

We are a team of product developers with science and engineering background who are passionate about simplifying and bringing cutting edge technology to daily lives. We worked hard in designing a meaningful product and in securing reliable and experienced manufacturers who have years of experience in manufacturing quality products for the best brands in the world. We trust that with these partnerships, we would be able to bring best quality LoafNest kit to you that would be in your kitchen for years and, brings a smile every time you look at the bread you bake with LoafNest.

We have the prototypes of LoafNests and have been happily using them. But we are one big step away from bringing LoafNest to market. Your support will enable us to make this product come to a reality for everybody for everyday use. 

Your support will enable us 

  • to order silicone tooling and achieve sufficient quantities for minimum orders for a series production
  • to establish our logistics and supply chain in preparation for retail sales
  • to have a community of initial users and influencers

We are making a start with LoafNest. Over coming years, we have a pipeline of creative, effective and meaningful products to improve the daily lives, be followed by LoafNest. By helping us to fund LoafNest, you are also helping us to take those bigger challenges. You will help us in the true spirit of Kickstarter.

We would like to thank the global baking community for inspiring the idea of LoafNest.

We would like to express our gratitude to our friends who pitched in with ideas and helped out with testing LoafNest and providing feedback. Particular thanks to Coen Claassen for his tremendous help with campaign page design.

Finally, we thank the Kickstarter community for creating such a vibrant and supportive environment for creators. We could not have done this without any of you.

Risks and challenges

We have two main components in our kit: cast iron casserole and silicone liner. Both are sourced from experienced manufacturers who already make similar parts with similar complexity. They have the infrastructure, skills and knowledge to manufacture these parts. Hence, we do not see major risks in the manufacturing itself.
However, we are very small and we recognize that we do not have a strong leverage on our suppliers who also cater to much larger customers. There is a possibility that this can translate to a delay of a few weeks if they end up prioritizing a larger order instead of ours.
Also, since we are shipping large, heavy items in large numbers we have to rely on more cost effective shipping methods like sea-fright that are also slower.

To account for these risks, we have already built-in a buffer in our planned timeline. Nevertheless, we can never rule out delays out of our control. In such cases, we promise to be transparent and keep our backers informed of the status with frequent and informative updates.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
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Funding period

- (15 days)

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