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“Revitalizing art from the pulp era in a haunting horror game that also serves as a standard poker deck.”

Woe to the Living: the game of classic pulp horror melds together classic pulp era art, a traditional 52 card deck and a captivating card game all in one.  No matter how they’re used, erie horror images tell the tale of the haunted and the demons they face.

 About the Game

3-5 Players (Play with 6 or more by combining two decks)

~15 minutes to play

For ages 13+

 In Woe to the Living YOU are the sinister spectral force striking terror into the hearts of those brave or foolish enough to stay in your sleepy seeming small-town in the heart of America.  You lurk in the darkest places, making night-time strollers walk just a little faster and double-bolt their doors.  You must carefully cultivate terror and watch those impacted; too much terror and they die of fright becoming useless to you.  Too little terror and you starve as your prey's fear fuels rage and reckless strength, turning terror into desperate defiance!

Sweet delicious terror!

Carefully select your prey across four rounds of game-play.  The goal is to have the second highest total terror at the end of the game.  This is made more difficult by the other players, all vying for that coveted high, but not highest, terror total.  Use a sneaky card swapping mechanic to exchange face down cards throughout each round.  Correctly gauge your opponents’ motives in order to feed them the cards they don’t want, or take from them the cards you need. (see rules below)

What Do I Get For Pledging?

Woe to the Living: the game of classic pulp horror

Play Woe to the Living as a stand alone horror game, or use the beautiful cards for your card collection, your Saturday night poker game or to stick into your kid’s bike spokes.

Further, depending on pledge level, you can include another Touch Paper Press Kickstarter original game "Super Showdown" by either selecting the appropriate pledge level, OR by simply adding 15 dollars onto any other pledge level!

It's that easy!

Each game includes;

• One deck of 52 pulp era playing cards – Complete with 29 revitalized pulp era ‘horror comic’ style images, painstakingly re-mastered so that the images come right off the cards at you!  These cards also have the traditional suits  and ranks.

• Rules – Rules!!  Check ‘em out below;

The Plan

We are launching Woe to the Living through Kickstarter for printing costs.  The 1,000 dollar initial funding goal will give us enough capital to print all needed copies of the game, cover shipping for those games and give us a few extra decks of the game to bring to conventions.  

As long as our minimum goal is reached, we promise you a beautiful, quality game.  However, we hope to exceed our goal in order to improve the quality of the product we publish.  We will be updating with new stretch goals as necessary.  Greater funding means Better Quality, so please help us spread the word!

The art and Our inspiration

Woe to the Living was created in part to pay homage to the 50’s style Pulp Magazines that gave so many artists and writers their start, and also acted as an imagination springboard for so much of the fiction we see in movies, books, comics and games today.  The images you see in Woe to the Living were carefully selected from a host of public domain images from this era and re-mastered to blend together stylistically.

Pulp has changed to mean so many different things for so many, but it is generally spoken of affectionately.  We wanted to address the heart of “Pulp” where it literally meant the “rag” magazines of the golden age era.  Something cheap enough for ambitious storytellers and artists to get their message heard!  Imagination, creativity and opportunity flourished during these days, the effects of which can be keenly seen today.  

Much of the fiction, gaming and movie-going that we now enjoy was heavily influenced by, if not born from, Pulp.  We are grateful to the publishers and creatives who utilized this medium to expand so many genres, and look forward to redistributing, and remembering, what we feel to be some of its finest work.

Thanks for stopping by, traveler.. but it's getting late, and I wouldn't want you to be out after dark..



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