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Kayaking Doctor Working for GOOD's video poster

Jessie Stone-Professional WW Kayaker. Doctor. Soft Power Health Founder. Opened and runs a clinic in Uganda - Let's tell her story. Read more

Jinja, Uganda Journalism
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This project was successfully funded on April 3, 2011.

Jessie Stone-Professional WW Kayaker. Doctor. Soft Power Health Founder. Opened and runs a clinic in Uganda - Let's tell her story.

Jinja, Uganda Journalism
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About this project

Here's the story.

Jessie Stone left traditional medicine in pursuit of a life as a professional whitewater kayaker. Her journey eventually lead her to Uganda and the White Nile. Part of her kayaking group fell ill to malaria and she took care of them. And that started it all.

She saw the need for cheap mosquito netting as a preventative measure against malaria and Soft Power Health was born. She is now celebrating Soft Power Heath's fifth anniversary and is also opening her fifth clinic in the area, focusing on malaria education, prevention and control, family planning and primary and preventative healthcare. To date, her organization has sold more than 45,000 mosquito nets and educated more than 100,000 people.

Jessie still kayaks... everyday. And she is on the USA Freestyle Kayak Team.

Basically, the world needs a GOOD story, and Jessie is GOOD People (grammar is incorrect here but it's a saying).

I am going to tell her story.

I have my plane ticket, vaccinations, visa, the whole shebang. I am leaving on Feb. 23 and return March 11, 2011.

I am going to shoot this story in still photographs and in video (with the same camera, crazy right!). I will of course gather audio as well.

The main goal of this mission is to share Jessie's story AND Jessie's work. I want to help bring attention to what she is doing as I think this can have a positive effect on her organization and ultimately the people she helps.

I work with a lot of editors in the magazine world. I will be keeping them in the loop and pushing full photo stories to as many outlets as possible. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't push single images from the project too :).

I also work with a darn good photo agency that will help me spread the GOOD word (

The video and audio assets of the project are meant to create a final multimedia piece that can be used online, or really, just about everywhere except in print magazines.

We're covering all of the bases here folks.

Here is why I need your help.

Bottom line, Jessie's story needs to be told.

The editorial world has had a really tough go in this down economy and no magazine is going to pay to send me to Africa no matter how good the story is (except for maybe one). Magazines do get excited when you say you have already shot the project though.

Your support will go to paying expenses for my plane ticket and excess baggage (yes, I have to take a kayak all the way to Uganda), vaccinations, local travel, food and other miscellaneous expenses on the trip. Roughly $3,500.

When I get back, I want to hire a video editor to work with me on pulling the multimedia presentation together (I wear a lot of hats, but you have to draw the line somewhere). This will also include any licensing agreements for music, etc... Roughly $5,000.

Lastly, there are some amazing Rewards for helping this project along and they will cost some mula as well. Reaching $8,500 in funding will still put that on the house, but that is okay because it will mean we were able to reach the full potential of this project.

Let's do this!

Feel free to learn more about me and my work at


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    Everything above + a personal Thank You card made from an image in the project + Special Thanks on the Trevor Clark Photography Blog.

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    Everything above + an El Guapo T-Shirt (El Guapo is my van. The shirt is sweet!) + a DVD of Behind the Scenes GoPro camera footage of me working on this project (Most likely a lot of hilarious footage of me getting pummeled in BIG rapids).

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    Everything above + Local Arts & Crafts from the villages I visit. You can help the local economies with this one!

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    Everything above + a Personal Phone Call from me to recount stories from the project (go ahead, ask me anything!) + 1 Signed Print from the project (17 x 22 or smaller).

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    Everything above + 3 Signed Prints of any size (24 x 36 or smaller) + Special Thanks in the final multimedia piece.

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    Everything above + 2 domestic roundtrip tickets for you and a friend to hang with me in Lake Tahoe and go on an adventure of your choosing while I act as the guide and documentarian. You can help edit the images and keep whatever you would like of our trip. We can even make some prints if it suits you. We can adjust the trip details however you would like. If sleeping on the ground isn't your thing, we can just base from my house and do day trips. It's really up to you!

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