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Fantasy RPG set in the fallen world of Steel. Build a team of unique characters to fight the dark powers in a turn-based strategy game.
Fantasy RPG set in the fallen world of Steel. Build a team of unique characters to fight the dark powers in a turn-based strategy game.  Now available on Steam, iTunes and Google Play.
Fantasy RPG set in the fallen world of Steel. Build a team of unique characters to fight the dark powers in a turn-based strategy game.  Now available on Steam, iTunes and Google Play.
330 backers pledged $20,398 to help bring this project to life.

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Episode 4 Story Update

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Heroes and Backers,

It has been an honor to work with and for all of you.  Over the last few years, we've built a massive tactical RPG and delivered on every one of our KickStarter goals but the very last one -- finishing the story.  We've learned a lot about scoping a game properly through this experience, but we are dedicated to giving Heroes of Steel the ending it deserves.

On that path, we are excited today to release the penultimate story update for Episode 4.  This update moves the story forward in a lot of really big ways and gives the Chosen of Death a new perspective on what is "behind the curtain" of the Gods.  You'll be on the hook to make some major choices as well, ones that will effect the world for centuries to follow.

This story update adds 12 new dungeons, 15 new monster types, over 120 lootable weapons, armors and gear as well as Legendary Items for Kyera and a refresher item for Vincent.

We hope you have all enjoyed playing Heroes of Steel, and now our attention turns toward the final story update.  One last dungeon romp to the end!  Here we go!

Thanks for your support,

Andrew and Cory Trese

Trese Brothers Games


Crafting System + Story Update Soon


Heroes and Backers,

This will be one of our last updates to the Heroes of Steel KickStarter, as we are gliding into the finish line here.  We've got a major story update just around the corner. It just has to clear the final testing and one last piece of epic artwork to do before its ready to go.

In the mean time, we've packed on some extra scope to the Heroes of Steel project.  We never intended to have a crafting system within the game, but we got excited about the idea at the time we released Respec (also a scope-creep feature). At that time, we introduced Bloodstones into the world, and now they are the power with which you can craft new magical items!

The latest major update introduces the new Crafting system. You can now visit any smith in the Underdeep, and they will help you enchant mundane weapons and armor with powerful magics. Each crafting requires 2 Bloodstone Crystals to power the enchantment, but the results are pretty spectacular!

As you work on crafting, you can concoct a basic recipe by providing a single "tuning" piece of magical gear.  The magical properties of the gear will be matched against the possible crafting result, and the result with the highest match score will be created.  This gives you a way to indirectly influence the process.  For example, if you're looking for +Ice Dmg on your blade, then you should definitely put in a +Ice Dmg necklace. 

The tuning will not always be exact, but it will help guide the smith's hand. Tuning is optional, you can also just allow the smith to do his or her best and accept the result. 

Of course, this crafting system is a late game add. It's way more than we had ever planned to include in Heroes of Steel, but heck -- you deserve it.  If your group is at the end fo the game, this new system may seem over-powered. That's because you might be sitting on 40 Bloodstones and could make 20 crafting runs back to back. You're going to get some pretty amazing enchantments without a doubt. You may even be able to replace a lot of your weapons and armor! 

While it may seem a little tilted for veteran groups, this system is being rolled in with new groups in mind, and crafting is intended to help these groups "fill the gaps" throughout the game -- when you really need a new, powerful bow but just can't find one, or your tank is getting slammed with damage and you need that extra armor. Throughout the game, it is estimated that you might get 20 crafting events if you are thorough collecting Bloodstones. So, use them well, and don't make the mistake of hording all your stones to the very end of the game. Legendary equipment still trumps crafted equipment, so be sure to use your crafting opportunities wisely and throughout the game. 

Thank you for your on-going support!  We can't wait to share the upcoming story release :D


Andrew and Cory Trese

Trese Brothers Games

NPC Raffle + Thanks to our Creators!

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We wanted to take a minute to thank our amazing creative backers who have helped bring Heroes of Steel to life, and announce an upcoming opportunity to join the world of Steel as a character.

Many of the best characters, storylines, and events of Heroes of Steel were created by the ideas of our KickStarter backers and woven into the larger world.  If you have trailed the rascal Balgair from one bar to the next, then you know what I am talking about.  Was it Bloodlace's shadowy arts and secret ways that helped you reach the top of Red Hill?  From the prison cell to the throne room, the Magus Lazzon was always hiding something, wasn't he?  In the eastern Underdeep, certainly you have heard the rumors of the terrifying place known as the Underforge, crawling with spider-kin of the worst imaginable ilk.  Speaking of rumors abound, word has trickled down from the far mining town of Granthorn of the visit of the mighty Storm Brothers, Sedollan lords who weathered the Shattering on the surface. Have you heard of their fair sister?  If you've been out near Granthorn, did you see the wolves they have there? Huge beasts, silver-coated. Local farmers and miners tell tales of one who runs among them, a Silver Werewolf, perhaps a cursed man perhaps only a legend. At the far edge of the world, you'll come to a town of Freeport, named after the islanders who settled the cliffs there leaving behind marooned ships. The old Baroness d'Colliar passed on years ago, and her daughter Laranda has abdicated the throne to another.  If you speak of great Barons, then you could not fail to mention Baron Tazzer, the steady hand that has held the great walls of Gholla Outlook for decades.  Wandering far from those halls is one who carries a royal -- to say the least -- bloodline in his veins, the warrior-monk Nikolai Ramius

To say the least - we've been more than lucky to have these amazing creators on our team and helping to fill the world of Steel with vibrant, different, and exciting stories. 

As Heroes of Steel nears its climactic end, there are a few story characters who still need to appear. Next week, we will raffle off two invitations to join Heroes of Steel to any Patreon pledging at least $2. Consider it a reverse poll ;) If you win, you'll be invited to provide a picture of yourself, family, friend or a reference to give a face and appearance to the character. Want a new forum avatar? Want to see yourself looking dreamily out from the screen?  

While we will add these two new characters to the game, we want to be clear these aren't on the level of the KickStarter rewards -- they are offers to join in face alone and to suggest a name.

We hope you will join our Patreon and get in on the raffle! 

Thanks again,
Andrew Trese

Trese Brothers Games

New Stories within the World of Heroes of Steel

Last month, we were excited to share the news of the launch of new serial fiction within the world of Heroes of Steel.  The Reclamation's first episode was written by Bryan Sirois, and we were proud to publish it, and to share this new view into the world that you know through the video game.  

Set against the backdrop of the fallen world of Steel, the Reclamation tells the story of Landon, a gloomer who refuses to live out his life underground without ever having seen the sun.  But, his adventurous heart lands him into hot water when his wish finally comes true. 

We hope you will join us in welcoming Bryan to our team and in supporting his work by picking up a copy on Amazon, Google Play, or iBooks.  Don't forget to leave a review!

Generations of mankind have suffered, entombed deep within the world of Steel. Few living in the Underdeep have ever seen the sun, and the only knowledge of the life humanity enjoyed on the surface has been passed down by the elders. Landon, son of a renowned cartographer, has spent years searching for a way out of the gloom. Following a newly charted exploration, he finds a way upward, which takes him farther than he has ever climbed before. At last free from the depths below, he breathes fresh air for the first time, but his euphoria is short-lived, as Landon quickly comes face to face with mankind’s most brutal enemies. Can he survive in this undiscovered world, where darkness and evil thrive under the light of the forgotten sun? The first Episode in an on-going series of stories, Dark of Day begins a new adventure. 


In other news, we are hard at work on the next story expansion for Episode 4.  This one will be the penultimate major expansion.  Hopefully, it will be out soon!

Path to a Stretch Goal + Vraes Art Update

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Dear Heroes and Backers,

This week, we wanted to share two exciting pieces of news on Heroes of Steel.

First, we've opened a possible path to partially unlocking the Epic Character Expansion stretch goal that we didn't reach during the funding phase of the KickStarter.  This path is through our Patreon, where we've just updated the reward we'd provide if we reach $500 milestone in monthly pledges. When we hit $500, we will ask our Patreon crew to vote and decide on a major add or improvement for one of our games. This could be adding a 9th character to Heroes of Steel, or a 9th class for Templar Battleforce, or any wide variety of improvements -- it would be up to the vote.  But, if you love the variety of Heroes and want to see more characters, joining our Patreon is one way to help push for that!  If the $500 goal is successful, we'd plan to add more goals like it for additional pledge milestones.

Also, this week we've released the major art overhaul for Vraes the Outlander.  He was one of the very first characters penned three years ago, so the transformation is pretty amazing.  We hope you'll pull down the v4.2.15 update and check out the newst art in the game!  

Of course, its important to keep the eye on the prize and not get distracted by pretty things.  Our next big step is to release another chunk of Episode 4 content.  We are now working on the last two chunks that will bring the story to a close, and so -- the status graphic is very simple.  One last item!

Thanks again for your support,

Andrew and Cory Trese

Trese Brothers Games