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Trembling Water is the title of a CD I will be recording this summer, dedicated to the creative and nurturing power of water.
Trembling Water is the title of a CD I will be recording this summer, dedicated to the creative and nurturing power of water.
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Your Prizes! And a New Video

Dear Beloved Supporters, 

Thank You for being patient!! And apologies for the lack of recent updates! This recording process has been fruitful, however there have been quite a few unexpected variables that have caused delays that I never expected would be so MUCH of a delay! I'll tell you more about that down below... 

But first, the question you must have in your mind: Your prizes and music have yet to be sent, - except for the cookies - they have been sent!! I am planning to send all of the various prize levels once the CD is complete, including shirt, patch, and additional CD prizes. You will receive your copy of Trembling Water before the album is officially released in hard copy or digital format. (Please let me know if you did not receive your awaited cookies if you are part of that pledge category). The original release date was November, and when November passed, I kept expecting it would only be a few extra days.. and a few more weeks ... and then a few months have flown by... I now have the new expected release date of February 28. If things change again, I promise I will let you know BEFORE the date has passed. I apologize to those of you who may have had the CDs in mind for a holiday gift. Now we may celebrate the Chinese New Year with new water blessings for ourselves and the earth! 

A few of you have yet to respond to my email request for your mailing info - so if this is you, then be sure to send it so you can receive your prize! 

If you have sent it, then thanks for being on top of it!!  If you had any trouble sending requested postage for the prizes, be in touch and I can offer assistance. 

I'll tell you a bit about the recent developments and some of the variable that caused delays. I decided to add a few additional parts to the CD out of the studio once my funding level ran thin. I set up a mini home studio, and had Anthony - the album's trumpet extraordinaire - add some trumpet harmonies. I added some vocal harmonies and taught myself some accordion parts for a few songs (on one very nice accordion - a shout out thanks to Andy!!). Right before the accordion and additional banjo tracks were laid down, my left pointer finger was badly sliced open in a kitchen mishap, and it remained bandaged for nearly a month to heal. Once that happened, delays snowballed, with technical issues, scheduling challenges and my slightly disheartened self tried to pull it all back in alignment. 

From here, we are doing fine. Challenges are expected and I appreciate all of you being witness to the process... 

AND>>>> Here is the new video of a shortened version of the song One Who Knows. This is a videe documenting the live - in cabin recording - as all of the songs on the CD were recorded, mixed with scenes from the studio recording process and a variety of scenes invoking the feeling of the song's story - which is a self discovery process, the process of finding our one in the whole, and our whole from our one, our baby self and our ancient wise selves, all inclusively responding from within. 

Staring: Geneva Harrison, Andrew Maguire, Paul Martin, Scott McDowell, Joey Chang, Anthony Anderson, Laughter Medicine, Starlight Kompost, Calico Wright, Dennis Eustace, Scat, Brock Wollard, Skillet, Paco and Coon (the kitten, who recently passed away, blessing to beloved little Coon!). Location: Sai Baba Lake Cabin, Squirrelly Oaks Farm, San Francisco, Maryland, Barcelona, and the Yuba River. 

Much Love,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Alana Conner on

      Simply lovely and inspiring and giving me chills! Can hardly wait for the album!

    2. Jan Řepka on

      Keep on banjoing and singing!
      Hope you can introduce your music live here in Czech Republic one day.
      Looking forward.

    3. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Lovely! Heather, thank you for posting this - it's a gift!