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In this climate of hate and fear, I'm starting a Social Justice T-Shirt Company to produce messages of solidarity, hope, & compassion.
In this climate of hate and fear, I'm starting a Social Justice T-Shirt Company to produce messages of solidarity, hope, & compassion.
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Social Justice T-Shirt Company - Liberty's With Her



Who is Wear My Values LLC, and what are we doing?

Hi!  My name is Dan Winterhalter, and I feel the need to respond to the climate of hatred, disenfranchisement, and unkindness that is becoming prevalent in the United States today.  I acknowledge that I am part of the privileged majority, but I will not stand silent while members of our communities and families are discriminated against or banned from reentering the country.

SO, I'm creating Wear My Values, LLC.  We are a Social Justice T-Shirt company; our focus will be creating wearable images promoting the America and the world that we want to live in.  

I've started a quick-turnaround Kickstarter campaign- 10 days to reach our goal.  Help us get there quickly!

After we meet our startup costs (formation, website, printing, etc) it's our intention to share our profits between the artists, the company, and one or more issue relevant organizations.  Visit our webpage for more information about our mission and our plans!

Our first T-Shirt Design - Liberty's With Her

Liberty's With Her
Liberty's With Her

Inspired by the #MuslimBan, we stand with all Americans and their right to be themselves, practice their religion, wear their choice of clothing, and not be persecuted for their choices.  It is not, and never will be, acceptable to prevent someone from entering our country when they have followed all the legal rules to be here.  It is not acceptable to change the rules while families are divided, visiting for the holidays, to prevent them from coming home.  It is not OK to place bans on immigration based on fear and business interests, instead of reasoned, factual arguments and data.

The Founder:

I'm Dan Winterhalter, a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for creation, invention, and puzzle solving.  A graduate of University of Michigan's College of Engineering, and a Michigan Marching Band Alumnus, Dan has worked in a variety of different industries creating new products, from cars to power tools to toys. 

The shift in politics in the last few months has driven me to stand up and do something, and I'm grateful to have found a way to do just that.  I'm combining my love of Kickstarter with the experience I've gained backing over 600 projects to launch my own attempt to live my dreams, and to stand up for the people who need help being heard.

The Artist:

I'll let her introduce herself!

My name is Becky Chapin and I'm a life-long artist and doodler who works a day job as an enabler-extraordinaire (selling coffee and sweets). In my free time, I indulge my love of the fantastic through board games, card games, video games, and the classic pen & paper role-playing games. I began college as a Studio Art major and finished with a degree in Art History.

Since then, I've been unlearning much of the restrictions that I was taught during that time and I've ventured onto a great number of self-study sessions to better hone my skills with one medium or another. I adore working with mixed media and that includes the transition between traditional and digital mediums. I'm very excited to be a part of this project and look forward manifesting many more designs!


This campaign is very simple; you may make a donation to receive your name on our website (as soon as we get it set up) or you may pledge for a T-Shirt.  

The T-shirt is a charcoal colored 100% Cotton Men's/Unisex Jersey T, is rugged, soft, and well put together.  Offered in Men's/Unisex S-XXXL, it should fit most people very comfortably.  All of the t-shirt printing is being done with a local Colorado company.

Add-on Reward

If you would like more than one shirt, you may add on as many additional shirts as you would like by increasing your pledge by $20 each.  We hope to do fulfillment and pledge management after the campaign through BackerKit, so there will also be an opportunity to add additional shirts to your order after the campaign ends!

What does the money go to exactly?

We've worked to minimize the expenses to launch as much as possible; We're hoping to pass our goal by a large margin, but either way, here's what the initial money will go toward:

  • $486 for buying a domain & hosting on Squarespace and paying someone to build a website
  • $500 for the legal fees and filing fees to form an LLC and properly register it with federal, state, and local governments.
  • $820 for the printing and shipping costs of the first 100 t-shirts (which are enough to kick us off)
  • $196 in estimated Amazon payments and Kickstarter fees, which they take off the top of our pledges.
Budget Breakdown
Budget Breakdown


This is a rapid-response Kickstarter project- it's our intention to order the t-shirts the day we get sufficient funds disbursed from Kickstarter to do so.  The company we're working with to do the t-shirt printing expects to have shirts to us in about 4 weeks.  We plan to have a shipping party within 48 hours of getting the shirts in, and get them out to our backers immediately.  With any luck, you'll be seeing the shirts in your mailbox by the last week of March.

The bigger the response to this campaign, the more likely the timeline will slip a little- we'll make sure to keep everyone in the loop as we know.

Stretch Goals

At $10,000 in pledges, we'll have enough money to cover the small additional expense of offering women's t-shirt sizes as well as the men's/unisex t's.  This requires a larger minimum order size, as well as higher inventory costs, or we would have done it initially.  We are VERY hopeful of reaching this goal, so that everyone can have & wear a t-shirt sized/fitted appropriately!

At $20,000 in pledges, we'll have enough extra money to print on both sides!  When we do, we'll include this quote on the back of the t-shirt:

"Our most important allies in the fight against ISIL are the vast majority of Muslims who reject its apocalyptic ideology of hatred."

-U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) & Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Art for this is coming soon.

Risks and challenges

Dan has worked as a consultant on a number of Kickstarter campaigns at this point, as well as backing several hundred, so understands the ins and outs of Kickstarter very well. That said, this is the first campaign that he will be owning from beginning to end, and there's always something new or different happening.

In regards to fulfillment, we have suppliers, attorneys, and a website developer ready to go the moment the funding comes through. One of our partners worked for a custom t-shirt manufacturer until last month, and we are currently planning to work with her company, using her contacts and resources. While it's possible the timing will slip (again, something always happens differently than you expect), this project will deliver to all of its backers.

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