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An innovative and easy-to-use padded divider system for protecting your gear in your favorite alpine pack or hard case!
An innovative and easy-to-use padded divider system for protecting your gear in your favorite alpine pack or hard case!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Magnus Evald

      Still waiting. Would be nice with a christmas-update

    2. Ben Zvan on

      I never received my product. An email to the company was supposed to be forwarded to someone who could help and they never replied. Sad.

    3. Boppe Guillaume on

      Any news on our items?
      It seems that a lot of us is still waiting to get their trekpak...

    4. Travis L.

      At this point, I'd at least like to receive the Deuter Pak I paid for.

    5. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      Opted to get the non-fabric product as the one we backed will never get done. Feels like a $30 product from China. Nothing like what was promised. Rubbish. Took Kickstarter funds and ran. One of the few projects backed that did not deliver.

    6. Travis L.

      Did everyone else receive the "holiday thank you" email the other day? One of the things on offer was a Deuter Alpine Pak similar enough to what I paid for years ago now. Too bad mine has yet to be delivered as an original backer.

    7. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      Tried Twitter on 7th Nov and got : "not out of luck! Details are in the works, waiting on a couple pieces of info and will release an update". Not quite a scam but lots went wrong and they were just not honest with backers. Waste on money

    8. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      Yup - dead project.

    9. Missing avatar

      Warren on

      Can't even sign in at the website anymore. Starting to look like we are screwed if we waited for the fabric version.

    10. Travis L.

      I am in the same boat. I have tried email and have received no response. Please update us on the status.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jake Baldwin

      What's the status on the pro packs? You said that we would be receiving emails pertaining to our pledges back in June. I have received no such email. An update would be appreciated.

    12. Missing avatar

      alliemac9 on

      Curious if those of us that opted to receive the foam version while waiting for the pro version to be ready should still be expecting a pro/fabric version someday? Or has that been shelved and we have our final product?

    13. Peter Ghali on

      Still waiting for a TREKKER INSERT. 28 months and counting... No response.

    14. TrekPak Creator on

      You should receive emails regarding your pledges shortly! Thank you for reaching out to us via our Kickstarter feed and we look forward to solving your needs!

    15. Missing avatar

      Rime on

      I'm in the same situation as FinchAxe. I opted to wait for the pro inserts.
      At this point I accept they will probably never happen and would like to get the regular inserts or a refund, whichever is easier.

    16. FinchAxe on

      Dear TrekPak, I'm reaching out here because I'm having difficulty getting a response from I've succumb to not waiting for the pro pack and am happy to get the regular package with backpack. Could you please contact me so I can progress this? Thanks in advance.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rime on

      A response would be appreciated. It has been 2 years and still waiting for the pro inserts... :P

    18. FinchAxe on

      Any progress on pro packs?

    19. Missing avatar

      Rime on

      Any updates on the pro insert?

    20. TrekPak Creator on

      Mike, received your inquiry, working on replies. Thank you for your patience with our very small team. We look forward to sending you updated information shortly!

    21. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      No idea what the heck has happened to my Kickstarter pledge. No emails, no communication, no updates. Send note to support but no reply.

    22. TrekPak Creator on

      Glad we were able to quickly resolve the issue.

    23. Missing avatar

      Warren on

      I was contacted and it was explained that it was sent by mistake. I will still be receiving the fabric version when it is ready.
      Thanks for the response

    24. Missing avatar

      Warren on

      I never received an email about my pledge. What was the content of the email?
      I would like to have an answer here instead of offline because others may have the same questions.
      Unless there is something to hide this should not be a problem.

    25. TrekPak Creator on

      Apologies for the frustrations you appear to be having. An email was sent to you Thursday regarding your specific pledge shipment. Please contact if our support email did not reach your inbox, and we would be happy to work out your concerns.

      Thank you again for your support via Kickstarter!

    26. Missing avatar

      Warren on

      I just received the foam version in the mail.
      Does that mean you have given up on the cloth version? Why no updates? Why no notice that you were just sending the foam?

      I waited for the better version, if you advised us that you were giving up I could have had the foam version earlier.

      Good product idea, Poor customer service, Horribly run business.

    27. Kevin Thai on

      When will the bags be shipped? I've been waiting for over a year hoping for it all to be finished.

    28. FinchAxe on

      @TrekPak, sorry are you saying we should have a login to the website to check for orders? I never a received login details or have I confused what you meant in your Mar 9 comment?

    29. TrekPak Creator on

      For information associated with your order, please login to your account at for an up to date status and additional information. Please email if you have trouble accessing your account.

      Thank you!

    30. Missing avatar

      Aaron Miller on

      So since you guys ignore me via email and facebook: I got confirmation that my package was delivered to you on Monday and haven't heard a peep all week. I just simply want to be done with this ordeal and would really appreciate it if you would have the decency to address a dissatisfied customer. Please release me from this unfortunate situation and you will never hear from me again, I promise that it will be much easier for both of us than slowly ripping off the band-aid as you currently are. Seriously, if customer service is important to you like you say than any service would be better than the none I'm currently getting. I tried to keep this out of the public forum but you've left me no choice. Lets just be done.

    31. TrekPak Creator on

      Thank you for your understanding of difficulty in updates due to time and support of TrekPak!

    32. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      Thank you. I appreciate it is hard - the status was very hard to ascertain from the paucity of updates. It was unclear what product for backers was at what stage.

    33. TrekPak Creator on

      I assure you TrekPak is not dead. All standard line inserts have shipped, and we are working on an update for fabric line status. If we could squeeze more than 24 hours in a day, we would!

      Thank you for your patience!

    34. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      Is this dead?

    35. Missing avatar

      MikeG on

      Very confused now - what is the status, ETA on Pro Packs, no real idea what is going on .....

    36. Michael Milner on

      Did you guys close up shop??? How come your website is down? Can you please send my order?

    37. Michael Milner on

      Hey Guys, Any updates on the 1500 case yet?? I was promised this by February and we are inching ever so close to March and no updates.

    38. TrekPak Creator on

      Michael, thanks for checking up on us! We just posted a status update (#59) with some more information! Thanks for your patience!

    39. Michael Milner on

      Any update on the professional line yet. 1500 case pro line I thought was due in December. just a few days left and haven't heard any updates lately.

    40. TrekPak Creator on

      Mosley, great idea! We will see what can be done along those lines to accommodate that!

      Andrew, yay!!! So excited to hear you love your system! Thank you for the compliment!

    41. Andrew Tang on

      Got my trekpak rollipak this week, and LOVE IT. I've already tried to fit a few of my bags with the system, it's fun just deciding on what compartments i want and where!

    42. Mosley Hardy on

      Thanks. One other idea - I wouldn't mind having more than one insert for my FreeRider, and I may not be alone. Because of that, when the time comes for the trade-out to the pro version, I would suggest that you consider offering the option to either A. return the standard insert for a pro version OR B. keep the standard version and receive a coupon for the difference in price between the two plus shipping. I would keep the standard insert and use the coupon to order a pro version. Others might opt to use the coupon to purchase additional dividers, rolli, etc.

    43. TrekPak Creator on

      Thank you! We're working hard to keep updates rolling out while staying on top of business! Glad updates are helpful and appreciated! Thank you again!

    44. Eddie on

      yay for international orders!

      This is by far the best kickstarter project ive backed yet! awesome product and timely updates and product manufacturing. Seems most things went to plan but above all, management seems to be spot on.
      Keep up the awesome work! =)

    45. TrekPak Creator on

      Mosley, yes we will offer extra dividers kits! Once we get pushing into full production we will put together kits that will be offered through the website. Glad you're happy with your decision to back TrekPak from the beginning!

      Eddie, international orders ship tomorrow!

    46. Eddie on

      Yep, no probs. just asking what the status was

    47. Mosley Hardy on

      Got my freerider yesterday - OUTSTANDING!

      Any plans to offer extra lengths of the non-rolli to make dividers? I have an idea or two about reconfiguring mine but I hate to carve up the current dividers to try it.Also I'll be wanting to trade for cloth-covered when the time comes. . .

    48. TrekPak Creator on

      Eddie, international orders are sitting on a self ready to be sent! We unfortunately are waiting for paperwork and licenses to go through on the business shipping end. Once we get clearance, they'll ship out. Apologies for the delay.

    49. Eddie on

      can't wait for this to come =)

      I live in australia and i do know that there has been a slight delay on the delivery to us. So would i be correct to say that if we have not received notification via email about a tracking number, they have not been shipped to us yet or held somewhere (not in australia) ready to be shipped?

    50. TrekPak Creator on

      Pelican inserts have started rolling out and Rolli will follow shortly after! Thank you for your patience and support! We're excited to spread the word about TrekPak!

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