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Star Trek Continues is a successful award-winning, non-profit, fan-based webseries finishing the final 2 years of the original mission.
Star Trek Continues is a successful award-winning, non-profit, fan-based webseries finishing the final 2 years of the original mission.
2,619 backers pledged $214,584 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Amy Young on

      What an incredibly generous gift! Thank you so much. This series will be treasured in my house forever!

    2. Larry Cavanagh on

      E07 was excellent, it truly is Star Trek, continued.

    3. Christopher Northern

      You are doing a better job than the "professionals."

    4. Christopher Northern

      E06 is amazing! Story, sets, costumes, acting, etc. -- all high quality! The TOS universe has always been my favorite. These episodes are better than anything else that came after the original, including all the TV series and movies that cost many millions of dollars. Well done!

    5. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Andy Waynick: Thank You

    6. Missing avatar

      Andy Waynick on

      I just saw episode 6. Bravo!

    7. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Mike Pikowski: Vic is going to Fedcon! We will be doing a screening. Stay tuned for updates.

    8. Mike Pikowski on

      So now that Jonathan Frakes cancelled and William Shatner is currently a financial Risk for Fedcon and could get cancelled by them, i´ll suggest them AGAIN that Vic should come with Michele to Germany :-)

    9. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Jake Anderson: You won't be disappointed.

    10. Jake Anderson on

      That engine room looks really great guys, the damn brewery they used in Abrams pile of junk put me off more than all the other stupid stuff they did. You guys are doing a better job of making trek than the "professionals", I can't wait to see somebody jerry rigging some technobabble in that engine room ;-)

    11. Missing avatar

      Eric Bennett on

      Is it true that STC is moving Kirkstarter 3.0 to Indiegogo?

    12. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Larry Cavanagh: Stay tuned!

    13. Larry Cavanagh on

      Will there be a Star Trek Continues 2016 "Kirkstarter"?

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrea Suhaka on

      Is there a way to download the episodes! I think I missed seeing the 2nd & 3rd eps. Please, can you answer this at

    15. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      From what I read Renegades chose to stop. They were not told to stop. There were fan films out on the net when the show (enterprise) were broadcasting. So I'm hoping STC wont have any issues. But an official word from STC would be nice.

    16. Duskwind on

      Any chance of an official comment on how the CBS news affects Star Trek Continues? It appears Renegades won't be able to continue once the CBS show is on air, and seems likely that other fan projects would be affected in the same way...

    17. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      Since we got new Star Trek coming any chance CBS partner with you guys. Do a kickstater and CBS matches 1$ for 1$ ???? Heck they put you guys on CBS ACCESS and I would be a

    18. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      I got it she could be Lolani's sister....LOL

    19. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      (being a little behind on comments here...)
      @Pete -- bite your tongue; the studios would probably try to "improve" it beyond all recognition.

    20. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      Just read CBS is doing Star Trek in 2017 on CBS ACCESS is that gonna have any effect on you guys???

    21. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Larry J. DeStefano: That is highly classified and you do not possess the appropriate security clearance. :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      See you got a farscape cross over actress coming in for episode 6, Great news love her work and think she could be a real bonus for you guys. Will she play human or an alien?

    23. Missing avatar

      Pete on

      I'm surprised that the copyright-holders/studios don't seriously consider funding this operation and turning it into an officially-sanctioned Star Trek retro television show. Even at union rates, this show would be low risk and likely a bargain to produce compared to some of the other stuff they're gambling on.

    24. Missing avatar

      Pete on

      Wow - best fan-made production yet!

    25. The Swirling Brain on

      Awesome episode! Can't wait for 6 and beyond!

    26. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Larry J. DeStefano: We are still in pre-production. No star date identified yet.

    27. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      When do you think filming for ep 6 will take place?

    28. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Larry J. DeStefano: We are still working on the engine room and then the planet set!

    29. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      Any word on the planet set yet???? Cant wait for Friday......!!!!!!!! thank you for the work you guys do just finished episodes 1-4 again. My fav right now tie between 3 and 4.

    30. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      Read Stephen Colbert is a big star trek fan any chance Vic could get an interview on his show. Now that would be the plug of all

    31. Missing avatar

      Martyn Davies on

      Thanks for providing so much enjoyment. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

    32. Donald Wren on

      This is the 3rd time I have been a backer and will continue... But my question is that I was a $35+ and was suppose to receive PDF scripts and poster in May... either I deleted the email? I have not received them yet? LOVE the series and what you ALL do!! Thank you

    33. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      While i support ST p2 as well their quality level is just a little behind STC. They have great sets and some good stories but I would have to rate them at B or B+ right now. Way better then when they first started and I see constant improvement but they still got a little way to go and I hope they keep going. Never enough Star Trek. STC is definitly the top game in town.

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael Chen on

      I was delighted to find out that the media player scrapers actually identified the STC episodes as legit items and photos and meta data appeared. I've put the episodes into my media player.

      On a separate note, I had put the ST p2 episodes into the player as well and was watching a few of their more recent additions with my daughter. (15 now ... not really a trek fan but she watches when I watch) ... and then my daughter asked the question ... what's wrong with the lighting on the P2 episodes? They don't seemed to be lit anything close to the STC stuff. She also asked about the audio and how it had an echo feel.

      Made me appreciate the STC stuff even more.

      Keep up the great work.

    35. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      Argh !!!!! 3 more weeks. Like waiting for christmas as a kid......!!!! LOL

      You guys got me so hooked it should be a crime.

    36. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Larry J. DeStefano: Thanks for the suggestion.

    37. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      I see that another site has a "thing: were you can keep donating as ongoing process and watch the tally keep rising. I know we can donate to STC on their website. But for me it helps to see how much my donation has added to the total. Sorta a non stop funding ability with a goal. Say 20,000 for episode 7. Then once or twice a year we can have a big donation drive with all the perks and fanfare. Just my 2 pennies.

    38. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Norman Franke: Other supporters have suggested the same idea. We will mention it to the Captain at the next briefing.

    39. Missing avatar

      Norman Franke on

      I could see a paypal offer for downloadable versions of Episodes 4-6 for a nominal fee. May help keep the episodes coming.

    40. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Norman Franke: At this time we don't have that option available. If that should change, we will send out an update.

    41. Missing avatar

      Norman Franke on

      We were provided download links for Episodes 1-3, can we also get one for episode 4 and later 5? I prefer watching them on my TV streamed from my Mac (via the Universal Media Server.)

    42. Missing avatar

      David K. Nicholson on

      To counter John J. Hall's interview, why can't he have any guilt? You gotta remember that he was wacked on the head, and the combination of drug and injury brought those memories back. He did feel responsible personally for their deaths, and the injury and drug helped bring the guilt to the surface.

      I think my only gripe is that Spock and McCoy didn't try to relieve him of command. Otherwise I thought it was a great angle. I especially liked how they waited all the way until near the point where the missiles were gonna strike the Enterprise and then hit the planet for him to remember, and the scene with the little girl was so moving and so precious that it brought a tear to my eye.

      The counselor in this episode was perfectly utilized in that she helped him realize how badly he needed closure. Spock was partly right, but even his judgement was clouded due to how susceptible Vulcans seem to be during the mind meld.

      It was a total pleasure seeing Colin Baker in the episode. That part was just perfect for him. When I first heard he would haveva part in the episode, I automatically assumed he would be playing the Doctor since I'm a fan of both Doctor Who and Star Trek. I still enjoyed his performance regardless that he was playing another role.

      I just wanted to counter John's review with my own, but certainly everybody is entitled to their feelings and opinions about the episodes, and I reckon it helps balance out with all the positive reviews.

    43. Far From Home, LLC 2-time creator on

      @ Larry J. DeStefano: We will be showing a trailer during our screening of "The White Iris" in Vegas on Friday night. We will have an update shortly on a release date.

    44. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      Any word on episode 5? teaser trailer maybe, poster, something...????? waiting with

    45. Andrew Hsieh on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    46. Missing avatar

      John J. Hall on

      I did not find episode 4 particularly engaging. It seemed out of place for Kirk to have that kind of guilt (at least all at once - despite the whole experimental drug issue). Initially I thought he might conflict with Spock about tampering with his memories about Rayna, but then it went a more general direction. The ship's counselor really didn't really offer any insight - nothing more than Spock and McCoy were giving in any case. Spock wasn't wrong, though he could have worded his quick mind meld diagnosis differently. Unfortunately the counselor character just seems to be inserted into stories instead of being a real part of them. Deanna Troi in ST:TNG gave me the same feeling - like the script was done and then she was added. Plus, it just wasn't exploring a new encounter - it was providing another sequel of sorts to previous episodes of ST:TOS which I did not feel needed a sequel(s). The return of Apollo was well done and a good kick off to the project, and then we have an Orion slave girl who I couldn't really get a track on (but is WAS a new encounter and that was good). However, we then go back to the mirror universe and now we have Kirk's past relationship(s) guilt. I’m hoping episode 5 is more on track with the continuing voyages and not backing up and re-experiencing well trod ground.

    47. Missing avatar

      Ingrid Magnusson on

      Pity those of us overseas missed the early showing. :-(

    48. Missing avatar

      Larry J. DeStefano on

      Watched episode 4 1/2 dozen times time. Gotta say again you guys have nailed the show dead on. All the actors have found thier groove. Chuck, Vic,Todd, chris and the rest are just spot on. Also love your guest stars great one and all. Also gotta say I love how you trim your special effects to fit with the old show. What I mean is if some other group did "white Iris" they would have shown the incoming missles in more detail, but you guys didnt, you provide just enough to keep the story moving along. In other words you dont let the FX become the story they only enhance and make it even better. Any hints for episode 5 i'm so

    49. Oson on

      You guys are amazing. This is seriously great TV, on theme and tone with the original but just... more! It's always a blast to see your work. Keep it up!

    50. Missing avatar

      David K. Nicholson on

      Possible spoilers here if you haven't seen the episode yet.

      You guys really meant it when you said it was a personal story. Having Kirk deal with all those losses in such a profound way was a stroke of genius. I teared up toward the end with the scene with the little girl.

      I love Chuck Huber as McCoy. He nailed McCoy really well. Todd Haberkorn did a great job as usual. I just can't gush enough over Vic's portrayal as Kirk. He does a much better job than the other actor that presently is playing Kirk in the new movies. I guess I can't take anything away from him, though, because it is a rebooted timeline, but Vic is just too awesome as Kirk.
      Colin Baker put on a great performance as the leader of his planet. You guys are just hitting all the right notes with STC. I just hope CBS doesn't decide to take action at some point against you because STC is getting popular. I seriously don't want to see that. If they did take notice, I hope it would be to make an offer to put you on as a weekly series.

      Anyways, you guys need to do a sequel to the Doomsday Machine. That would be a great episode to premiere the new engine room with :) Just thought I'd throw that out there.

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