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A hit on the UK convention scene, the fun, easy and fast 6d6 RPG is going into print.
A hit on the UK convention scene, the fun, easy and fast 6d6 RPG is going into print.
215 backers pledged £6,592 to help bring this project to life.

The Omega Is Coming - This Is Your Last Chance

This is the end.

The Age of Legends Kickstarter has just three days left run.

A whole world of epic adventures and meddling gods for the 6d6 RPG is fully funded and heading towards its fourth stretch goal.

Please don't miss out.



p.s. Age of Legends Kickstarter --

Age of Legends - A Complete Campaign Setting for the 6d6 RPG

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I'm pleased to announce a brand new, complete setting for the 6d6 RPG.

Epic adventures and conniving gods await in Ancient Greece.

As I write this, three hours after we launched, we are 25% of the way to our Kickstarter goal. Which means we can expand the book with the stretch goals we have lined up.

Lessons Learned

We made a lot of mistakes with our first Kickstarter, the 6d6 RPG Core rules and adventures, which is why it was so late. We have learned from these mistakes and this time:

  • Everything is already written (including the stretch goals)
  • We have been through the editing / proof-reading / layout stage with nine books now so we know what to expect.
  • The bulk of the artwork is also done

Everything which tripped us up last time has been addressed. This doesn't mean we won't find new problems but I'm confident this will be a lot smoother process.

Epic Adventures

Head over to the Kickstarter page for details but in a nutshell, Age of Legends is about heroic adventures in the style of Jason & the Argonauts or Odysseus. There are meddling gods, magic, oaths, monsters and the deadly politics between Athens and the other city-states. 

Apart the rules (those are in the 6d6 RPG Core book) everything you need to play is in the Age of Legend book: character paths, archetypes, equipment, monsters, gods and background information on Greek life.

This book will take the 6d6 RPG to a whole new level and open up wide range of adventures and characters options.

Many thanks 


P.s. If you backed the 6d6 RPG Core on of the higher reward levels you may already have the PDF in your library (check your 6d6 Online account). See the instructions (and lower price) on the Age of Legends Kickstarter for backers of our original Kickstarter.

Custom Content Backers - Important Update


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Fancy a Game of 6d6 RPG This Weekend

Three online games this weekend.

The games are open to anyone and will be happening via Google Hangouts.

Click the links below to sign up for the game or email for more information.

Owl & The Sable Mare

Savage Island 

  • 5pm EST / 9pm GMT / 10pm BST 
  • Cast adrift by pirates, the adventurers wash up on a strange island. With no food, no water and no idea where they are, the characters must contend with hostile natives, magical towers and ancient ruins. 
  • Running Time - 3 to 4 hours 

Giant Chickens

  • 8pm EST / 5pm PST / 8am HKT 
  • One ordinary morning in an ordinary diner turns extraordinary when someone orders the super-sized chicken surprise. A B-movie horror adventure in the spirit of the classic 1950s. Bwaaaak... 
  • Running Time - 3 to 4 hours 

Happy Gaming!


Custom Content for the 6d6 RPG [Important News]


I hope you've had a chance to read and play the 6d6 RPG in the four months since publication. Hopefully it is everything you wanted and more.

If you cast your minds back to November 2013 when you backed the 6d6 RPG, your reward level included an amount of custom content for the game. Our original plan was to do this along side the books but with all the delays we decided everyone was better served by getting the books out first and then dealing with custom content later.

Well, it is now later.

What we propose is to create a one-off book, especially for custom backers, and you will receive both print & PDF versions.

What is in the book depends on you. This is your book so you decide.

It could be character paths and monsters to fit a particular genre, a short adventure, or background material on a fantasy city or sci-fi planet.  In fact anything 6d6 RPG related. Just let us know what it is.

The content for all the custom backers will be in the same book so it will contain a medley of different ideas and genres. 

The next step is to give us your ideas via email or the comments. After that we will organise them and produce an outline of the book's content for feedback.

So getting thinking and send us your ideas.