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A hit on the UK convention scene, the fun, easy and fast 6d6 RPG is going into print. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on December 4, 2012.

A hit on the UK convention scene, the fun, easy and fast 6d6 RPG is going into print.

About this project

£5000 barrier smashed. Final stretch goal achieved. 24 hours to go.

The success of the 6d6 Kickstarter was only possible thanks to the support of the gaming community and 1000s of people who have given their time and work to the creative commons and public domain.

Now is the time for 6d6 to pay back those people by enriching our hobby and the world at large.

Every penny we raise above the £5000 mark goes on brand new artwork which we will donate to the creative commons.

Apart from the printing costs, postage costs and the cost of any custom content (reward levels above £100) all pledges go directly on new artwork that will be freely available for all to use.

See this Update for more details. 

The 6d6 RPG is one of the most innovative role-playing games for years and a hit at the UK conventions, clubs and stores. Its speed of play, creative roleplaying and ability to handle any setting or genre have all been praised.

But don't take our word for it. Each time we demonstrate the game for a new group we pass round feedback cards at the end. Over 250 people have chosen to respond and this is just a taste of what they have said.

After three years of development and play-testing plus strong sales of the original PDF edition, the 6d6 RPG Core book is ready for an update. This Kickstarter is for a new edition with new layout and new artwork.   

The 6d6 RPG is a game about Potential and Advantages. 

Potential controls how much a character can do, and ebbs and flows from round to round. Large actions or multiple actions in one round will leave a character short on potential for the next round. Do little for a round or two and potential is built up.

Advantages are a character's individual strengths, tricks and knowledge that they can use in an action. Individually, advantages are weak but their power comes from how they are combined. A warrior may use Brawn + Weapon Expertise + Longsword to strike an opponent; a spacecraft pilot may use Problem Solving + NavigationAstrophysics + Computer Use to plot a course; a Private Eye may use IntimidateQuick Wits to make a perp talk.

The power and role-playing potential of the 6d6 RPG comes from what is and is not covered in the rules. Potential is tightly defined because it keeps the game fair and balanced. Advantages and how they are combined is limited only by the player's imagination and their ability to justify a combination to the other players.

The Troll in the Corner blog has a great article on how Potential and Advantages work.

All the PDFs come with the Living Document Promise which means you will only ever have to buy the 6d6 RPG once. No matter how many different versions we release, no matter how long ago you purchased it, with the Living Document Promise you will always have the latest version available for download. 

Everything 6d6 does is under the Creative Commons which means you can legally share the rules and adventures with as many people as you like.

6d6 is so simple to learn because there is only one mechanic. Flying a spaceship, casting a spell, scaling a wall, stabbing someone or bluffing your way into a secret cult are all handled the same way. Spend Potential to combine Advantages and add their dice together. The opponent does the same to set a target to beat. The degree of success, e.g. the damage done, is the difference between the two. 

Factors such as range and cover, as well as ad-hoc bonuses for preparation and good role-playing are treated as Advantages. Dice are added to the attacker's or the defender's action as appropriate. 

For extra speed of play any special rules for advantages, such as the exact effect of the Knockdown ability, are kept short and simple. Only ever 50 words or so long, their full text can be easily included on the character sheet.  

The 6d6 RPG is a genreless system that can be used in any type of setting. We have already published four different adventures in wildly different settings to test and demonstrate the system's flexibility. 

At the Go Adventuring reward level, pick any one of these four adventures. Pick a second at the Further Adventures level or all four at the Extreme Adventures level.

Outbreak by Ben Jackson is a zombie apocalypse adventure. Seven random strangers on a bus have survived the first few hours but as darkness falls, disaster strikes. Stuck in the woods, they need shelter and they need it fast.

Savage Island by Chris Tregenza is a fantasy adventure on a remote, hostile island with danger-filled caves, primitive tribes, four-armed apes and a mysterious past.

Quantum Flux by Kieran Kowalski takes 6d6 into deep space on a top secret salvage mission to a long-lost ship. What could possibly go wrong?

Mince Pies & Murder by Chris Tregenza is a more genteel adventure. It is the 1920s and a group of world-famous detectives are invited to Christmas Dinner with a dying man. What is the secret he wishes to pass on before his death?  

Five radically different settings are all under development for release in 2013 and fall into the +1 Year reward level. They contain everything you need to explore the setting, including a range of setting-specific Advantages, bestiaries, GM advice, background on the world and sample adventures.

6d6 Bots by Ben Lally is a truly original setting. A world where humans live in a gilded cage, dependent on self-aware robots that do all the hard, dangerous work (such as going outside). The Bots' Earth and solar system is a dystopian, dark, twisted, surreal and funny reflection of our own. Current Status: The background material is nearly complete; character generation and special robot rules 70% done. More play-testing is need but otherwise Bots is well on the way to completion. Anticipated Publication Date: 2nd quarter 2013

6d6 Magic by Chris Tregenza takes you down into the dungeons, slaying dragons, reading runes and questing for treasure. In short, classic fantasy gaming that is proud to draw on ideas from Gygax, Arneson and many others. Current Status: Extensively play-tested, the setting mostly exists in note form and needs to be properly written up. Anticipated Publication Date: 2nd quarter 2013

6d6 Hellenic by James Foster and Mark Foster turns the clocks back to 380BC. The Greeks have defeated the Persian Empire, Athens is a democracy and Alexander the Great will soon be born. But Zeus still rules in Olympus, the Titans lurk in the darkness and foreign gods are threatening Greece. Into this turbulent time a new age of heroes is born. Champions of the gods, blessed with divine power, are charged with missions to save Greece but forced to navigate the petty politics and vicious rivalries of their Olympian masters. Current Status: A solid 12 months into development, it is about 60% complete. Most of the remaining work is developing the bestiary of classical monsters and play-testing. Anticipated Publication Date: 3rd quarter 2013

Rebel Flesh by Ben Jackson is a brand new modern horror setting. Dark and violent, the horrors in this game are not outside aliens or things that go bump in the night; they are reality distorting terrors and tools of our creator. No white-haired benevolent god looks down over us, we are the playthings of a disturbed child who enjoys blinding kittens. Current Status: Much of the hidden history of the world is written and early play-tests and demonstrations of the setting and monsters have been highly successful. Anticipated Publication Date: 4th quarter 2013

6d6 Lovecraft by Patrick King and Emily Price returns to the original works and ideas of Lovecraft and the first half of the 20th century. The setting includes the original stories of H. P. Lovecraft and tackles each in turn, looking at the monsters, the characters and the particular nature of the horror in each tale. This is a setting that focuses on the unspeakable horror of Lovecraft's imagination. Current Status: Very early stage with only two stories tackled so far. Anticipated Publication Date: 4th quarter 2013.     

We cannot promise exactly when the settings will be released but backers of the +1 Year will receive them when they are released, regardless of how long they take. 

You can keep a check on each setting's progress as all of 6d6's games are developed using 6d6 Online, our open collaborative writing system. This is open to the web giving everyone the chance to read projects while they are still being developed. Players can follow, try out and provide feedback on a project before it is complete. But please note, writing is a messy process involving scribbled ideas, rough drafts, typos and endless editing. 6d6 Online lets you see the sausage being made but this is not always pretty.

In conjunction with Arion Games, we are including 100 paper minis to complement the bestiary and the adventures. Paper minis are the quick and easy way to bring your gaming table to life and are also excellent for virtual tabletop systems such as Tabletop Forge.  

6d6 is a long-term project. We have already been developing, writing, play-testing and selling the 6d6 RPG full time for three years and we do not plan to stop. We look forward to many more years creating and publishing games. 

This is why we offer the +5 Years reward level. In return for your money now, we will give you everything we release in the next five years. Whenever 6d6 publishes a PDF, for whatever game system or setting, you get a copy. It's as simple as that. 

Our optional extras are for individuals who know exactly what they want.  

Additional Adventures in PDF!

Valid on all levels, but you will find it cheaper to back at the £27 Extreme Adventures! level than buy everything separately.

* Savage Island (Fantasy Adventure) +£5
* Mince Pies & Murder (Whodunit) +£5
* Quantum Flux (Science Fiction Adventure) +£5
* Outbreak! (Zombie Apocolypse Adventure) +£5

* 100 Paper Minis (PDF) +£3

Additional Adventures in Print!

Valid on the £18 Get Physical! level or above.

Print & PDF editions of the adventures with free international shipping. If you want more than two, it will work out cheaper to back at the £55 Extreme Print Adventures! level.

* Savage Island (Fantasy Adventure) +£12
* Mince Pies & Murder (Whodunit) +£12
* Quantum Flux (Science Fiction Adventure) +£12
* Outbreak! (Zombie Apocolypse Adventure) +£12

Additional Settings!

Valid on the £18 Get Physical! level or above.

Individual settings are available for pre-order. Unlike the adventures which are already complete, these are still works in progress. At the moment they are only available as PDFs and will ship when they are completed.

* 6d6 Magic (Fantasy Setting) + £7
* 6d6 Bots (Strange Future Setting) + £7
* 6d6 Hellenic (Ancient Greek Setting) + £7
* Rebel Flesh (Modern Horror Setting) + £7
* 6d6 Lovecraft (1920s Tentacular Horror Setting) + £7

All print editions come with free international shipping regardless of where you are in the world. Thanks to RPNow, we will print in both the US and UK. 

6d6 is a different type of games company, a company that believes in being open about our sales, our costs, our success and failures. We hold open meetings once a week where anyone can come along and get involved in the business of games design. It is because of our commitment to openness that all our products are under the Creative Commons.

We believe that what makes a game special is the passion of the writer behind it. Whereas other companies tell writers what to produce, we take a different approach and let the writers approach us with a project they are passionate about. 6d6 helps nurture the project, supporting and encouraging the writers, giving advice as needed. When the project goes on sale, the writers and artist get a 33% share of the profit from the book.

Playing the 6d6 RPG is creative, easy and fun. Writing your own settings and adventures is no different. With hundreds of Advantages and Advantage Paths already created plus a bulging bestiary, the creative GM already has a wide range of options they can simply pick up and drop into their adventures. But for the GM wanting to go further, there is more.  

Advantages, the core to the 6d6 RPG, are easy to create. Because the game is about combining advantages, each individual advantage is simple. Just a title, a few keywords and no more than 50 words of description. A GM's own Advantages can be mixed with existing Advantages to create unique Advantage Paths for the players (and NPCs and monsters).  

The 6d6 RPG is unique in the ease with which GMs can build on and adapt the system to their own needs.  

Art work by Herwin Wielink of for the Dungeon of Demon Strata
Art work by Herwin Wielink of for the Dungeon of Demon Strata

The initial £2000 goal (about $3000 US) is just the first part of the project.

£2500 unlocks new, vibrant art illustrating key concepts and styles from our many adventures and settings.  

£3150 takes 6d6 underground into The Dungeon of Demon Strata. A beautifully mapped fantasy adventure with a dark and sinister twist. 

£3750 throws open the cages and releases the bestiary. Too big to fit in the 6d6 Core, the bestiary escapes into its own book with expanded monster descriptions and artwork. 

£4250 opens up The Road to Petra. The remains of a Roman centurion are found by the side of a desert road in 21st century Libya. Nothing remarkable about that except the body has only been dead for 24 hours. As the players investigate, they stumble into horror beyond comprehension.   

£5000 makes anything possible with the 6d6 Writer's Bible. A completely new book covering everything about writing adventures, designing balanced but challenging monsters and complete settings including Advantages and Advantage Paths. Everything we tell our in-house writers is there, making the 6d6 RPG work for you in ways no other system can.

The 6d6 RPG is:

  • Already written and proven by testing
  • Easy to learn, fast to play
  • Encourages role-playing and player creativity
  • Backed by a library of adventures
  • Supported by five different campaign settings
  • Open for you to share, hack and adapt as you see fit 

1) Does the game use 6d6?

It uses d6, and some times you will need six but most dice rolls are three or four d6. The name, 6d6 RPG, comes from our business name, 6d6 Fireball.

2) What is 6d6 Online?

It is our online collaborative writing tool which contains some special functions that make producing the 6d6 RPG easier. All our writers use it and it is open for all to read. All our existing products and those under development can be read, for free, via 6d6 Online. 

Start exploring 6d6 Online but be warned! It is a work in progress and a bit messy.

3) Do I need special counters or cards to play the game?

No. You need tokens to track your Potential but these can be anything. We normally use 1p and 5p coins (or nickels and dimes). 

4) Is the game really that simple? I'm confused by how the Potential works.

6d6 does things differently from other games so it can seem confusing at first. In our demonstration games it takes people a few minutes to adjust to the concepts and then it all clicks into place. After that, there is no stopping them.   

6) Who are 6d6?

Starting life as a RPG blog called 6d6 Fireball in 2008, it has evolved into a collective of writers and artists. At its heart is Chris Tregenza, supported by writers Ben Jackson, Kieran Kowalski, Ben Lally, James Foster, Mark Foster and Patrick King plus artists Emily Price and Chris Twydal. At conventions we are supported by an assortment of GMs who run demo games, notably Phay Valentine, Sonny Johal, Faye Lampshire and Matt Jackson.   

Risks and challenges

The game has been in continual, full-time development for three years with countless hours of play-testing so the system is well proven.

The 6d6 Core rule book plus Savage Island, Outbreak!, Mince Pies & Murder and Quantum Flux are already written and have been published in the original PDF editions. This material can be read online for free right now. The 6d6 Core needs a couple of weeks' work to update it, the adventures about a day each.

All 6d6's writers and artists are paid based on the sales, not a straight up-front fee, and are part of the team. Everyone involved has very real financial and personal motivations to deliver a great product, on time.

We have had several quotes from different suppliers for the print production side of this project giving us a lot of confidence in our costings and ability to produce quality books at the desired price.

The five settings scheduled for 2013, included in the +1 Year reward level, carry a higher level of risk. These are currently only partially written and each is the work of a single author. Projects like these often take longer than expected and events sometimes overtake projects. We cannot guarantee that the settings will be released in 2013 but when they are released, backers will receive them.

The +5 Years is an inherently risky reward level as we cannot predict what we will be publishing that far in advance. We have been developing the 6d6 RPG for three years and running 6d6 Fireball for five, and have no intention of stopping.

6d6 is the work of a team of experienced writers and designers, led by Chris Tregenza who has over 20 years experience in delivering everything from million-dollar computer systems to RPG conventions.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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    +5 Years! Add PDFs of everything we release in the next five years. No catches, no small print. If 6d6 publishes a game or book or anything else, you will get the PDF. Includes everything from the +1 Year reward level.

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    Monsters! We will create three monsters based on your specifications and include them in the 6d6 Core. These can be from any genre or style of gaming, either completely new or based on traditional RPG monsters. You tell us what you want, we will create it for you. Includes everything in the +5 Years reward level.

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    Advantages! You specify the genre or setting (e.g. Ancient Rome, vampires, far-future) and we will create 100 Advantages with Advantage Paths for that setting based on your ideas. (Note we cannot infringe upon other people's intellectual property). The advantages and paths will be presented in a unique book (which you can name). We will supply three print copies for you and your players. Includes the books and PDFs from the +5 Years reward level.

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    Art! We will add a full page custom piece to 6d6 Core and send you a one-off print (A4) signed by the artist plus six postcards sized prints. The art will be based on your ideas. Includes all the books and PDFs of the +5 Years reward level.

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