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My hometown skate park of Provo, Utah was the worst, so I want honor it with a shirt! "Locals Only" 'cause no one else comes.

New reward!

One of a kind, laser etched, Locals Only skateboard deck! Only $200. Get it while it exists, because there will only ever be one.

Tell me about this graphic!

About two years ago I made a satirical illustration based on a photo I took of my local skate park. To me, it's a silly image, but one that is also tinged with love. No one comes to my crappy skatepark, so repping it as a "Locals Only" park is as absurd as it is redundant, but this image expresses my love for home. Even though the transitions are impossible, the anti graffiti paint is garish and and no one famous has ever set foot on these grounds, I still have love for my stomping grounds, imperfect as they may be.

So, what's this Kickstarter about?

Some friends saw this illustration and wanted me to make it into a shirt. I want that to happen too, but the upfront costs of getting a shirt printed, plus having to guess what the size distribution will be is prohibitively expensive and complicated.

I've decided to use Kickstarter as a pre-order system. In return for your  support we're offering the chance to get this limited edition shirt, public love and even a hand screened poster of the illustration. I know, right? Legit.

Tell me about the shirt.

We're going to use the highest quality shirt possible, they'll fit like American Apparel, without the blatant sexism. They're going to be printed locally by my friend, Mike Braman, of Print Pro USA.

To insure that you get exactly the shirt you want, we're going to print a few extra shirts for each size. Once all our backers get their rewards, we'll sell any extras (for $35) here.

Who are you?

My name is Trevor Christensen. I'm a photographer from Provo, Utah. I like zines, graffiti and spreading art. Making things makes me happy.

I have a question for you!

Sweet. I have an answer for you. You can either ask me through Kickstarter or get an instant response by tweeting at me.


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