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100 Individually numbered, limited edition Titanium and leather Contour wallet. For those who only carry the very best.
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The Trayvax® Contour Topo Titanium is our most refined leather wallet to date. We CNC-machine every Titanium plate in our shop in Bellingham Washington. Each plate is then wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather, which will develop a patina as a constant reminder of your journey. Ideal for use as a front-pocket wallet, the sleek design and slim profile ensures a compact and lightweight everyday carry.

The Contour Topo Titanium will have all of the great functionality of the Standard contour. 


  • Individually Serialized 
  • Elegant leather wallet design
  • CNC-machined Titanium Plate
  • Top-grain oil-tanned leather
  • RFID-protection
  • Made in USA
  • 65-year heirloom warranty


  • Slim profile
  • Leather strap fits up to 13 cards and 10 bills
  • Integrated bottle-opener
  • Attachment point
  • Adjustable sliding clasp
  • Torx wrench for adjustment
  • Front-pocket wallet

2013 - The Metal Minimalist Wallet

Simplicity Functionality Durability

We have been on the quest for the perfect wallet for 5 years. Our first wallet was 2 simple flat plates, some elastic and some paracord. From the very beginning the goal was simplicity function and durability above all else.

Original Trayvax Wallet Prototypes
Original Trayvax Wallet Prototypes

2015 - The Element 

The Timeless Combination of Leather and Steel

 We took our first big leap into leather with the Trayvax Element. The rugged combination of thick leather and stainless steel has since become our calling card. 

From a manufacturing perspective though the product was still very simple. 2 flat plates and some leather stitched on with paracord.

Early version on the Trayvax Element
Early version on the Trayvax Element

2016 - The Contour 

Ruggedness Refined 

The contour was a giant leap for wallet kind. It combined the precision of CNC machining with the timeless quality of hand stitched leather. Balancing these two aesthetics took months and months of work. The result was a wallet, that is just as at home in the back woods of Montana as it is in a martini bar in LA. 

2019 - Make100

For those who only put the best in their pockets

The standard Contour isn't for everyone. At $140 it requires a commitment to quality that most aren't willing to make. It's for those out there who share our vision of high quality long lasting products. So when we learned about Kickstarter's MAKE 100, we wanted to do something for those people who have pushed us, encouraged us and supported us on our journey. We wanted to push our manufacturing and design to a place meant only for those most committed to owning the very best.

The result is the Contour Topo Titanium Limited edition. The premier minimalist wallet. 

  •  Jan 2019 Launch MAKE 100 campaign
  •  Feb 2019 Campaign ends & Raw Material is ordered
  •  Mar/April 2019 Components produced/Wallets Built
  •  May 2019 Rewards delivered to our AMAZING supporters!

Trayvax was started by founder Mark King in 2013. Years earlier, Mark set out to create a product that would cut down on plastic bag waste. What began as a reusable plastic bag carrier became, through many prototypes and revisions, something completely new to the world: the Trayvax wallet. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions - and offer the most utility of any wallet, metal or otherwise, on the market anywhere - Trayvax wallets are built from the highest quality materials and made by hand, here, in the USA.   

Risks and challenges

Titanium can be hard to source in larger quantities. This could potentially cause delays but would not prevent us from delivering your product.

Because of this we have been conservative on our delivery date.

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    Limited Edition - Contour Topo Titanium

    The worlds finest minimalist wallet. There will only be 100 of these made. Don't miss your chance to own a one of a kind work of American craftsmanship.

    Each wallet will be individually serialized.

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