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Steal treasure from the Spanish, but be wary of greedy crewmates who may be secretly plotting to maroon you to the island of Tortuga.
Steal treasure from the Spanish, but be wary of greedy crewmates who may be secretly plotting to maroon you to the island of Tortuga. Now available!
Steal treasure from the Spanish, but be wary of greedy crewmates who may be secretly plotting to maroon you to the island of Tortuga. Now available!
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The Dark Cities Series is Expanding!


Backers and Friends,

Hope you all are doing well!

Our manufacturer is busy producing Tortuga 1667 and they have estimated that the games will finish production on May 29th! After that, it generally takes 6-8 weeks to cargo the games to our fulfillment centers around the world. And get the game! Including cargo time, it’s looking like right now we will indeed reach our promised delivery date of August. We’ll keep you in the loop!

We also have an exciting announcement about our first game, Salem, originally released on Kickstarter in April 2015. Because we’ve had so many of our Tortuga 1667 backers add-on Salem, we’re producing the 2nd Edition much sooner than expected. After much thought we’ve decided to re-name it “Salem 1692” and officially add it into the Dark Cities Series! This 2nd Edition faux book will be larger to fit sleeved cards (it will be the same size as the Tortuga 1667 book), it will include new “Kill” cards instead of the original plastic tokens, it will use a black-sand hourglass, and will have a brand new wooden “gavel” save token. We’re very excited for these updates!

A look at the 1st Edition of Salem
A look at the 1st Edition of Salem

As a way of saying thanks, we’ll be sending out this bigger, higher-quality 2nd Edition of Salem 1692 to any of our backers who have already added Salem in CrowdOx, or who add it within the next few weeks. If you’re interested in adding it to your order, you can easily re-open your CrowdOx survey at the following link: The cost is $25 and there are no extra shipping charges. You’ll receive Salem 1692 in August with your copies of Tortuga 1667. If you'd prefer the original edition of Salem instead, just let us know.

We’ll send out another update in a few weeks. Have a great day!

Travis & Holly

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    1. Constantine on

      @Travis WOW, thank you! I really apreciate that. I'll be sure to contact you about that. Thank you again.

    2. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      @Constantine, very sorry about that. As mentioned, we ended up making the 2nd edition much sooner than expected because of demand. Go ahead and keep your original copy. When the new ones come out please contact me and I'll give you a huge discount on the 2nd edition. In the meantime, you now own one of the few remaining original editions in existence! :)

    3. Constantine on

      Oh man! I had asked during the campaing if the kickstarter addon would be any different from the one currently available on Amazon and was told they would be the same, so I went and bought it from Amazon. Now I'm feeling dissapointed. Is there any way I could exchange my copy? If I had known there would be an upgraded second edition, then I'd have gotten it through the kickstarter instead of Amazon. :(

    4. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Nice work guys! I added Salem to my order!

    5. Degrimgrim on

      Well, mail can stay in the boxmail for 1 day or 2 as someone can check it.
      But a package can't stay in a boxmail and is sent back at the post office or ... worse if no one come quite quickly to claim it. That's what happens often in France :(
      And for the last KS delivery I was lucky as the deliver company just left the package in front of my door, without any explanation. Lucky I was that my son's nany found it and is a fair person. So youunderstand that I prefer minimize risks during for an after holidays delivery !!

    6. John on

      OK, you got me!

      Literally saved my bacon, i was preparing to buy a copy of the 1st Edition off Amazon when I noticed this update. Thank you so much for making these games a cohesive unit, upped my pledge, super excited to play them both!

    7. Edward Petersen

      The upgrades for Salem sound awesome, I'm really looking forward to both of these games!

    8. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      @Daniel, there's still hope that we'll get it to you by the end of July. And if you need to update your address before we ship we can work that out.

      @Sean, probably early fall of this year.

      @Degrimgrim, what usually happens to your mail when you aren't home?

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Merker on

      Glad it's coming close to the end but sucks for me. I'm moving out of the country at the end of July. Was really hoping to take my game with me :(

    10. Sean Epperson

      "We'll definitely offer a low-cost upgrade kit to people who already own the original."

      When will the upgrade be available?

    11. Degrimgrim on

      Really nice update, but August in France is not the best month for delivery : summer holidays...
      What happens if I'm not at home ?

    12. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      @Gamehorder, very sorry. As mentioned in the update, we didn't anticipate making the 2nd Edition this early --- we had a lot more people add it on than we expected. But we were always upfront that the 2nd Edition would be coming sometime in 2017. We'll definitely offer a low-cost upgrade kit to people who already own the original.


      great wish I knew this was happening before I bought salem off amazon

    14. Thiago Bahury on

      That was a good move. You got me :)

    15. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      Noted on the upgrade kit for previous backers. Thanks!

      @Kei, surveys will be open til the end of May.

    16. Michael Corneau

      +1 for a method for previous backers to get the upgraded parts! Everything is looking great!

    17. Missing avatar

      Kei Taniguchi on

      How long will surveys be left open for the option to add a copy of Salem? I'd really like one, but it's going to have to wait until next pay day as I've been slammed by bills this month!

    18. Iztok on

      Travis and Holly you two are just amazing. What can we expect next? Maybe you two changed your mind and we will get a surprise parrot delivery in 2017? :)

    19. Caleb O'Brien on

      Holy crap guys! That's an amazing upgrade! Thank you so much for doing that!

    20. Peter Vel on

      Wonderful news about the 2nd edition Salem, also appreciate the consistency in the naming/year pattern :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      Oliver Brettschneider on

      +1 for the Salem upgrade kit for 1st edition backers.

    22. KuantumSuicide

      What a wonderful surprise!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Cave on

      I don't need another copy of the game. I would love for a book/box only option to be available. Honestly getting all of the original game in the original book is a bit tedious. More space that allows me to actually sleeve them would be great!

    24. Monica Redhead on

      Great News, i was looking forward for this confirmation. Will add Salem now :).

    25. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      @Belisarius, we're looking into it. At the very least we'll create some kind of upgrade kit with the new token and kill cards. Another option would be a discount code for original Salem backers to get the newer version.

    26. Belisarius

      Is there a way for original backers of Salem to get the bigger box as well?

    27. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      @Sir Knight, you'll have until the end of May to add it on.

    28. Bryant Dean

      Thanks for the quick response. I'll expedite my decision. :-)

    29. Night1505

      Okay, well *now* I have to get the new edition. I was going to just stick with the First Ed. I got from Amazon during the campaign, but I can't ignore the new naming, size, and components.

      How long will we have to be able to add it?

    30. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      Thanks everyone!!

      @Bryant, yes, the fastest way to get the new Salem game is to add it to your pledge. It won't hit retail until after our Kickstarter backers get it. It will hit retail 2-3 weeks after that.

    31. MikeT on

      We've never used the timer. I took it out to make room for sleeved cards and never missed it.

    32. Myron Rumsey on

      That's great news! I have the original Salem but getting the sleeved cards in the book was a challenge. Going to go back and add it to my pledge to get the upgraded components and larger book! You guys are awesome!

    33. Bryant Dean

      Welp...I hadn't added Salem because I had thoughts of buying at retail before August. Any idea when the second edition will hit retail? Would the fastest way to get it be to add it to my pledge?

    34. Juan Jose Guerrero III

      Thanks for the update, as always it is appreciated.

    35. Giuliano Gianfriglia on

      Awesome! Thanks for this update!

    36. Travis Hancock 3-time creator on

      @Dave, Salem had a bit of a headstart since the majority of the designs were already in place. Our manufacturer can also save time producing Salem 1692 since the faux book is the same size as Tortuga 1667. Good question!

      @Leon @Matt, you are correct Leon!

      @fifini, you are automatically upgraded to the new edition, no worries :)

    37. Oglik Naes

      Awesome! Thanks for the update!

    38. Missing avatar

      LeonTrollski on

      @Matt Choules

      Looks like they are adding the year to bring Salem's name formatting in line with Tortuga 1667's. Presumably all the games in the 'dark city' line are going to be called "[city] [year]"

    39. fifini on

      Helloa, when i backed Tortuga 1667 also bought new salem 1st edition. How i am gonna change to the new edition?

    40. Dave Nattriss

      Great news, but how come you're able to produce Salem 1692 (just announced) quicker than Tortuga 1667 (already in production)?

    41. Jussi-Pekka Jokinen

      Ah, an offer I can't refuse. :)

    42. ZoeperJ on

      Guys it is great when reading this update. Looking forward to play both Salem and Tortuga!

    43. BattJks on

      Thank you so much for this amazing surprise ! You're the best by far !!!!

    44. Jason Kersey on

      That's so awesome. This is by far my favourite KS I've backed. @Travis and @Holly you and your team are amazing.

    45. Randolph Streich

      This is amazing!! You guys rock! I added Salem in CrowdOx when it first came out and I was concerned about the size of the game box (book) in comparison to Tortuga. You have alleviated all of my concerns in one message. To quote one of my favourite comedians in one of my least favourite movies, "Joygasm!!"

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt Choules on

      The upgrade to Salem sounds great; anything you can do to improve the game is most welcomed (especially as I ordered a copy with Tortuga!). However, I'm not sure what adding the date to the name Salem does to enhance the experience - I assume there's another game called Salem? If so I personally would love to have a vote on the new name...

    47. Bjorn Lefevre on

      I backed the original Salem! Would be nice to 'upgrade' ;-)

    48. Night1505

      So, should I "geek squee" now, or wait until the new edition is actually made? :)