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A haunting new feature film musical about two lovers and the ghost that comes between them.

Does the world really need a musical about ghosts and zombies? The answer is yes. Now, we could sit here and tell you how important it is to support independent cinema, but you wouldn't be bouncing around the KickStarter film page without that knowledge already tucked away. You're here to donate to something unique and interesting. A movie that people will actually be talking about so that you can claim some bragging rights.

We promise that this film is like nothing you have ever seen before and that our team is doing everything possible to generate its well deserved buzz. Hey, while we have you here, LIKE us on Facebook and follow one of the characters from the film on Twitter as he begrudgingly turns into a zombie.


Now force your eyeballs over to the right of the screen and check out the super cool packages we're offering for your generous donations. Pretty nifty stuff, and a few treats thrown in for fans of The Receptionist (

Curious why we need money if the film is already finished? The expenses of a film do not stop with its completion. It's a pricey universe if you actually want your movie to stand a chance. We need to get the word out there in a myriad of different ways. Your donations will go to the following: Festival submissions, posters, advertising, merchandise, duplications of the film, HDcam and DigiBeta transfers for screenings, hiring a publicist and anything else that will make The Dead Inside the indie sensation it deserves to be.


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    We will send a ghost to come and personally hug you. It will feel like an icy shiver with some grip to it. You will also have your name splashed on our website in gratitude, AND we'll send you an official The Dead Inside magnet that you can stick to all manner of random metal things.

  • Pledge $25 or more
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    Yes sir or ma'am, along with all the stuff you see above you will also get more stuff! Pledging twenty five dollars will get you a DVD of The Dead Inside on release. It will be autographed and fondled by those involved. You'll be cool as hell with this collectors item. But that's not all! For all you Receptionist fans out there, you will get a personal shout out on my channel.

  • Pledge $50 or more
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    Along with everything above, you will also get an autographed still from the movie signed by the cast and crew.

  • Pledge $100 or more
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    The madness continues, people! Here you will get all the fun goodies above PLUS a special thank you in the credits of the movie! So when those bad boys are rolling at the end, you can point your name out to your friends and say, "Yeah, eat it! I totally helped on this flick!". For you Receptionist fans, you will be getting a construction paper prop used in a classic Receptionist episode! It will be signed by The Receptionist himself. Fans may suggest specific props, but not all still exist. I will do my best.

  • Pledge $250 or more
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    But $250 is a chunk of change, so we decided to offer even more. Along with everything above, you can walk tall in public with your very own official The Dead Inside T-shirt.

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    Well hello Mr. or Mrs. Money Bags! So nice of you to be so gosh-darn supportive. Allow us to sweeten the pot with all that deliciousness above, along with a The Dead Inside signed poster! Stop pinching yourself, you're starting to bleed.

  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    That's some serious scratch. Guess we better pony up some serious stuff. Well for starters, you'll get everything above, but on top of that, we'll be putting together (special, just for you) a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit! This will include copies of the Travis Betz films, joshua, Sunday and Lo. You will also be getting a professionally put together The Dead Inside production journal. It will contain photos and stories on the making of this soon to be classic. It will be written by the cast and crew and designed by our hauntingly inspired artist and cinematographer Shannon Hourigan. A true keepsake from the film in limited edition form.

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    We bow before you. You're more than a simple human're a simple human being who has more disposable income than most. In honor of your most awesome contribution, we will be giving you all the above stuff as well as making you an Associate Producer on the film. You'll get your name in the end credits with the impressive title and you will have a pretty cool credit to prove what a stud or lady you are.

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