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Traveller5 is the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game: rules and concepts you never thought possible.
2,085 backers pledged $294,628 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Wyldstar on

      I got mine. It looks great. Unfortunately I did not get the dice set with it.

    2. Mark B on

      Mark, I just received my priority mail box today; everything arrived in perfect condition! After not playing the game for almost 30 years, I'm amazed how large this book is compared to the LBBs and the dice of old. It's like everything got super-sized! I'm one happy camper today sir. :-D Now to find time to read this thing from cover to cover...shouldn't take more than a month or so....

    3. Elianka Segelski on

      I never hated so much having "S"eglski as name and live as remote as Quebec\Canada!
      Specially that the average american can't even locate or indicate that Canada is up North!!!

      As long that a XBoat succeed in the delivery I'll be happy!


    4. woolenthreads on

      Thank you for the time spent to setup and send via Priority Mail. I received a different KS package and the postman just threw it over the wall. With your package they left me a note to come pick it up.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Clark on

      All my stuff arrived today in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Everything looks fantastic Mark, congratulations on the return of Traveller.

    6. Travis Leichssenring on

      Hi Mark, still on schedule to be done before the 12th of May? Hope mine is in the mail already. Great job on keeping us informed.

    7. Thlaylie on

      Still waiting for mine as well. In the state above you Mark, just send it North.

    8. Duncan on

      In the US; still eagerly awaiting mine.

    9. Dominic Amann on

      As a Canadian, I decided to have my package delieverd to a cross-border (in the US) parcel drop off centre. I picked it up yesterday, and drove it home with no issues - or customs (falls under our daily allowance for cross border shopping).

      Thank you Marc - the book is wonderful, and I have begun reading it from the beginning. Thank you for creating this game, and bringing it back after all these years for me.

    10. Missing avatar

      thierry on

      Got my shipment some weeks ago already, in France, without any issue from the customs.
      Thanks Marc and the team for this outstading work!
      I scanned the dedication page and emailed it to my brother: his following phone call has to be censored :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Jacob on

      PS: Those CN22/CN79 customs forms are completly ignored by German customs. Those are for export out of the US, only.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Jacob on

      Let me quote the USPS website: "For parcels to Germany: an invoice, in duplicate, is required for all commercial shipments regardless of value. The invoices must be affixed to the outside of the parcel or may be enclosed in PS Form 2976-E with the customs declaration."
      And that is almost the only thing German customs is generally interested in. Invoice---and if the invoice value seems low an additional proof of payment---or no processing.
      Sometime you can get lucky, as some customs officers tend to ignore those parts of their regulations that leave no paper trail (The invoice is not xeroxed...). Or they overlook things (I once had a package once with 2 EU power adapters and on non-importable US one) or misread labels (not noticing the CD and just seeing a book).

    13. Missing avatar

      Martin Panusch on

      Thank you Marc,

      I really apprechiate your explanation but the clerk in the local custom office was the oppinion that I got (goods and service) what I paid for. Anything else would be a trick to avoid taxation. Paying for a gift sounds absurd for him. He devided my pedge in the proportion $10 to $35 and concludet that I payed $75 for the CD and $265 for the book. I had to pay 19% for the CD and 6% for the book.

      Germans like him are a good example for diligent and hard-working public servants that keeps the system running smoothly. He is the publican and assesses the tax but I am allowed to object at the superior authority. It is very probable that they will overrule my objection because it is about 30€ and nobody would pay a lawyer. I am really angry about it.

      They want a receit or a voucher with a date and an adress like the confirmation of a buying contract. That is the only thing they understand. That is all, I want to excuse myself that I can not take it easy. I will not quarrel about it anymore.

      I like the book. I read it every day. Thank you very much.
      Hold on Travellers
      Martin Panusch

    14. Missing avatar

      Matthewc451 on

      Thank you Marc,
      Kickstarter is a type of Risk/Reward environment. In this case, the chance to see Marc do the "Traveller" he wanted outweighed any associated risk. Like many of the backers I was introduced to "Traveller" not long after it came out, and given my age it has such a special place in my memories that I refuse to part with any part of my collection, even the original dice.
      Thank you again for bringing incalculable value to my life.

    15. David Jaques-Watson on

      Wow! When it comes to costing questions: Best. Explanation. Ever.

      In Oz, we have no GST (a value-added tax) on overseas orders, and no customs duty for packages under AUD$1000. (Although Harvey Norman - and other large retailers who believe Internet sales are undermining their [inflated] businesses - want the government to change that!)

      @Levi: that was @Jonas getting smacked with 25% (!!!), not @Jeremy. Ouch! (The only saving grace is that his parcel valued less than the Kickstarter price!)

      @Mike: totally agree; that's how I thought it all worked, too. Anyway, notice how Marc has generously not mentioned an important cost factor: WAGES! Overtime! Penalty rates! (His and Darlene's, at any rate!!)

      @Marc: thanks for the explanation, and keep up the good work!

    16. Levi Keach on

      This is an outstanding explanation of the customs process of a kickstarter, but I wonder how much it has to due with a particularly nasty debate going on in the errata section of COTI right now.

      @Jeremy T. Gibson: Holy hand grenade! 25%!? I have a book coming DHL from France right now and 25% more on arrival would murder my budget.

    17. Missing avatar

      Siani A Overstreet on

      Outstanding explanation.

      I received my packet this morning (in the U.S. so no customs issues I know of); two days earlier than tracking suggested. Absolutely delighted! The postman was amused at the spontaneous dance. LOL Thank you, Marc. For everything. :)

    18. Jason VandenBerghe on

      Wow. The Kickstarter people should take this post as a kind of general explanation about all Kickstarter value questions. Really well done. :)

    19. Thlaylie on

      Sounds complicated.

      Fortunately I'm right here in the US so do mine next as it will be easier! :)

    20. Missing avatar

      James Jenkins on

      - Seeing Traveller 5, and finally having a Knighthood in a Setting I've been a referee of since 1977- Priceless.

    21. MIke Nutt on

      that certainly seems in keeping with the agreement kickstarter works under, goof stuff!

    22. Matthew Barrowcliffe on

      I understand, I assume the difference in price between the declaration and what I paid is basically a gift to you for the effort in producing and delivering this. I've never has an issue with UK customs on this kind of thing and the value should be below the point where they care. If there is a problem I'll email you if its more than pocket change.

    23. Sam Wong

      Parcel arrived safely in Australia with absolutely no issues! It was a great surprise, just in time for the weekend. Thanks!

    24. S.D. on

      Awesome. That Marc Miller is a class-act. :-)

    25. Hemdian on

      Parcel arrived in BC, Canada without any issues or extra costs. As for what Kickstarter is for: understood, accepted the risks, paid more than the basic, worth every penny, well done.

      (Looking forward to Marc's next Kickstarter. I wonder what it'll be.)

    26. Jonas Schiött

      Yeah, every time I get something sent via ups or dhl or fedex I get smacked with 25% of the value ( which is our sales tax) plus customs (which is usually negligable by comparison). These days I avoid companies that ship that way. ;)

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeremy T. Gibson on

      (Just to confirm for people not familiar with the US postal system, UPS = United Parcel Service = courier; USPS = United STATES Postal Service = U.S. federally-regulated postal service)

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremy T. Gibson on

      Hey Marc, I notice you forgot to provide a declared value of the T-shirts. I would dead reckon those at about $10, though.

      @Jonas Schiott: If sent by USPS Priority Mail International, it gets dropped off in your local postal system upon clearing customs. Thank goodness (UPS dinged me 25% of a $400 package one time in customs and brokerage fees, the bloody thieves ;-).

    29. Jonas Schiött

      I've never known Swedish customs to argue a declared value. Then again, they don't even seem to notice packages sent by normal mail. So unless you're sending by courier (which I earnestly hope NOT) I don't foresee any problems.