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Traveller5 is the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game: rules and concepts you never thought possible.
Traveller5 is the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game: rules and concepts you never thought possible.
2,085 backers pledged $294,628 to help bring this project to life.

Yet Another Update- T5 Beta

This update is specifically for the T5 Beta participants (you know who you are). This information is also posted in the Beta forum.

The Beta Test Swag

The early support of the T5 Beta Test group was an important part of the preparation of Traveller5. The CDROM that was sent out, and then playtested and commented extensively was a Beta; implicit was a commitment that once the final CDROM was produced, we would distribute that as well.

We will distribute the final CDROM to the Beta Group independent of this Kickstarter Project: that is, in a separate email offer once the CDROM is finalized. Along with that CDROM, the shipment will include Swag Gold: the three Traveller Dice, and a special Knighthood from the Court of the Iridium Throne. Our survey emailed to the Beta List will gather the names to be embossed on the patent-of-nobility cards.

If you are a Kickstarter Backer and do nothing (that is, tell us nothing about your Beta Status), the Beta Swag will be processed through the T5 Beta List.

If you respond to our Kickstarter Survey telling us your Beta status, we will include this Beta Swag with, and in addition to, your Kickstarter rewards.


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    1. Che Webster on June 30, 2012

      Been a Beta tester through all these long years... it's been a long road, but fun too.

    2. Craig Janssen
      on June 30, 2012

      Thanks for the update Marc ;) I have been a Traveller supporter from go (1977), I have been waiting a long time to see T5 come to print.

    3. Missing avatar

      sstefan on June 28, 2012

      @ Phillip M. I am not sure if it is valid, but ordering the T5 beta disc from the Far Future site was the prerequisite when this journey for me started back in 2008 or so.. That gave us access to the T5 Private Forum on COTI.
      I am not sure if that is still valid since this is so close to publication. You may want to shoot Marc a note with the question.

    4. Phillip M.
      on June 28, 2012

      Wait. How do I become a Beta Tester? Did I miss it? I wold love to be one!

    5. Clayton Comrie on June 28, 2012

      So the survey is coming out later? OK, I have really old beta information that's outdated. Was worried my beta would just go to someone random. =D

    6. Marc "Traveller" Miller 3-time creator on June 28, 2012

      @Roberto Vargas. Respond to our survey with the information that you are a Beta and we'll include your Beta Swag with your KS Swag.

    7. Roberto Vargas on June 28, 2012

      Just to clarify, we are supposed to let you know of our beta status on the survey you send out after July 1st. There hasn't been any survey to assess our status already. Right?

    8. Thomas House on June 28, 2012

      I was introduced to Traveller back in 1981, while going to Tech School at Keesler AFB... a school that lasted nearly a year and allowed me to "play"with/repair some of the most awesome weapon systems and command control systems in the Air Force inventory. It also gave me plenty of opportunity to play the game with other airmen. That introduction resulted in a "love affair" with the Traveller game that has lasted more than 30 years, longer than any other RPG I've played, a love which I have passed down to at least one son who when not involved in a game with dad is busy building characters, ships and fleets.
      To be honest watching this Kickstart from the first email has been a lot of fun. Watching all the support come in has reaffirmed my belief that Traveller is one of the best RPG Systems/Univrerses out there. I am glad to have participated in making T5 a reality (even if my support is only a small percentage of the total). I hope you are touched by the loyal support you see going on here and hope that there will be more T5 greatness to come.

      Tom H.

    9. Missing avatar

      sstefan on June 28, 2012

      The beta test group, to the best of my knowledge, was the participation on COTI in the Traveler5 "private" forum.


    10. Missing avatar

      Morgan Lymbery on June 28, 2012

      I'm not sure whether that's the case or not. I bought the T5 Beta CD-ROM, but was never actually part of a "Beta" test group. Of course I was always going to buy any updates.

      Of course, I did get added to the T5 mailing list, which is how I found out about the Kickstarter.

    11. Scott Erickson on June 28, 2012

      Brian, the beta CD-ROM is separate from Kickstarter. It has been available ($35) at for some time now. So Marc is essentially rewarding those who bought the beta with the final CD-ROM version of T5.

    12. Missing avatar

      Brian Young on June 28, 2012

      I keep getting emails about the Beta test, but never received the actual disc. When did these go out?

    13. Missing avatar

      James C King on June 28, 2012

      Hey Ron,
      Marc will send those out soon after the project closes :)

    14. Ron Sherrington on June 28, 2012

      Where do I find the Kickstarter Survey?