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Traveller5 is the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game: rules and concepts you never thought possible.
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Traveller5 dot 09 PDF download coupons have been sent out!

Posted by Marc "Traveller" Miller (Creator)

In the aftermath of our monumental Kickstarter for the Traveller5 Core Rules Kickstarter (which ended July 1, 2012 and shipped March 26, 2013), we have been working on locating and inserting errata, corrections, upgrades, and expansions to the Traveller 5th edition Core Rules to make it even better.

We are now on the cusp of releasing the first -fruits of that effort: Traveller5.09—not quite 5.1, but almost there. With it out, and in your hands, we’ll make any final tweaks over the following several weeks, and finalize the text.

We would like every one of you to look at this new book in PDF and tell us what you think.

To start, we have the updated pdf on DriveThruRPG and we’ve sent you a coupon that is good for a download. After things settle out, we’ll make announcements on availability as a CDROM, as a pdf, as an e-book, and in a physical hard-copy print book.

But let me continue: I am flattered that we have a good reputation with 99% of you, and we really want that reputation number to be at 100%, so bear with me.

Traveller5 began in earnest when we produced a draft Traveller5 CD-ROM in March 2008. Many of you bought that disk: your support helped us continue to work on the project, and your feedback helped us make the text better than it would have been otherwise.

We ran our Kickstarter for Traveller5 in June, 2012, and we shipped in March 2013. Many new people stepped forward to support us, but a lot of you were already there, and we couldn’t and didn’t ignore that support: Our 2008 backers automatically received the new 2013 CD-ROM; you didn’t have to buy it again, because that would have just been wrong. All of you 2008’s also have received the coupon for the 2015 Traveller5 dot 09. Now, we’re three years later, and we’ve been laboring on the T5 rules all this time. In a few short months, we’ll be producing a new CD-ROM, reprinting the new hard-cover, hard-copy edition, and (planned) putting out the Traveller5 Core Rules in Epub format for everyone with tablets and notebooks.

Our next update will have more details.

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Thomas

      Does the revised text say how the assorted types of damage (Frag, Pen, Bullet, and so on) differ in effect?

    2. Steven P Robinson on

      Got the download, in process of comparing it to the Big Book after I go through the e-file a bit.

      Very happy with the communication process throughout. May never get to 100% satisfaction, few human endeavors do, but if you get to the old Ivory soap 99 44/100...I'll be part of that demographic.

    3. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      Just got it.

      Thanks Marc!

    4. Steven LeMay on

      The character generation process need more support, as creating character was difficult. Creating the correctly very challenging. I'll look to see if that's improved. For the original draft I really wanted the character types to span two pages, with graphics that encapsulated the tables and provide guidance like a flow chart. With *notes to where the relevant shared details was located in the book. Also, the mix of modifier types was confusing... add or subtract from the roll?? Again, hopefully this became more obvious. It turned off my friends that were old Traveller players and wanted to start anew. The games didn't end well, since they didn't start. Too much frustration for those that also played other RPGs.

    5. Steven LeMay on

      Mark, your the bestest!

    6. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      I´ve bought a couple of copies of the book during this project but just got one code to the new pdf, may I get another code?


    7. Grandpa Chet Cox on

      I'm so excited by this update, that I'm buying the download at -- I was too broke and unemployable when the Kickstarter went around, so couldn't afford to pay more than a couple of dollars.

      That was THEN, and I'm not making that mistake again!

    8. Justin Lowmaster on

      Would feedback like my experience going through the character generation process be helpful?

    9. Scott Everts

      Yep, I've had these books back since the 70's too. No longer own the original printing of the little black books but do have the second printing along with the various other editions that have come out.
      I'm interested in the 2nd printing but sad to toss out the original since it was personally signed by Marc.
      Is there a FAQ out there showing the changes for 5.1? Was curious how extensive it is.

    10. Baron on

      Let me take this opportunity to say that I've never, in my long life, dealt with anyone like Marc Miller. I've been a fan since the late 70s, and I remain one. I enjoy his creative efforts, and support his endeavors as best I can. I wish him great success, satisfaction and accolades.