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Traveller5 is the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game: rules and concepts you never thought possible.
Traveller5 is the ultimate edition of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing game: rules and concepts you never thought possible.
2,085 backers pledged $294,628 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nathaniel Borys on

      Digging through Citizens of the Imperium (message board where Marc's inner circle of cronies live) there are reports that Marc has completed going through the errata for version 5.1 and is now looking at print options.

      There is also a post claiming that version 5.1 is 850 pages, you know 200 pages more then in the PoS that we backers got.

    2. Gilbert Isla

      Coming up on over 9 months since any update was made on this. Player's book? Errata?

    3. Nathaniel Borys on

      I just went back over the messages I've sent though kickstarter and discovered I'd asked about this stuff 5 months ago and never got a response so at this point I think we might as well write off anything that was still due and not give any more money to this individual.

    4. Nathaniel Borys on

      It is now 2018. We are looking at 4 years 11 months since the "finished" books arrived at your place.

      Any news on the Player's book that was suppose to be part of this? Or how about the completion of the errata for the book that you shipped out way back then?

    5. Gilbert Isla

      Nearly the end of 2017, how's that Player's book coming along?

    6. Nathaniel Borys on


      It's been over 4 years and we still don't have the finished "Fixed" version of this PoS.

    7. Marc "Traveller" Miller 3-time creator on

      Douglas, (and everyone else). You ask a good question. We are currently working on a reprint of the Big Black Book, and in parallel the Players' Book. I have hopes we'll see the Players' Book by the end of this year 2017. As to the names blasted into the Alabaster Cliffs, we had high hopes for that and Andrew Boulton (the master video animator who was going to do that particular part of the project) died before he could complete it. I think the Cliffs Project still has potential, but until I can find a proper animator, it is on hold. [Then again, the names are carved into the Alabaster Cliffs already somewhere out there in Charted Space; we just don't have video of it yet]. Semi-seriously, go to and search for SomePlace (spell it backwards).

      Fully seriously, the Video is probably not going to happen. The Players' Book will happen; we're working on it. If indeed, you are totally dissatisfied, message me and I'll find some way to fix it.

      And finally, I STILL get occasional messages from Backers who failed to respond and need their T5 PDF. If you are one of those, message me and I'll fix that for you.

    8. Douglas Bailey on

      So, I have to ask: are we ever going to see the Player's Book or (less urgently) the video of everyone's name being carved on the Alabaster Cliffs? Those are the only two goals left unmet according to my checklist; I'd love to get them completed so I can mark this project as "Delivered". (Right now, it's my oldest uncompleted project.)

    9. Cutter Goode on

      @Nathaniel Borys
      At this point I highly doubt it.

    10. David McGuire on

      I've not received my coupon yet.

    11. Stephen MacRae on

      Wow, that was either incredibly fast, or extremely slow...the link just showed up in my email. Thanks!

    12. David Berkompas on

      Just rec'd a download link/coupon from DriveThruRPG.

      The download didn't have a file extension, so you'll likely need to add .pdf

    13. Missing avatar

      Michael J. Raymond

      Hi, I bought T5 and have not received my coupon.
      Mike Raymond

    14. Nathaniel Borys on

      @Marc: So are you ever going to release the working version of T5? And how much will we have to part with to get a physical copy to replace the $100 book we already bought?

    15. KingFrog368 on

      @Ross and others - I am currently working on an implementation for Hero Labs for Traveller5, but remember - there are a huge number of variables that make it different than many other systems. The system is highly variable in terms of characteristics, the extreme variability inherent in the character creation system and others.

      It will take a while for this to be completed - I was going to use it for my own upcoming game, but it will be after that starts before it is complete. Once I have what looks like a workable implementation, I will contact Marc to gauge his interest.

      Unless any of the previously-mentioned implementations are still ongoing?

    16. Marc "Traveller" Miller 3-time creator on

      @RogerCarden. I am sorry you missed to process. You have received your blueprints.
      @Nathaniel Borys. No one has ever made a statement about what the revised text will cost. Certainly, no one has every said full price. Notice that the Beta CD buyers from seven years ago received the updated CDROM free, which is an example of how we take care of our loyal fans. Expect the same treatment as a loyal KS backer.

    17. Missing avatar

      Roger Carden on

      When are we going to get our ship blueprints.

    18. Nathaniel Borys on

      So I've heard Marc and others are working to fix T5 so that it will actually be playable and that as a backer who made this abomination possible you will be graced with the option to buy the functional version of the game at full price.

      Aren't we just the luckiest fans in the world?

    19. Dan Eveland on

      I got my copy. Thanks. I appreciate the effort, but wow is this bad. The whole T5 mess is just depressing. I had high hopes. It's just been downhill for Traveller since the end of the 80s. The ridiculous junk spewed out on rpgnow combined with the disaster of T5 is just too much. Wow. You can't tell from this comment but I am a positive guy when it comes to all things Traveller. I ran it from the LBBs to GURPS and bought everything. Even T20. But T5 has done it for me. It's just sad. Not only is it everyone's favorite game they never play, it's the favorite one for cranking-out shoddy unplayable and unplaytested drivel. It's obvious that Marc Miller was not the one who was behind the great quality that one came from GDW. What a wasted opportunity.

    20. Missing avatar

      Corey Schaff on

      Ah nevermind, I have a hotmail account. Drat gonna need to go look up my Juno account I haven't used since 2003 or so.

    21. Missing avatar

      Corey Schaff on

      Hmm, none of the posts on the erratta thread are visible but I'm not registered yet; having some problems registering; I got a "Admin Banned you" message which I think I'd remember. I'm sending an email hopefully it's a mistake.

    22. Missing avatar

      Corey Schaff on

      Thank you, I'll look into them. :)

    23. Nathaniel Borys on

      Stop by citizens of the imperium @nd enjoy the errata thread or the surviving threads dealing with the problems.

    24. Missing avatar

      Corey Schaff on

      Could you elaborate Nathaniel (or point to where you or somebody else already elaborated)?
      Specifically "an unedited mess of rules that fail to qualify as a stand alone game system."

      Not really asking in order to dispute anything, I'd just like to know the problems. I already bought the book of course, and got my deck plans as well.

      I know when I bought the Ultimate Rifts book, for example, it was very much badly arranged and made references to sections that didn't appear in the book, which made certain character classes completely unplayable RAW.

      For Traveller, personally I'd prefer certain chapters to be arranged differently, but I haven't gotten deep enough into it to say much more than that (I'm a very slow reader :< especially with rulebooks.)

    25. Nathaniel Borys on

      Marc decided that unless you contacted him the digital version would constitute filling the order. Sort of how some of us never saw any of the cards. Or how we all got an unedited mess of rules that fail to qualify as a stand alone game system.

    26. Phillip Vogel on

      I Confused did we get the plans in the mail because I have not seen any yet I backed at the $150.00 level

    27. Missing avatar

      Erik Mann on

      These deckplans are Awesome!
      I received the full set and they are very well done.
      These remind me of the original deck plan sets put out by FASA, Judge's Guild, etc., way back when. I loved those sets.
      I very much hope that there will be more ships & perhaps structures as well, offered in the near future, because I will definitely purchase at least one of each set.
      I went to DriveThru and downloaded the electronic versions.
      Again Awesome!
      Thank for offering the electronic versions as well as the printed.

      Thank you Mr. Miller.

    28. Marc "Traveller" Miller 3-time creator on

      @Jeff Narucki. Did you see the latest update? (also here I haven't seen a response from so I could send out dci plans.

    29. Jeff Narucki on

      Are printed plans for the two ships still going out?

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian Blank on

      Got the printed plans and the coupon for the electronic ones.
      Looks Great :)

    31. Likyam Yuam on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    32. Missing avatar

      Brett Ritter

      I stand corrected - I sent the "Just send me the plans" link and sent my address, and got a reply back that they'd be sent this week.

    33. Missing avatar

      Brett Ritter

      Given that no check was made to see if anyone moved (like I did) before shipping and I've gotten no response when I reached out and the link hidden in the email seems to imply no physical deck plans are going out to the $100 level, I'm assuming that one way or another I'm not getting the deck plans other than the PDF. :-/

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Kunkle on

      Ok. So I am a little confused: what is the difference between:

      Shipping only and Just send me the deckplans?

    35. Nathaniel Borys on

      No sign of them in Utica, NY yet.

    36. Craig McClung on

      received printed deck plans today

    37. Scott Everts on

      Sorry to post yet again but wanted everyone to know after contacting Mr. Miller a couple times I got through and got the download coupon and it works! So got the digital versions. We get the files in various sizes. The JPG is by far the best & at 300 dpi. The PDF is pretty poor quality so would stick with the JPG for better clarity.

    38. Scott Everts on

      I've been sending multiple emails to Mr. Miller but no response except for the original confirmation that we are suppose to get the physical versions too. So now I know I'm not the only one that hasn't received the digital coupon. As far as I can tell he's never responded to comments here so he might not read them.

      Of course we were never promised the digital version so I won't be upset if I don't get it. But still want the physical version since that's useful to play with.

    39. Robert L. Harbin on

      Same here.No coupon.No download link.
      Just an ad for future Traveller items and a link to farfuture to buy more stuff.
      Waiting yet again....

    40. Kebab on


      Yeah a bit confused by the email as well.

      No digital coupon.

      Also the $100 or more pledge is for -

      A printed deck plan (23 x 35 inch) of an Imperial Scout/ Courier. A printed deck plan (also 23 x 25 inch) of the Free Trader Beowulf. A set of 12 color ship images by Traveller artist Jesse Degraff. Printed (one color-black) end leaves (those are the inside front and back covers) for the book.

      I think Marc mentioned somewhere that he is sending them out late January 2014, so they should be arriving over the next few weeks. :) And I take it he will be resending the emails, this time with the digital coupon.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gary Barber on

      Scott you are not the only one, I didn't get the digital coupon code either.. I assume it was wide spread issue.

    42. Scott Everts on

      Yeah, it was good to get a confirmation since that email was really confusing. Sadly I never got the digital coupon code but I've contacted Mr. Miller to see about it. He verified he had the right email address so hopefully he can help me out.

    43. Missing avatar

      markkeyworth on

      So far Marc has delivered what he has promised and the stuff of good quality (and fun to use!)
      I think it was a nice touch - providing electronic copies to all the supporters of the project.
      Looking forward to the hard copies.

    44. Michael Casavant on

      OK, I was starting to wonder if I was having memory problems, but I double-checked and:

      "Pledge $100 (or more)...also includes: A printed deck plan (23 x 35 inch) of an Imperial Scout/ Courier. A printed deck plan (also 23 x 25 inch) of the Free Trader Beowulf."

      I received a message pointing me at, which gives me the option to *buy* the Kickstarter deckplans. I am a big fan of the Traveller franchise and was happy to support this Kickstarter, but this ongoing weirdness with deck plans is really putting a damper on it.

    45. ch\/\/olfgang

      Thanks for the info. I was confused as well and came here to see if I could get more information and indeed I could.

    46. Scott Everts on

      Ok, no worries. I sent an email to Mr. Miller and he confirmed the printed ones were also coming. The wording of the email was a bit confusing since it mentioned ordering the hard copies on the website.

      Everyone that ordered a hard copy book will be getting the deck plans in the mail. And apparently a digital version too.

    47. Scott Everts on

      I'm confused. I just got an email that said I'll be getting a download link to get digital versions of the deck plans. I thought we were getting printed sets? Did I miss an update or just confused?

    48. Nathaniel Borys on

      This is one kickstarter I wish I hadn't backed. Never saw any of the cards. Personally doubt the deckplans will show up. And as for T5 it's self...Lets just say it's the worst RPG book I've ever had the displeasure to own.

      If any of you are in the Utica, NY area and would like a spare copy let me known.

    49. Craig McClung on

      Have the deck plans arrived?

    50. Craig McClung on

      any news about the deck plans?

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